What Causes Insomnia?

What Causes Insomnia?

The most frustrating sleep disorder out there is insomnia, which affects millions of people every night. Insomnia is a disorder where an individual either has great difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep. People may experience insomnia often or sporadically, but experts believe that 25% of Americans demonstrate characteristics of insomnia. The causes of insomnia are unique to each person, but either there is a mental issue, physical issue, or short-term factors.  Now, what causes insomnia?

The most common mental issues that can cause insomnia are anxiety, stress, and depression. Anxiety and stress can be treated by creating a relaxing environment and by properly unwinding at the end of the day. Family, professional, and personal issues can take a toll on people and cause strong feelings of anxiety and high levels of stress. When this occurs, you will find it hard to relax long enough to go to sleep and if you manage to doze off, it will not last long. Depression can be treated by changing your lifestyle and by taking proper medication. When dealing with a mental factor, the need to have personal time that will create the perfect environment to sleep is the key to beating insomnia.

Physical issues often play a large role in one’s ability to sleep or to stay that way. Decreased levels of melatonin occurs the older one gets, and that is the hormone that primarily controls sleep. That can obviously be what is causing insomnia for many people out there. Having levels of pain, from injuries can keep people awake. If pain levels are not controlled, responsibly, getting a good night’s sleep is difficult. Other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome can cause insomnia in a person. Sleep apnea is when breathing is interrupted many times a night and restless leg syndrome is when your legs are twitching and feels like pins and needles. Many of these physical issues can be treated and that may help cure your insomnia.

Finally there are temporary and short term factors which can cause insomnia in some people. The most common example of this that people experience is jet lag. Changing time zones drastically alters sleeping patterns temporarily until your body can compensate for it. Consuming too much caffeine will often keep people awake and that is why it is recommended not to eat or drink anything with that before you go to bed. The last most common short term factor is your immediate environment. The wrong temperature, noisy neighbors, or being away from home can cause insomnia. All of these factors are short term and should not last too long.

Regardless of what causes your insomnia, it is important to find a way to beat it. Whether it is changing your lifestyle, getting a doctor’s help, or taking medication, it is important to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is your body’s way of relaxing and rejuvenating after a hard day. Any interruption of that is worrisome and not healthy. Help exists, but the first step is finding out what causes insomnia.

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