What is the Quickest Way to Lose Weight?

If you need to shed pounds, in all likelihood you want to know what the quickest way to lose weight is. I have a few ideas on this based on my own experience losing weight. The answer isn't low fat diets or Special K in the morning or even the Subway diet. While I suppose low fat diets work for some people, they have never worked for me simply because I can never stick to them. And you can't lose weight quickly if you can't stick to the plan.

The fastest weight loss I ever experienced was using the Medifast diet. I've written several hubs about Medifast already (linked below) and I believe in their diet plan strongly enough that I'm an affiliate of theirs and actively promote them. The Medifast diet works, and it works fast! Aside from going on an even more restrictive medically supervised diet, I doubt there is a diet that will actually make you lose weight more quickly than Medifast. Click here to visit the Medifast website if you want to check them out.

However, there is a catch. Like many diets, but I think particularly so of meal replacements like the Medifast program, the diet works best the first time you do it. This is really true of all diets. And if you can manage to keep the weight off, then you don't need to worry about this fact as your first diet will be your last one.

Unfortunately for those of us who struggle with being overweight, things have a tendency not to work out that way. Much like Oprah, I'm definitely a Yo-Yo dieter. It has been this way since High School. During three different diet attempts, I actually lost a lot of weight and on both occasions kept the weight off for over a year. But then I got sloppy and complacent and soon enough the scale kept creeping upwards. So now I find it more difficult to lose weight, even when I do turn to a diet like Medifast.

Sign Up for Medifast

If you want to try Medifast for yourself, I recommend starting out with their variety packs so you can try out many of their different products then you can tweak your orders so you only get the foods you actually like. Be sure to check my reviews for a rundown of what's good and what isn't.

You can Order Medifast Here and get two free weeks worth of food by using the coupon code: GetTwo

Once you get your first Medifast order, you might want to also check out my hub on Medifast Shake recipes for some ideas on how to create some more tasty beverages with the Medifast shakes.

Quick Weight Loss with Low Carb Diets

Of course, Medifast isn't the only way to lose weight quickly and if you don't like the taste of soy or you prefer to eat regular food for each meal rather than consuming shakes and protein bars and other packaged foods like that, then you will probably want to take a look at low carb diets. Going on a fairly strict low carb diet such as Atkins is a very quick way to lose weight. The first two week induction period is when most people see their most significant weight loss and it wouldn't be surprising to lose as much as 20 lbs or so those first two weeks.

Part of the reason for such a dramatic result, however, is that the low carb diet will naturally "de-bloat" you. So any water weight you were holding onto will disappear. That can account for several pounds right there, so you shouldn't expect to sustain such dramatic weight loss every week, but that initial boost can certainly help with how you feel about your diet and give you the kick your willpower needs.

When it comes to low carb diets, I prefer the traditional Atkins plan or you can take a look at some of the paleo diets, which are starting to become quite popular. They are also low carb, though don't tend to be as restrictive as Atkins.

What virtually all low carb diets have in common is the elimination of "white stuff" from your diet, i.e. white flour, sugar, potatoes, etc. Don't take that quite so literally though. You generally want to eliminate even whole grains, at least during the early phases of your diet. Once you reach your weight loss goals, you can experiment with adding some whole grains and starches like potato, bananas and sweet potatoes back into your diet and see how you do.

While you can probably cobble together your own low carb diet just from sources on the internet, I find there's nothing quite like having a guide book to show you the way. So, I've included some of my favorite diet books here. Any one of these should be able to help you lose weight quickly while keeping the rules reasonably simple.

And don't forget, exercise and fitness are also important aspects of your weight loss plan. While diet is the most important factor, you really should take a look at your current activity level as well. Once you've lost weight, you may find it a lot easier to maintain that weight loss if you have a more active lifestyle.

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