What is Whey Protein, Benefits and Types

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ON Gold Standard Whey 100%
ON Gold Standard Whey 100%

What is Whey Protein, Benefits and Types

In this article I’ll talk about the most used gym supplement in the world, for Fitness and Bodybuilding, who it’s called Protein or Whey Protein.

The protein is used with the objective to gain muscular mass, and also burning fat, because it has a Low-carbohydrate (That if these doesn’t will be used, it will transform into fat).

Why should I use supplements? Isn’t possible take the protein in the feed?

It is, however studies suggest that you should ingest about 2g of protein per kg of body mass, however sometimes our daily routine make this an harder task.

Another reason is because the supplements have a faster absorption in our organism, reducing the time of catabolism.

When should I take a protein shake?

Before, and no later than 30 minutes after your workout, because at this time there is a metabolic window, which means that if you ingest protein in this period, you will reduce the time in catabolism (burning lean body mass (muscle mass) and reserves) which will be minimum moving into an anabolic state (anabolism) or growth.

What are the different types of protein and its characteristics?

Types of Whey Protein:

  • Concentrate Protein: This protein isn’t considered pure because it contain some carbohydrates and fat, however has some beneficial effects depending the objectives, and its absorption is the slower comparing the others types of whey protein. Usually this protein has a more affordable but still a good supplement to complement the feed and help grow muscle mass.
  • Isolate Protein: The isolate protein, which was, filtered carbohydrates and fats are removed. This is a protein that as a faster absorption, which makes the muscle fibbers to be quickly repaired in the post workout, this type of protein is also a solution for lactose intolerant.
  • Hydro Protein: This is the best protein for post workout and also the most expensive, because this whey has the highest speed in absorption, due to their molecular composition decomposed into smaller size.This is the best protein to cutting phase, because this doesn’t have carbohydrates, fats and sugars.

Others types of proteins:

  • Casein: There are times that we don’t need a fast absorption of protein, such as when we are sleeping, is here enters the Casein, Casein is a slow absorption protein that helps to prevent the catabolism (because we will be hours without eating)
  • Egg Protein: This protein comes from egg white, this protein has a slower absorption than whey and faster than casein. This protein is usually cheaper than the whey protein and can also be used at bedtime, for its slow absorption.
  • Soy Protein: This type of protein is an alternative from animals. It has a fat, cholesterol and lactose very low. It is a good alternative for vegetarians and vegan.
  • Carnivor Protein: The carnivor is quite recent in the market, it has all nine amino acids that the body needs, and hasn’t cholesterol, fats, sugar and lactose. This is an isolate protein, which makes a fast absorption and great for the post workout.

Which Type of Protein do you prefer?

Which Type of Protein do you prefer?

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