10 Bite-Sized Gift Ideas for Writers: Best Gifts for Writers Under $22

Encourage and Inspire the Writer in Your Life

The Magic of Gifts:  10 Best Gifts for Writers under $22
The Magic of Gifts: 10 Best Gifts for Writers under $22 | Source

Give Writers The Gifts They Want

If you’re a writer, know a writer, or know someone who will one day pen the next Harry Potter or Twilight series, this Hub’s for you.

Any writer will tell you that there are four things they want in a gift.

  • Time: Anything that gives them the chance to write.
  • Encouragement: To carry on when they feel like giving up.
  • Inspiration: To communicate. Every writer needs inspiration to motivate them to write what someone else needs to read.
  • Expertise: Gifts that boost their writing skills.

I've also thrown in some extra information throughout the article. To give you insight into the mind of writers, to help you understand the writer in your life.

However, if you just want to see the gift ideas for writers, you can scroll through quickly and see which gift you can picture putting a smile on their face.

Don't forget to let me know which of the 10 gifts for writers you liked the best in the comment section at the end. It will only take one second :)

Novel Writing Resources

If you're writer is participating in novel  writing month in November or Summer Camp they'll love any of these gifts.
If you're writer is participating in novel writing month in November or Summer Camp they'll love any of these gifts. | Source

10 Best Gifts for Writers – For any Occasion

These gifts for writers are not seasonal gifts so they’re perfect for Christmas, stocking stuffers, Birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and any other special day that warrants a gift. In fact, they’re great for just saying “I love and admire you,” days.

All the gifts are between $5 and $20. Some give them time and expertise, while others give them inspiration and encouragement to fulfill their dreams.

Scuba Underwater Writing Slate:

1. Gift for Writers Who Think Best in the Bathroom

This writer gift is unique because it was originally designed for scuba divers to talk to each other underwater. Not for writers to write on in the shower. But, Karen, an innovative reviewer said that she gave it to her friend to write notes while in the shower, and according to her, “it works fabulously” for that purpose.

If the writer in your life is the king or queen of brilliant shower ideas, save them time and get them the Scuba Underwater Writing Slate.

Why Do We Think Better in the Shower? DOPAMINE

My friend Melissa's best ideas come to her in the shower. This got me wondering why we think better in the shower.

While investigating, I came across an article written by Leo Widrich of the “Buffer” blog. In his article, Widrich quotes Dr. Alice Flaherty as being one of the most renowned neuroscientists researching creativity. And according to Widrich, Dr. Flaherty says that dopamine is very important for creativity.

Thus the more dopamine, the more creative we are. A warm shower is a trigger because it makes us feel relaxed, thus increasing our dopamine levels.

For under $6.00, even if they don't use it, they will get a good chuckle. You know that's all you want is to put a huge smile on their face anyways when they open your gift.

If Archimedes had a notebook with him in the tub when he discovered the principle of displacement, he wouldn't have had to run home naked, screaming Eureka!

2. The Gift of Words 2017 Writer's Market

Time, and Encouragement - the best gift for writers

If you don't know what this book is about, or why a writer would love it as a gift, I will briefly explain how significant the 2014 Writer's Market Guide is to a writer.

What This Gift Does for a Writer

This book is a detailed guide that tells writers where to go to get their worked published. Along with contact information and instructions on how to submit their work. Which of course, saves them hours and hours.

It is also a gift of encouragement because it's your way of letting them know how much you believe in them.

This is a generalized book, but once you go to Amazon, you can look over the guides for specific writing styles such as novel and short story writing.

Lap Desk for Writing in Bed

3. Lap Desk is The Best Gift for Horizontal Writers

A writer's favorite writing position is personal. I can't get comfy writing in a horizontal position. But, my friend loves lying down, or having her computer in her lap slouched on the couch while she watches television.

Although she's not a "writer," but more of a Facebook, FarmVille, and Scrabble freak, she loves her bed desk. She loves staying in bed longer on her days off, relaxing with her dogs, as she harvests her tomatoes.

If the writer in your life is a horizontal writer, this time giving gift, may also help you get them into bed at a decent time.

Interesting Writing Habit of Author Truman Capote: In a 1957 interview, the author of Breakfast at Tiffany's (1958) and In Cold Blood (1966) said he couldn't think unless he was laying down.

So Capote wrote his novels laying in bed, or on couch with a cigarette and drink in one hand and a pencil in the other as he hand-wrote his novels.

Capote said he would start with coffee and end with martinis. Along with writing his first and second drafts in pencil he also typed his final draft in a horizontal position with his typewriter on his knees.

The LapGear, Bed Desk: The Best gift for writer's who love to write in bed, lying on the couch, or travelling.

I love this product for getting comfy on plane rides. Although it's hard to recline with limited space, particularly if you're riding in coach near the back of the plane in the cheapest seats like I do; any writer can lean back and put their knees up against the seat in front with the lap desk.

Sitting up with Feet on the Floor or Lying Down

How About you? When You're on the Computer are you Vertical or Horizontal?

