13th Birthday Party Ideas

So... You're Planning a 13th Birthday Party

So, your once little boy or girl is about to hit a major life milestone--age 13. While you may not have struggled in the past, planning a 13th birthday party isn't easy. This is because many thirteen year olds are at the point they want independence and may not think mom or dad's ideas are "cool."

Likely when you share ideas, you may get feedback that the theme is "babyish" or simply isn't interesting. Don't give up.

Great 13th birthday party ideas are often based around one of your child’s favorite activities or interests. Think outside the box--a party theme doesn't have to include a cartoon character to be fun.

A Few Ideas...

Obviously, every teen-to-be is different. The perfect party for your kid could sound like misery to another. However, a few popular ideas today include:

  • · Star Wars Party
  • · Harry Potter Party
  • · Sports Themed Party (Football, Ultimate Fighting, Baseball, etc.)
  • · Animal-Themed Parties
  • · Cooking Parties
  • · Video Parties (Create a high-production quality video for online release)
  • · Swimming Parties
  • · Makeover Parties
  • · Karaoke or Dance Parties
  • · Anime Birthday Parties

Supplies Matter

The key to making any of these (or other party ideas work is by finding great party supplies that really pick up the theme. 13th birthday party supplies may match the theme of the party (like Harry Potter party supplies,) or they may emphasize the fact that the child is turning 13.

To find the best supplies, you may have to dig a little deeper than the party supply row at your local craft store. There are many supplies available online that can expand your options.

13th Birthday Slumber Parties

One 13th birthday party idea that is popular with many kids this age is a slumber party. Slumber parties are a great way to make memories! The kids will normally come over for the party around dinner time, or just after dinner time and then they will spend a few hours on fun activities like these:

After the kids have had some organized (or unorganized perhaps) fun, they are likely ready to settle down for some downtime and may want to just talk or listen to music before they fall asleep. Be prepared for the fact that they will likely stay up late!

When morning comes, a quick and easy breakfast like cereal and toast or frozen waffles is usually fine with everyone and then the kids can play outside or watch a movie while they wait to be picked up by their family.

Other Party Ideas for 13 Year Olds

If all of this sounds too complicated, another 13th birthday party idea is to host the party at a popular party venue like a bowling alley or skating rink. 13th birthday bowling or skating parties are a fun way for kids to socialize with their friends and makes planning and cleanup easy on the family. Call around some popular places in your town and find out if they host parties. It may surprise you the different options that are available which can include spa facilities, movie parties, trampoline centers, climbing facilities and sports venues. Just because a place doesn't advertise themselves as a party destination doesn't mean they don't offer organized party options.

Whatever type of party you choose to celebrate your 13 year old’s birthday, you will need invitations. 13th birthday invitations can be simple or more involved, once again I recommend looking at the child’s interests for ideas. Here are some of the more popular designs among kids this age:

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