Places to go for Free Stuff on Your Birthday, part 1


When you were younger, your birthday was an exciting and momentous occasion. But the older you get the more you want ignore the fact that you’ve aged another year. There just doesn’t seem to be much to celebrate on a day that’s not much different from any other day. Until now…

You probably didn’t know that there are tons of businesses that can’t wait to shower you with free stuff on your birthday. Take a look at the list and sign up today!

1. Baskin Robbins

What you get: a free 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream.

What’s the catch: You have to join their birthday club. Simply provide your email address to create an account. Complete the profile. Add a family member. Select your favorite ice cream and your favorite Baskin-Robbins product. Decide if you want to receive exclusive emails from Baskin Robbins or just your birthday coupon.

  • I signed up on my birthday and received my coupon right away.

2. Red Robin

What you get: a free burger

What’s the catch: You have to join their Red Royalty™ Bottomless Rewards program. Your burger will be loaded onto your rewards card and can be redeemed once during your birth month. You will also receive additional benefits that have nothing to do with your birthday! There are three steps to join:

1. Get card from server

2. Sign-up online

3. Log into account

3. Sephora

What you get: a free fresh sugar kisses mini lip duo

What’s the catch: You have to become a beauty insider where you can earn points for every dollar you spend. Just supply month, date, and either year of birth or date range. Then simply give them your email address. If you try to redeem on-line, you will need to make a qualifying purchase.

4. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

What you get: One free pretzel item

What’s the catch: You have to join Pretzel Perks. Just supply your name, email address, birthday and zip code. You may also give them your cell number if you want mobile alerts, but it's optional. After you select your favorite location you have the option of adding a family member. Another catch: you have to buy one pretzel item before you can receive the free one.

5. T. G. I. Fridays

What you get: a free dessert

What’s the catch: You have to join their Give Me More Stripes program. Just submit your contact information along with your email address and birth date. You do have to include your phone number, but you can opt out of text messages. There is another catch: you have to purchase a meal in order to get the free dessert.

6. Brunswick Zone

What you get: two free games of bowling

What’s the catch: You simply have to sign up for Brunswick Bonus Zone by providing your email address, mailing address and birth date (month and year) – phone number is optional. You will also need to pick a location because coupons are only accepted at one location. Another catch: though the bowling games are free, you will need to pay for the shoe rental…unless you bring your own.

7. Panera

What you get: a "special surprise" loaded onto your MyPanera card

Actual email from Panera

  • "In honor of your birthday, we've put a SPECIAL SURPRISE on your MyPanera™ Card. If you're too busy celebrating this month, don't worry — your birthday bonus is valid for 60 days from today. We look forward to celebrating with you on your next visit! Enjoy!

    — your friends at MyPanera"

What’s the catch: You have to sign up for a MyPanera card. There are three ways to register:

1. pick up card in store, fill out info and return to cashier

2. get card from store and register on line

3. register online without a card

8. Hollywood Palms Cinema (Chicago area)

What you get: eight free movie passes

What’s the catch: All you have to do is Join the Movie Club. Simply provide your email address, mailing address, and birth date. There are some other catches: 1) there are restrictions on the passes, like not being able to use the passes on Friday or Saturday or on the opening weekend of a film or on holidays, 2) everyone needs to purchase at least one item (any item/any price) from the menu, and 3) a $3 surcharge per ticket for 3D movies. Even with all of that, it's still a really sweet deal.

9. Genghis Grill

What you get: a free bowl on your birthday

What’s the catch: You have to join Khan’s Klub. All you need to do is supply your name, birthday, email address and mailing address. After you select your frequently used location, be sure to click the box before submitting your form.

10. Heavenly Massage

What you get: a 70 minute massage for $59.99

What’s the catch: Though this one isn’t free, it is a great deal, since an 80-minute massage usually runs about $90. All you have to do is join their email club by providing your email address, name, gender (if desired), birthday and anniversary (if applicable)

These aren’t the only places to find free stuff on your birthday. Stay tuned. There’s more to come!!!!!!

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Comments 17 comments

Clive Donegal profile image

Clive Donegal 4 years ago from En Route

Although I won't likely use them, I think it was a good and fun idea to put these all together.

PageC profile image

PageC 4 years ago

Very fun idea that can may make birthdays something to start looking forward to.

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

PageC, I can honestly say that I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to next year's birthday! I'll be celebrating all day long as I take advantage of as many freebies as I can.

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

Thanks for reading, Clive! I celebrates my birthday this week - before finding out about some of the freebies here - so I decided to share what I've learned with others, just in case they share my love for free stuff!!! Meanwhile, I'm still cashing in on the free stuff I already had. Tomorrow it's ice cream and a movie!

Nicole S profile image

Nicole S 4 years ago from Minnesota

Awesome hub! I was excited to read that MyPanera card will have a special birthday surprise on it :) Can't even wait!

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

Glad you enjoyed it Nicole! You just reminded me to stop by Panera to get my surprise. I've been redeeming so many other birthday freebies that I totally forgot about Panera!

emilybee profile image

emilybee 4 years ago

Birthdays are so awesome, Free stuff is even more awesome :) Great hub, I'll be sure to snag up my free treats this coming year ;)

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

emilybee, I totally agree with you. Free stuff on your birthday makes the day seem even more sweet. Kind of makes you wish you could have more than one birthday per year! Enjoy!

The second installment of this hub should be up before the week is over.

Specialk3749 profile image

Specialk3749 4 years ago from Michigan

Thanks for the information! I saw several that I am planning on signing up for before my birthday...

K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 4 years ago from Northern, California

Thanks for a great list of birthday free stuff! Someone special is having a birthday next month and these will help to make the day even better!


dobo700 profile image

dobo700 4 years ago from Australia

Thanks for the tips, everyone loves some free stuff.

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

Specialk3749, you're quite welcome! Hope you can sign up in time.

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

K9keystrokes, have them sign up now, so they can get all the benefits in time! Some of the freebies are instant, but others take a few weeks to kick in.

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

dobo700, you're welcome! I know how much I love free stuff. Glad to hear that others share my passion!!!

Peter Geekie profile image

Peter Geekie 4 years ago from Sittingbourne

Dear cherrietgee

Thank you it was fun although we tend not to have this type of free deals in the UK. However now you have planted the thought in my mind I will have a look

Kind regards Peter

Cherrietgee profile image

Cherrietgee 4 years ago from Illinois Author

Peter Geekie, I'm so sad that you can't take advantage of the freebies here in the US. I hope you're able to do a little investigating and find some b-day freebies where you live. I'd love to hear about them if you do.

Steven 4 years ago

Also, if you go to Dennys and show your ID you can get a free Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday.

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