100 Ways to Survive the Holidays

1. Donate to charity.
2. Self-gift.
3. Save your receipts!
4. Fake good cheer.
5. Avoid the mall.
6. Wear stretchy, elastic-waist pants.
7. Untangle the Christmas lights.
8. Coffee!
9. Buy a poinsettia.
10. Bake cookies.
11. Charge it.
12. Meditation.
13. Hire help.
14. Light candles.
15. Drink (or guzzle) eggnog.
16. Listen to carols on the radio.
17. Stretch.
18. Decorate the house.
19. Be sure to buy batteries!
20. Make someone a cd of Christmas music.
21. Say please and thank you.
22. Kiss someone under the mistletoe.
23. Use paper plates so you don't have to do dishes.
24. Crank up the heat.
25. Soak your feet.
26. Kindle the fire.
27. Read the instructions.
28. Use etiquette.
29. Get a babysitter.
30. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
31. Laugh a lot.
32. Stuff stockings.
33. Sing along.
34. Order in.
35. Aspirin. Lots of aspirin.
36. Chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
37. Wine. Lots of wine.
38. Take a bubble bath.
39. Call in sick.
40. Spray pine scent throughout the house.
41. Shop online.
42. Whistle while you work.
43. Take pictures.
44. Wear ugly sweaters.
45. Make fun of people wearing ugly sweaters.
46. Go for a walk.
47. Tell someone to take a hike.
48. Get a massage.
49. Give someone a massage.
50. Don't forget to RSVP.
51. One word: Therapy.
52. Dress in layers.
53. Agree to disagree.
54. Re-gift.
55. Participate in the Secret Santa gift exchange at work.
56. Eat the fruitcake.
57. Wash your hands.
58. Hold the door for the person behind you.
59. Believe in Santa.
60. Get a real tree.
61. Make snow angels.
62. Don't use too much tape.
63. Bite your tongue.
64. Tell everyone you meet, "Happy Holidays!"
65. Get lots of rest.
66. Start thinking about your New Year's resolutions early.
67. Always keep Chapstick in your purse.
68. Take a chill pill.
69. Get friends to do a cookie exchange.
70. Make your own ornaments.
71. Watch "A Christmas Story" a hundred times.
72. Go to church.
73. Eat the cookie dough.
74. Lick the spoon.
75. Use a pretty colored pen when writing your Christmas cards.
76. Visit with your neighbors.
77. Count down the days.
78. Shop online.
79. Eat 'til you're full.
80. Then have pie.
81. Stay up late.
82. Snoop for presents.
83. Say you're sorry.
84. Go out of town.
85. Hang a wreath on your door.
86. Up your dosage.
87. Have a snowball fight.
88. Keep Tums on hand.
89. Turn the TV off.
90. Sit on Santa's lap.
91. Eat more chocolate.
92. Make someone a Christmas gift.
93. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life."
94. Snuggle on the couch.
95. Don't forget the stamps!
96. Vacuum up the pine needles.
97. Start thinking about Spring Break.
98. Accept an invitation to a New Year's Eve party.
99. Relax and enjoy.
100. Have a very happy holiday season!

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