Resurrecting Rose of Jericho for Easter Decoration

The Rose of Jericho is a desert plant famous for its ability to survive for years in a dormant state and revive itself multiple times. It is a perfect natural decoration for Easter table, because of its gorgeous appearance and symbolic coherence to eternal life. After all, the meaning of Easter is resurrection of Christ and promise of eternal life. It is celebration of awakening nature as well. The Rose of Jericho turning green on your Easter table would remind the meaning of Easter miracle and bring a breath of nature to your home.



The natural environment of The Rose of Jericho is area in the Middle East: Israel, Palestine, Jordan. It has an ability to curl up and survive in a dessert without water for many years. When rehydrated Rose of Jericho uncurls and puts out new leaves and blossoms. The cycle can be repeated multiple times. When in dry state the plant roles across the dessert together with the wind until it finds a source of water again. The ability of resurrection grabbed attention of major religions which attributed symbolic meaning to Rose of Jericho. According to a legend Holy Mary had blessed the Rose of Jericho during the flight from Nazareth to Egypt. The Rose of Jericho has also served as an inspiration for painters and poets.


How to care about Rose of Jericho

  • Put a curled up plant into a shallow dish filled with water. Given moisture it will revive and turn green within hours
  • The plant does not need soil only fresh water
  • Change water everyday
  • After a week or so let it dry out again. It is important to let the plant “rest” in a dormant state.

Other uses

  • The Rose of Jericho is a common attribute of Christmas table as a symbolic flower of Mary
  • The Rose of Jericho is often passed on through generations as a symbol of continuity of the family.
  • It is a popular Valentine’s day gift resembling of eternal love
  • As a talisman of prosperity and success
  • The water in which the plant has opened is known for its healing properties. It is used to improve skin condition when suffering from dermatitis, eczema, and rash
  • Rose of Jericho is also used in cosmetology and pharmacology.

Awakening of Rose of Jericho

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