Weight Loss Motivation - The Key to Successful Weight Loss

Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses one to action toward a desired goal, it energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior. In other words you have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight and motivation is what gets you doing what you need to do to travel the journey and arrive at your destination.

Now, it's easy to lose all motivation by taking the attitude of a victim that is under the influence of forces that cannot be controlled. This is the main culprit of having all your motivation fly out the window.  How many times have you started a diet and then quickly given up because you lost all motivation? Most of the time this happens because you set yourself unrealistic goals such as lose 20 pounds in 1 week. This, of course, is not possible so you become disillusioned and come to the conclusion that whatever system you are applying doesn't work, you get angry and decide to quit so you have an all out binge, then you get angry again at yourself this time because you didn't have the "willpower" to just change plans so you binge again. Then you start a new plan for another week. But after having packed on the weight you lost plus another pound or two for good measure. Sound familiar?

Weight loss motivation is the key to your success. You have to stop letting things happen to you and thinking that you have no control over what happens. This is not true. You have to make a conscious decision to take the actions required to lose weight. That means sticking to your eating plan and getting some exercise in. There are many motivational tools and quotes on the Internet that can help you in acquiring the motivation you need. One thing I find highly motivational is reading and seeing other people's success stories.

Another way you can improve your motivation is take a picture of someone you want to look like and pin it up either to your fridge, bathroom mirror or computer monitor or even all three. Then every evening and every morning in bed close your eyes and imagine yourself looking like that person. The power of the human brain and what it can achieve is amazing.

But remember, the key is taking the reins and making sure that your cheat is a conscious decision. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a cheat meal every week, but if it's a conscious decision then it will be that much easier to get straight back on plan. Don't let life happen to you, you have to happen to life.

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