10 Best Diwali - Deepavali Gift Ideas on What to Give and Share Happiness With Your Family in India

Diwali - A day to Celebrate

Diwali, also called as Deepavali in the Southern part of India, is an Indian Festival, a festival of Joy and Light. It brings happiness to each and every one, no matter whether they are kids or teenagers or adults. The four day celebrations of Diwali, brings people close to each other, physically and in their hearts. It fills every ones tummy with sweets and their life with Joy and sweetness.

To know more about the origin of Diwali and the legendary stories behind it, please follow the below link.

Origin of Diwali.

Here, let me share the great gift ideas for this Diwali, which you were thinking for a long time and wondering what next.

10. Diwali Diyas

The word Deepavali is actually a term coined out of "Deepam + Olli", which means "Lamp + Light". So, what else can be a best gift than the Diwali Diyas (which means Diwali Lamps).

Let your loved ones lit the whole house with the Diyas you sent and let the beautiful glowing house make everyone to think about you, each and every moment on Diwali and days ahead.

9. Diwali Sweets and Chocolates

The very important things of Diwali, especially if the house holds kids, are the sweets and chocolates. In our place (Tamilnadu), it is a must that one should prepare some sweets at home, that also using oil. Those were golden days, when my mom prepare sweets like Adhirasam, Muruku and seedai at home, on the eve of Diwali and we all used to wait around her for the first bite.

Now, life turned so simple with lots of choices on sweets and chocolates available in the shops. So, you can give your special presence by sending those sweets which are liked most by your family members. Sending chocolates will keep you as a sweet person in everyones mind.

8. Diwali Laxmi-Ganesh coins and Puja Thalis

Laxmi Gold Coin
Laxmi Gold Coin
Puja Thali - The plate
Puja Thali - The plate

Hindus are always obsessed for gold coins, especially the one with Laxmi and Ganesha engraved in it.

Puja Thalis are the plates made of copper or silver or sometimes out of gold, which are used to keep all the accessories required to do Puja (prayers and offerings) like Diyas, Prasadam, Kumkum, etc...

Is your family auspicious to you and they are very devotional? Then these coins and Thalis would be the right choice for you.

7. Diwali Gift Hampers

Gift Hampers are always special, for they hold surprises inside them, and make the receiver to keep guessing until the open and find what is inside. Kids would love to have Gift Hampers, which you can have a mix of items like sweets, chocolates, dry fruits and some cute little chinaware decorative pieces.

6. Diwali Dresses and Costumes

In India, even poor people would manage to save few cents to buy a new cloth to wear on Diwali. Wearing new clothes is the greatest happiness to each and every soul, whether it is Diwali or not. So, why not send those lovely dresses to your loved ones.

Be it a silk material or an ordinary cotton one, it is going to be a special gift for your loved ones. Whenever they show the photos taken on Diwali to their friends, they will surely mention the dress as a gift from you

5. Diwali Gift Vouchers

Are you so confused what to send as a gift to your family and not so sure about their likes and dislikes? Then vouchers are your best deals. You can send vouchers and so that they can shop on their own and can satisfy their wishes. Sending gift vouchers will give satisfication to both, you and the receiver.

4. Diwali Crackers

What a Diwali without crackers? Though I hate the loud noise of bombs and other blasting crackers, I always loved to watch those lovely pots and colourful magic crackers, painting beautiful pictures in the sky.

Dry Fruits are also considered as one of the best gifts for Diwali. The speciality of dry fruits is that they won't get spoiled so quickly and can be used for very long time.

Send it a few days before Diwali, if you know that your mom or relative is going to prepare sweet at home. Your dry fruits gift may help them to decorate their sweets handy.

Give a fantastic night show to your family by sending them a basket of crackers (of course the safe ones).

3. Diwali Dry Fruits

2. Diwali Jewelry and Diamond Items

I bet, there is no woman in this world, especially in India, who does not like jewels. Is the one whom you are selecting a Diwali gift is a women? Then you can just close your eyes and can select a Jewelry piece. You can also opt for diamond gifts, depending upon your budget.

Any women will protect her ornaments for lifelong and so your gift is going to be preserved in their heart too.

And now comes the special gift. Do you know, what the real special gift for your family is? It is YOU. Yes, it is you, the loved one. So, why not book a ticket to home for this Diwali and make it more special for your whole family?

1. The Special Gift


Gift is one thing which always brings a sudden glow and a satisfied smile in any ones face. Gift is a note to say that "I Love You and Always hold you in my Memory". It is not the worth or money value of the gift that brings happiness in a person's heart, but the feeling that someone loves us and still keeps in their memory gives the real pleasure.

So, you can always add your special touch of writing a greeting card, with your love and care poured in it, and can attach this greeting card to any of the gift you selected to send.

Few Important points to remember while shopping

1. If you are doing online shopping, be very careful while selecting the website. I have heard from few friends, how they got cheated by some online shopping sites. The gifts delivered were not the same as ordered or sometimes of low standards.

One of my friend told that she ordered a Saree for her mother, worth $500, but the one what her mother received was not even worth $10. When she complained to the website, they didn't bother to get back for a long time and finally they just told that my friend was trying to cheat them, by telling lies about their delivery.

