Finding the Best Christmas Gifts

The questions loom in your head, what to buy, whom to buy for and how much do I need to spend. The holidays are a festive time of year; however, they can also be very challenging when it comes to gift giving. Follow these tips on holiday gift giving and you will truly end up with a happy holiday.

  • Who are You Buying For?

First, think hard about whom it is that you are buying for. Be mindful of their financial situation as well. Although it’s not necessary for someone to reciprocate a gift, many will feel obligated. Don’t go overboard and make them feel they need to do so also.

Give a heartfelt gift that should reflect their taste and style. Never give them something that you would like, this is for them after all. Avoid giving something that will just add to the clutter they may already have.

Be aware of those many Non-Christians who do celebrate Christmas. Though you may have a religious faith, your symbolic gift may not be appreciated. Take the time to find out what their faith, if any is and then give appropriately.

  • Always Be Prepared

Always have on hand items that can be given to a host or hostess for those all-important holiday parties. Those items can be a small box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, inexpensive gift cards or maybe some homemade treats. Having them might come in handy for those last minute gifts that may have slipped your mind.

Not only is it bad taste to show up empty handed to a holiday party (see above), you need to remember to write your thank you note afterwards. Nothing gives a host or hostess a better reason to invite you next year than a well-written note thanking them for a wonderful time.

  • Gifts and Your Children

Giving gifts to your children’s teachers does not have to be expensive. Homemade treats or a small token for each teacher is a great way of saying thank you. Remember, it is in bad taste to give a teacher an expensive gift just to try to garner favoritism for your child.

  • Gift Exchanges

If you have a gift exchange with your friends, discuss it beforehand. The time and expensive of making or buying gifts for several friends can be daunting. Maybe exchange small tokens or just cards to make things easier for everyone.

Another person’s trash is not necessarily another person’s treasure. However, if you find that you need to re-gift, make sure that gift is something that they could use or need. Don’t gift it just because you have it lying around the house.

  • It's All About the Wrapping

Unwrapping a gift is as much a holiday ritual as is decorating the tree. Try to wrap your gifts neatly or place them in nice gift bags. Make sure that each gift has the correct name tag with to and from written on each one.

Finally, I know that we all live in the time of technology, but thank you notes need to be written, not jotted down in an email. Take the time to thank those who thought enough of you to give you a gift.

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