How Wheatgrass Can Change Your Life

Wheatgrass Can Change Your Life

For the past forty years, medical researchers and professionals have been frequently discussing and researching wheatgrass. It is now classified as a super food and it is celebrated for the amazing nutritional content, its' cleansing capabilities, cell regeneration, and its' form, which is very easily digested and used by the body. Just the high chlorophyll content of the wheatgrass has been enough to start many people taking some form of wheat grass every day. If you are looking for one thing that can totally change your life - wheatgrass is it! There are so many benefits that can be experienced with this super food that you'll be amazed at the changes it can make. So, let's take a look at some of the benefits of wheatgrass that can totally change your entire life.

Why take enzymes and wheat grass juices

Wheatgrass is good

Benefits of Wheatgrass

Benefit #1 - Provides Great Energy - One of the main benefits of drinking wheatgrass is that it is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and can provide you with quick energy. It is amazing the energy that can be obtained just by drinking 1-2 ounces of wheatgrass juice. Just drinking two ounces of the fresh wheatgrass juice actually is the equivalent of eating three whole pounds of vegetables when it comes to the minerals and vitamins included and will provide you with as much energy as drinking two to three cups of coffee. So, just drinking a couple ounces of this wheatgrass juice is much better than caffeine and can provide you with plenty of energy to keep you feeling energized and refreshed through the entire day.

Benefit #2 - Plenty of Nutrients Provided - You'll also find that wheatgrass can change your life due to the amazing amount of nutrients that are provided in the juice. Believe it or not, within this juice, you'll find most of the minerals and vitamins that the body needs to maintain great health. Basically a serving of the juice is as good as an entire meal and provides 30 enzymes, plenty of protein, and 70% crude chlorophyll as well. Contained within wheatgrass there is cobalt, zinc, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sulfur, and phosphorus as well. So, you'll be sure to get all the nutrients that you need when you begin adding wheatgrass to your life.

Benefit #3 - Helps to Build the Body and Blood - Wheatgrass also helps to build the body and blood. It is very high in chlorophyll and other important enzymes and the chlorophyll is very close to the hemin molecule that helps to form the hemoglobin in the blood. Since chlorophyll and hemin are very close to each other, the wheatgrass can help to build up the blood. In fact, after ingestion, studies have shown that wheatgrass can help build up the red blood cell count within the body. This makes it great for people who are dealing with anemia and low red blood cell counts. Wheatgrass also helps to stimulate the growth of healthy tissue cells and can even help bring high blood pressure back to normal as well.

Benefit #4 - Acts as a Cleanser to the Body - Yet another way that wheatgrass can help to change your life is by cleansing the body. It actually has detergent factors and it helps to drain out the lymph system, which is used in the body to take the toxins from the cells and carry them away. If there is a lymph imbalance in the body, sore joints, tendons, and even diseases can exist. The wheatgrass can break down the problems and can start cleaning out the mucus and toxins that are in the body, starting out with the stomach right away, which can case some nausea when it is first consumed. So, it is best that people just starting the juice only start with about an ounce a day until they can tolerate more.

Benefit #5 - Offers Weight Control in the Form of an Appetite Suppressant - If you're struggling with your weight, wheatgrass can change your life by offering weight control in the form of an appetite suppressant. The wheatgrass offers a great quick energy source and offers plenty of nutrients, but since nutritionally an ounce equals about two pounds of vegetables, it shuts down the part of the brain that thinks it is hungry. This helps to suppress the appetite and helps those who are trying to control their weight. Because of the high nutrition that is found in wheatgrass, people who take it on a regular basis don't deal with the cravings that can cause overeating.

Benefit #6 - High Concentration of Amino Acids - More than likely you have heard that amino acids actually build the proteins. For cell regeneration and growth, amino acids are essential. Wheatgrass actually has an extremely high content of amino acids, which means it is great for those who go to the gym and for bodybuilders as well. Some of the amino acids that are contained in wheatgrass, which is considered to be a complete protein, include leucine, serine, phenylalanine, valine, arginine, lysine, aspartic acid, methionine, and several others.

Benefit #7 - Boosts the Immune System - One of the most important way that you'll find wheatgrass can change your life is because it has the benefit of boosting the immune system. It contains many great vitamins and minerals that help to make the body better able to fight off ailments and illnesses, such as B vitamins, beta carotene, Vitamin K,C, H, and E. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and other minerals are also included, which are important to immune system health as well. So, those who are looking for a boost for their immune system can definitely benefit from adding wheatgrass to their diet.

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ARTRAVEL profile image

ARTRAVEL 2 months ago from INDIA

Real useful information! Good article

Tonipet profile image

Tonipet 5 years ago from The City of Generals

A very helpful article. I've been drinking Barley juice since I've realized it's wonderful benefits and I've proven how my new regimen boosted my system. I salute this "high chlorophyll" content of the wheatgrass. Truly enough to start a more energetic day for busy people. Thanks for this Theresa, you're helping everyone! Voted up.

andreas c.(from cyprus) 5 years ago

great! i heart from somebody about the benefits of wheatgras juice but i was not conviced.your article conviced me to start planting wheatgras and dring evryday juice. i have low HGB. Thank you very mutch.

Li Smith 5 years ago

I enjoyed your article very much! Thank you for including my book, Wheatgrass: Superfood for a New Millennium in your wheatgrass books on amazon!

dlabelle profile image

dlabelle 5 years ago from Southern California

Could not agree more, wheat grass is so good for you, it boosts the immune system. Great article!

Cherri 6 years ago

I was already drinking an ounce or 2 here and there and was recently diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. A natural remedy for the autoimmune disease is wheatgrass. I will certainly incorporate WG into my daily diet as it is a weapon to battle the disease. Great info! Thanks!

wildwade profile image

wildwade 6 years ago from North Olmsted, Ohio

Cool hub!This says it all about wheatgrass, and I hope a bushel load of people read it and take action. Now we just need some pointers on how to grow it without the problem of mold. Thanks for a great effort.

sheryld30 profile image

sheryld30 7 years ago from California

Ooooooh!!~ This is a goooood hub!!~ I want to eat, & drink Wheat Grass!! .. Gotta get some first.. :( LOL :P

Wheatgrass 7 years ago

As a fan of wheatgrass for lots of different applications, I enjoyed reading your hub.

Thank you.

EcoAsh profile image

EcoAsh 7 years ago from Hemet

wheat grass is good.

Dan Varella profile image

Dan Varella 7 years ago from Groves, TX

great hub...thanks for the information. I appreciate you sharing this great health message-


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dutch84 8 years ago

lots of great info here!


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