See results without voting

4. Inspirational Gift: "Keep Calm and Write On" iPhone Cover:

Chances are good that the writer in your life has an iPhone. According to Statistic Brain, Apple Inc. sold 192,600,000 iPhones between June 29, 2007 (when it was first released) until September 22, 2012.

If your writer owns an iPhone, what's more encouraging than the motivational phrase, "Keep Calm and Write On?"

Where did the Saying "Keep Calm" Come From?

The "keep calm" saying originated in 1939 when the British government produced a poster that said "Keep Calm and Carry On," months before the start of the Second World War to raise morale of the public following mass air attacks on major cities.

If you stay calm you can do anything. Just be thankful we don't have to use typewriters.

5. Cure for Writer's Block When the Words Won't Come

Time stands still for a writer when their writing comes to a crashing halt because of writer's block. Often writer's block happens because the writer can't find the right words.

This is where The Describer's Dictionary comes in to the save the day. It's kind of like a thesaurus, but better because it gives a variety of words to describe something. It's also very quick and easy to follow.

When a writer wants to describe an object they can look up the word in The Describer's Dictionary, and find quotes, adjectives and nouns to choose how to describe it. Sometimes the quotes are enough to get their creative juices flowing.

David Grambs Knows What He's Talking About

David Grambs definitely knows what he's talking about in his book, The Describer's Dictionary.

According to American Publishing Company, W.W. Norton Company Inc., David Grambs has worked as a:

  • Dictionary definer for American Heritage and Random House,
  • Translator
  • Encyclopedia writer,
  • Magazine copy editor,
  • Travel-guide journalist.

If the writer in your life is anything like me, creativity can be killed quickly having to come up with different words to describe settings and characters in a novel. They’ll love the convenience and inspiration they will get from this book. I don’t know how I survived without it.

The Everything Gift for Writers

This gift for writers gives them everything they want. It gives them time because writer's block won't get in their way, encouragement and inspiration because it gives their writing a breath of freshness and attitude, and expertise because it sharpens their descriptive skills.

For more information on what the Describer's Dictionary works, check out the short video below.

More About The Describer's Dictionary

6. Gift for Ambitious Novel Writers

This gift is ideal for the writer you think will pen the next great book series that I mentioned at the beginning of the article.

In her book, Reading Like A Writer, Francine Prose teaches on the theory that to learn to write, you first need to read for enjoyment, and then read to analyze what you've read.

She goes through examples and suggestions of her favorite writings and studies the author's style, diction, and how they structured sentences to convey the information.

She also analyzes how the author structures the plot and characters using dialogue and detail. It's a very educational read.

Francine Prose's Strange Writing Habit: Prose told the Daily Beast that when she writes,“I wear my husband's red and black checked flannel pajama pants and a T-shirt.”

"If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. You cannot hope to sweep someone else away by the force of your writing until it has been done to you." Stephen King

8. A Gift for Freelance Technical Writers Who Want to Make a Living Writing

If you want to do something right, go to the source. This is what The Only Grant Writing Book You'll Ever Need, does. It's written by a grant writer, and a grant giver. It details, the process, protocols, what to include and what not to include, how to write a grant proposal. And it's all bundled up in an easy to read format.

Why is this book the best gift for freelance technical writers.

If your writer has the following skills and wants to work as a freelancer, but needs a type of writing that suits their skills, then this is the best gift for them:

Writing, researching, budgeting, evaluating, internet marketing, interviewing, program planning, ability to think outside the box, creative, persuasive, persistent, diligent, and analytical.

Grant Writing falls under the category of technical writing, so it pays well. If writers are trained properly, have the necessary skills, willingness to learn, and a plan of action to get jobs.

Grant writing is a way to make money while they are doing other things like writing their novel, or they can carve out a lucrative career.

What Does a Grant Writer do?

The goal of a grant writer is to secure funds for non-profits, governments, businesses, and individuals.

Grant Writers research funders, write according to specific guidelines chosen by a lender, develop and write the grant proposal, and present it to the funders. The grant application also includes any attachments requested by the granter. This can include proposals, letters, budgets and presentations.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, (the link is in the source section at the bottom of the article), the median annual wage of technical writers was $63,280 in May 2010.

Job Outlook for Grant Writers

Employment of technical writers is expected to grow 17 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Job opportunities, especially for applicants with technical skills, are expected to be good.

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."Thomas Jefferson

Click the Amazon Link to Check Out More Quote Posters

9. Inspirational Gift for Writers

If you're writer is a fan of Oscar Wilde, what's more inspirational than a poster of their favorite writer, with a wonderful quote to remind them to be true to themselves?

I often surround myself with inspirational quotes and pictures. When you spend a lot of time alone, you get a constant feeling of isolation.

Take a look at the poster for a few seconds, focusing on his eyes. Do you feel like he's going to start talking to you? Or is it just me? Gazing at photos is one of my favorite things to do when I'm looking for inspiration.

