What is Shiatsu?


Shiatsu is a Japanese healing therapy based on the Chinese meridian system. It involves the application of specific massage techniques to precise points throughout the body. Shiatsu massage is sometimes referred to as acupressure, and it may be used independently to promote general health and well-being or as a supplement to Western medical care. If you've been suffering with persistent poor health, chronic illness, or you'd simply like to maintain your good health, Shiatsu is a terrific option.

Like acupuncture and other healing therapies that are based on the meridian system, Shiatsu aims to restore or balance the flow of vital energy throughout the body. In Japanese, this vital energy is known as Ki.

Similar to its Chinese counterpart Qi, Ki moves throughout the body along specific channels known as meridians. When Ki stops flowing freely and correctly throughout these pathways, discomforting mental and physical symptoms result. Shiatsu is used to help the body heal itself by enhancing or balancing your natural energy flow.

Shiatsu Techniques and Applications

Shiatsu is a versatile healing art that may involve a variety of massage techniques and pressure points along the meridians. A Shiatsu practitioner carefully assesses an individual's condition and then applies techniques specifically designed for that person.


Common Shiatsu massage techniques involve applying pressure with the fingers, thumbs and palms of the hands, tapping, massaging or squeezing. Sometimes points along the meridian are simply held, and at other times, stretching or rotations may be necessary. The flow of energy within the body is affected through Shiatsu sessions over time, so different techniques may be used over the course of treatments.

Shiatsu practitioners help clients of all ages, in all physical conditions prevent illnesses and maintain their health. It can also cure many physical and mental disorders and diseases.

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Shiatsu as a Preventative

If your medical history or lifestyle predisposes you to certain injuries or illnesses, Shiatsu can help prevent their manifestation. Clients seek treatment to prevent the onset of high blood pressure, osteoporosis, digestive disorders and even cancer. Shiatsu may also be used as a way to avoid surgery by preventing a known condition from worsening.

Individuals who know heart disease runs in their family may use Shiatsu as part of their overall plan for managing the risk of developing heart and circulatory conditions. Specific massage techniques can be applied throughout the body to promote healthy circulation as well as heart muscle function and health.

Shiatsu is so effective as a disease preventative because it treats individuals on multiple levels. By seeking Shiatsu treatment, you will receive physical, but also mental benefits that can help prevent the onset of illnesses and diseases that affect all parts of the body.

Shiatsu relieves stress and anxiety and increases energy levels. This in turn enables and motivates individuals to exercise and care for their bodies with a healthy diet and lifestyle, which further benefits their health.

Shiatsu can prevent the onset of diseases such as colon or breast cancer, organ failures, arthritis, and even skin diseases. It can also help prevent depression and the onset of anxiety related disorders. Since Ki moves through virtually every system and organ in the body, there is almost no health condition Shiatsu cannot potentially affect.

Shiatsu as a Cure

If you are already suffering with one or more health conditions, illnesses or diseases, Shiatsu may be able to help restore your body to its former, healthy condition. By applying Shiatsu massage techniques to the appropriate points along the meridians, an amazing array of disorders can be diminished and even cured.

Back pain and whiplash injuries, joint pain and reduced mobility, sports or work injuries, asthma and allergies, depression and insomnia, and digestive disorders are just some of the diverse conditions that may be cured with Shiatsu. Once again, careful attention to the mental or emotional aspects of illness as well as the physical manifestations enables Shiatsu practitioners to achieve success where other healing therapies may have failed.

You do not have to choose between Shiatsu and the supervised care of your Western medical practitioner in order to seek or benefit from Shiatsu's ability to cure disorders, illnesses and diseases. Shiatsu can be used as an alternative healing therapy when other methods have failed, or as an adjunct or complementary approach to curing your condition.

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Maintaining Health with Shiatsu

In addition to helping prevent disease and cure illnesses, Shiatsu is a wonderful means of maintaining your health. Ensuring the proper flow of Ki throughout the body has an incredible array of benefits on individuals, both mentally and physically.

Regular Shiatsu treatments can calm and soothe the nervous system and support normal functioning of internal organs as well as the skin and immune system. It can also enhance breathing, and promote physical as well as mental and emotional flexibility. Shiatsu massage promotes restful sleep and strengthens sexual drive and pleasure. With its comprehensive approach to health, Shiatsu has a broad range of positive affects on both men and women.

Additional Benefits of Shiatsu

Whether you seek Shiatsu treatments as a preventative, cure or as a means of maintaining your good health, you will enjoy many additional benefits you never planned or expected to experience. You will feel more centered and balanced, and you will find it is easier to concentrate and enjoy work and recreational activities.

Shiatsu feels wonderful, and the positive experience is uplifting, invigorating and relaxing. Shiatsu helps individuals understand that like Ki, our health condition fluctuates continually. Good health involves balancing mental, physical and emotional health on a continual basis. We will never ultimately achieve a permanent state of good health, but we can strive to maintain the balance good health involves through Shiatsu.

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