Ways to Stop Nail Biting Fast

Nail biting is a serious problem found in both men and women. It is found in people of all age groups. There might be several reasons for nail biting. No matter whatever may be the reason, it is a serious problem and needs to be treated seriously. Detecting reasons for nail biting is very important. After that, steps are to be taken as to how to stop nail biting fast.

Undoubtedly nail biting is a highly embarrassing habit. This habit often reflects nervousness and lack of concentration of mind. Once the habit is developed, it's very difficult to quit, but as the famous English proverb says, where there is a will, there is a way. One must have a strong desire to stop this habit. Then he/she will be able to stop it with sincere efforts.

Some Simple Steps That May Help to Stop Nail Biting

Beauty is one thing about which both men and women are very conscious today. Seeing the bitten nails often can work in many cases. As bitten nails look awkward and ugly, seeing them often can make person to think that their beauty is being spoiled by this habit and it will help to quit the habit.

Trimming nails regularly is another way of stopping nail biting. Trimmed nails are difficult to bite compared to long nails. While thinking about how to stop nail biting fast, this is another important thing one should always remember. Using nail polish will also work, if you are a health conscious person. The awareness that nail polish is dangerous if it gets into body may deter the person from nail biting.

Are You Eating Enough Calcium and Magnesium?

Sometimes urge to bite one's own nails is an indication of calcium and magnesium deficiency. Body indicates deficiency of any nutrient in indirect ways and this is one such way. So eating food items which are rich in magnesium and calcium not only helps to repair nails which are already damaged by biting and also stop biting them any further.

Eating something healthy is yet another way to stop nail biting. Carrot pieces and other healthy and fiber rich vegetables are a healthy choice. But be careful to ensure that you won't be munching chips, wafers and other oily foods. They will make you look like bloated and lead to severe health complications in future.

Try a Hobby

As it is always said, an idle mind is a devil's workshop. So finding a hobby to do in free time is the most effective way of how to stop nail biting fast. Hobbies like photography, knitting, painting etc. Which keep the hands always busy are not only healthy and good habits, but also can help to earn some income.

Use of Bitrex, which is a foul smelling and tasting but non- poisonous chemical on nails is yet another effective way of treating nail biting. This chemical is used to make many household products taste bad. Applying this in small quantities a few times a day on nails will definitely work.

Nail biting, even though a serious and bad habit, can be stopped without much difficulty, provided that the person has a strong will to stop it and follow some simple steps as mentioned above.


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