Interesting Facts About Oscar Wilde:

  • Although Oscar Wilde was considered to be an author, he only wrote one book, The Portrait of Dorian Gray (1891).
  • Oscar Wilde was an impressive linguist. He was home schooled, where he was taught French and German. As well, Wilde also had working knowledge of Ancient Greek and Italian.
  • Oscar Wilde had grey eyes

You can easily grab an awesome poster frame for the poster at a dollar store, or on Amazon, if you prefer to shop online.

Oscar Wilde Looks...

In This Photo Do You Think Oscar Wilde's expression is that of

See results without voting

10. Grammar Mugs

The Two-In-One Writer’s Gift: A Grammar Mug

Most adult writers enjoy a hot beverage while they write, and most writers have at least one grammar rule that screws them up.

Which is why this a great two-in-one gift for writers. It gives them something to use to sharpen their skills and writing expertise.

In this particular series there are 6 coffee-style mugs to choose from, and each one has a different grammar rule. I chose the "Verb" mug because I struggle with it the most, particularly when it comes to writing in active or passive voice.

Active or Passive Voice - What's the Difference

Writing for the web is different than traditional writing. For online blogs and articles it's strongly suggested that writers write in active voice more than passive voice. Although sometimes the passive voice is more effective, too much of it can make an article boring.

The verb placement in a sentence plays an important role in an active sentence structure. An active sentence goes in this order: Subject, Verb, Object.

Active and passive Voice Example: The examples dictionary gives the following example of writing in active and passive voice:

  • Harry ate six shrimp at dinner. (active)
  • At dinner, six shrimp were eaten by Harry. (passive)

Just for fun, test your knowledge of active and passive voice at the Government of Canada language portal.

The gift of Power: "Grammar is a piano I play by ear. All I know about Grammar is its power." Joan Didion

Writer's Tote Bag and/or Gift Wrapping?

This isn't part of the series of the 10 best gifts for writers under $23, it's a +1 gift choice, because it's ideal for gift wrapping. All writers love tote bags, and a lot of writers like to intimidate people who try cross them. I'm just kidding about the intimidation, kind of. But how cool is a tote bag that says "Never Wrong a Writer?"

It's a dual purpose gift because its perfect for a smaller gift(s) and doubles as a carrying case for books, iPads, pen, paper, favorite beverage, and anything else your writer likes to tote around.

Best Gifts for Writers - You can Give Every day

If you can’t afford to “buy” a gift, here are some things you can do that are also an ideal gift for a writer. But, you can give one of these every day.

Here are a couple of free gift ideas for the writer in your life that I guarantee they will love.

  • Get your writer out of the house. They may put up a fuss so be firm. Speaking from experience, once they’re out the door they will love the distraction.
  • Take them to a movie, out for a meal, shopping, a walk, swimming, roller blading, anything that you know will put a smile on their face.
  • Make them laugh
  • Cook your writer a romantic dinner, or take them on a date night.
  • Make them a healthy snack with protein and fruit.
  • Show them encouragement by giving them a wonderful review.
  • Give them peace and quiet, by babysitting, or taking the dog for a long walk.

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Which gift is the best gift out of the 10 Best Gifts for Writers? 13 comments

electronician profile image

electronician 3 years ago from Birmingham, England

Having a waterproof notepad thingy in the shower is an awesome idea! Vote up for that alone - even without the other great ideas.

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

I like that "never wrong a writer -- they get their revenge in print" bag Very cute and oh, so true. Hmmm, might me going on my Xmas list. Thanks for putting these cute and useful finds together.

DDE profile image

DDE 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

10 Bite-Sized Gift Ideas for Writers: Best Gifts for Writers Under $22 sounds a worthy idea and so well advised thank you

KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 3 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada Author

Thank you electronician. I really like the Scuba Underwater Writing Slate too, that's why I put it first :-) I bought it for a couple of people on my Christmas list.

KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 3 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada Author

Hi FourishAnyway. I love that saying too, it’s so funny. When I left Germany after my 3 month visit with my Uncle V, his neighbor gave me a tote bag with a popular slang saying in the Saarland. It’s a great conversation piece, so that’s why I included the writer’s tote bag in my best gift for writer’s list.

KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 3 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada Author

Hi DDE and thank you.

Millionaire Tips profile image

Millionaire Tips 3 years ago from USA

Wow - a great list of items there! I will take one of each please.

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 3 years ago

I like the idea of a waterproof writing pad, I get some ideas in the shower and would be handy to write them down. Great gift ideas for writers but I would just enjoy the priceless ones you list: inspiration, laughter, sharing of expertise. Voted up.

KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 3 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada Author

Thank you teaches 12345 - So far the waterproof writing pad seems to be the most popular. But, I agree that the priceless gifts are the best.

Sherry Hewins profile image

Sherry Hewins 3 years ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

That's quite a list. I'd love to be the recipient of some of these gifts.

KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 3 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada Author

Thank you, and have a great Christmas Sherry :).

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Greenson 3 years ago


KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 3 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada Author

Thank you Greenson!

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