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1st Birthday Party Ideas And Supplies

Your baby's first birthday is a time for celebration and on this page you will find all the things you need to help you make your baby's first birthday celebration one to remember and treasure forever.

On this page you will find 1st birthday party ideas, 1st birthday party supplies, birthday keepsakes and more that will help you create a truly memorable occasion for your little one.

An important thing to remember about your child's first birthday party is that this is one party that is as much about you as it is them. This is also celebrating the fact that they have been in your life for one year. So, whilst you want to make it an event that they will love try and make it one that you will love too! Your memories of it will last, theirs will be based only on the photographs!

1st birthday balloons

The first thing that you need to consider when thinking about your baby's first birthday is the invitations. Whilst many people just invite their friends with a verbal invitation, or by phone or email it is also lovely to have written invitations that you can keep, to remind you of this very special event.

People also love to receive invitations too. Especially if you include a recent photograph of your child. This is particularly true of any friends that you haven't seen for a while. Babies change so quickly in their first year that they will love to see an up to date picture of your pride and joy.

The 1st Birthday Party Theming...

So, you've sent out the invitations and now you need to think carefully about the decor! For a 1st birthday theme something simple, sweet and baby related is perfect. When thinking about colours, most people like to stick with those favourites of pastel baby colors, but don't feel constrained by tradition! Pick the colors that most suit your child and your home...

Some people choose to theme around a particular character or tv show and this can be popular if your little one is expecting lots of little friends. Remember though if you are planning more children and would like to use some of your party decorations in the future that tastes change and what is popular now may not be so popular in a few years time.

On the market as well as all of the wonderful decorations that are available are quite a number of complete 1st birthday party supplies in a single box. Not only does this save you time and effort it is usually a great cost saving too!

Baby's First Birthday Party

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Theming your 1st birthday party room...

One thing that I have always found very effective when running 1st birthday parties (and other parties too!) for my children, is having lots (and I mean lots!) of helium balloons on the ceiling.

Not only do balloons instantly create a party atmosphere, but children LOVE to take them home with them. Not only that, but at a 1st birthday you are likely to have lots of babies present. Babies are fascinated by bright colours and things that move, meaning that balloons are perfectly fascinating to babies! Whether you choose personalised balloons or just lots of brightly colored balloons in keeping with your theming, they will make your room feel like a real party in a way that both adults and children will love. Once upon a time it used to cost a fortune to get helium balloons delivered to your home but luckily these days you can order your own canister and fill the balloons yourself. I have done this many times and it is quick, easy and fairly inexpensive..

Decorating The High Chair!

When you are having a first birthday party, of course you want your baby's first party room to look great, but don't forget to decorate their high chair too.

When your child is eating their birthday party snacks and birthday cake is the time when they will be having their photograph taken or videos made of their reactions. This is the time when the decor you have chosen will actually be noticed and remembered, so it is a great idea to decorate the highchair too. Of couse, there is no need to go overboard with this, but there are a large number of decorations available for highchairs that look fantastic and that your baby will love. Not only that but they will make your pictures and videos look great too!

When buying the decorations for your highchair be sure to check that they will fit the type of high chair that you have. Also, try and make sure where possible that they are in keeping with the theme that you have selected for the rest of your party room. Even if the items are not exactly the same theme sticking to similar colors will make the theme work anyway and ensure that everything looks great together.

One great thing about these kits is that they also include a mat to go under the high chair and collect any spills during the party- something your carpets and your guests may thank you for!

1st Birthday Cake

photo courtesy of smr+lsh on Flickr
photo courtesy of smr+lsh on Flickr

The 1st Birthday Cake

The 1st birthday cake is the centerpiece of your design and should bring all of the elements of your theme together. Of course, if you prefer you can choose something totally unrelated to the rest of your theme, but it is often nice to try and tie them up together in some way.

One great idea, if you are able to make a sponge cake, is to get this fantastic cake case by Wilton shown to the right. It is in the symbol of a 1 and allows you to decorate it as you see fit. If you are not a particularly competent home baker a packet mix will work just fine in this cake tin. Perhaps try a practice a few days before if you are concerned about how it will turn out.

Another idea is to make cupcakes and place them on a cupcake tree. Adding a cupcake topper to each one with a 1st birthday theme is a simple and quick way of making your child's first birthday cake look just perfect.

Below are some cakes made by real people for their child's 1st birthday and I hope that they give you inspiration.

1st birthday cake ideas

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