What Causes Snoring?

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is one of the most common issues that someone has while sleeping. At some point during your life, you snore. Everyone does it, but some people do it a lot more than others. Now we know it can be a problem, but it also is important to know what causes snoring. Snoring is caused by having too much tissue inside your throat that vibrates, creating the snoring sound and often times your tongue can contribute to the problem as well. Those who tend to snore with their mouths closed, their tongues are usually the culprit for the sound. For those that sleep with their mouth open, it has to do with the tissue inside your throat.

The causes of snoring are often times out of one’s control. A person’s heredity, age, sex, and if they happen to be sick all can factor into snoring issues. If you are middle aged or older, a male, and have a cold you are at a much higher risk of snoring. Regardless of these factors which cannot be controlled, there are those that we can influence. A person’s weight, sleeping posture, medications, and lifestyle choices all play a role. The more overweight you are increases the chance you snore due to the muscles in your throat being weak and lacking muscle tone. If you happen to take medicines, that also causes your throat to relax. Smoking and alcohol also play large rolls in snoring. Finally, if you sleep flat, you are likely to snore because of your posture.

Various ways to cure snoring range from the common sense to the quirky. If you happen to be overweight, the best thing you can do is to lose weight. This will result in the fatty tissue inside your throat going away and becoming less of an obstruction. If you happen to sleep on your back, switching positions and sleeping primarily on your side will reduce the likelihood of snoring. For some people it is difficult to change the position of falling asleep, so sleep with your head elevated. Experts recommend raising the head of your bed by about 4 inches, which the angle will help your throat muscles open up. If you opt for that, you either need to sleep without a pillow or with a specially designed one. Abstain from taking medications, drinking alcohol, and eating before bed. Each of those has certain components which may cause snoring, so steering clear of that will likely result in improvement. If you happen to be sick, blow your nose and clear your nasal passages. This will relieve some of the snoring. An unconventional method that some people use is to sew a tennis ball into the backside of your pajamas. This will cause you not to sleep on your back because it will be uncomfortable.

Whatever your situation, it is important to try and cure your snoring. If you suffer from chronic, loud snoring, you may have a medical issue and it would be wise to see a doctor. For moderate to light snorers, the aforementioned tips are likely to ease your symptoms. Regardless of how serious your snoring may be, it is important to understand what causes snoring.

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david stillwagon 7 years ago

very informational hubpages! I have sleep apnea so I can relate to this hub.

Jenny 6 years ago

Christian Goodman's exercises are very good for snoring.

Snoring Guy 6 years ago

I finally got some snoring relief with one of the mouthpiece thingys, but not until I had tried about half a dozen other pieces of junk. Nice article, hopefully some other snorers will get some relief.

Chris 5 years ago

Thanks for info I find it very informative.

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