2. If you are going to send sweets online, make sure you do through trust able sites. Few sites cheat people by sending spoiled sweets or old stocks. Also make sure that you place the order well in advance, as most people will do the order just on time and there by, there would be a rush and waiting list.

3. It is always good to give gifts in persons, to avoid shock of losing the gift (especially cost items like jewels) and there by losing the whole joy of celebration.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali. This year Diwali falls on November 5, 2010 - Friday.

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divya m 6 years ago

good one......mythili.....hope i can go home for diwali

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Good luck dear :-)

lex123 profile image

lex123 6 years ago

Thanks for the wonderful gift ideas. I have linked my hub on Diwali to this hub, as I found it very useful for gift ideas.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you so much lex123 for your wonderful support.

Arlecchino profile image

Arlecchino 6 years ago from Top of the Cloud

Awesome gift ideas, you wrote about unique and special gifts. Thumb up!

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you so much Arlecchino.

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

I like that...a celebration of joy and light. So nice!!!

Congratulations on your Hubnuggets nomination. Come and join the fun by voting and promoting your hub to your family and friends. See your nomination in the Holidays and Celebration category. This way please: http://bit.ly/c6QHSW

Monica55 6 years ago

This is certainly something to be proud of Mythili. Congratulations. Monica.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you so much ripplemaker. You are one such energy creator :-)

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Dear Monica, so sweet of you. Thanks for voting.

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moonramkonam 6 years ago

great photos. Voted!

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thanks moonramkonam.

Aruna.k 6 years ago

Good info about diwali..and good photos..waiting for diwali, and wish you and your family happy diwali..

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Must be because you share your joy and light too :) Have fun with the hubnuggets!

Swati 6 years ago

Hi Mythili,

Awesome ideas dear!!!Have fun on Diwlai!!!

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

MythiliK, congratulations! I've written a hub about Diwali, too, due to the prodding of my Indian friend, Shailesh. BTW, I'm a Filipino.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you so much travel_man1971 for stopping over here. Happy to find a person, who shows interest in learning / knowing others cultures and festivals :-)

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

Congratulations on your nomination and welcome to hubpages.

I have always wanted to participate in the Festival of Joy and Light. One day I hope to make it there.

Thanks. Well done.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Dear Denise Handlon, Thank you so much. So sweet of you. May your wish come true very soon :-)

Hopefully we hubbers can get to celebrate, if any chance of get together.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas

Wow, what a festive day of celebration with lots of good food and gifts. I like the gift voucher idea. :) Thanks for sharing, welcome to HubPages, and congrats on being selected to this week's HubNugget's Wannabe contest. Good luck to you!.

fetty profile image

fetty 6 years ago from South Jersey

Beautiful pictures and well written, too. Congratulations on your nomination. Welcome to hub pages.

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Incredible and extraordinary gifts. I so want to visit India some day. Congratulations on your nomination and good luck.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you so much Money Glitch. Though I miss Diwali celebrations back at home, I really feel its happiness by all the wonderful words of my fellow hubbers :-)

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you so much fetty. Feeling happy and honoured by the great wishes from all friends and hubbers.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you dear elayne001. You know, I am more excited by the comments and supports received from you all, more than the nomination excitement :-)

AliciaC profile image

AliciaC 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Thank you for the information about Diwali. I teach in a Canadian school that has a large number of Sikh students. They are eagerly looking forward to this year’s Diwali celebrations. I enjoy learning as much as I can about Diwali so that I can share their excitement with them!

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

AliciaC, your students are so lucky to have a teacher like you. Great.

profile image

scon66 6 years ago from UK

Thank you for a very interesting and enlighting hub, the way you wrote it makes it a joy to read and understand your traditions.

Sanjeev Khurana 6 years ago

Thank you Mythilik for sharing such wonderful ideas so beautifully. I really enjoyed reading them. Good luck and have a great Deepawali. Sanjeev Khurana


MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Dear Sconn66, thank you so much. Today is Diwali in our country. Frankly I miss it to the extreme

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Dear Sanjeev Khurana, thank you so much and wish you and your family a very happy Diwali. Have a blasting day :-)

realfree profile image

realfree 6 years ago from Indonesia

I love this topic.

If you go to Bali, you will see another paradise of Hinduism world.

Best regards,

Komang Setiabudi

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saikiran 5 years ago

i love this hub...

thank you for sharing a beautiful info..

Diwali is one of my favourite festivals........


rajesh 5 years ago

Diwali is my favorite festival. Although i admit i've suffered a few burns myself due to careless handling of firecrackers its nevertheless my best day of the year as i love pyrotechnics. It also gives me a chance to learn more about Hinduism. If you wanna have a look at India pictures or wallpapers, click here:


SEO Services 5 years ago

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Ez-Biz profile image

Ez-Biz 4 years ago from Utah

This is a great post. It tells me that there is value in gifting and the action of giving is the real gift.


sonali mangrinda 4 years ago


bridal sarees 4 years ago

Thanks for explaining it in this hub.


keyur 2 years ago

this one is really helpful for diwali gift.

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