2010 Christmas Gifts For Babies

Gift Buying Guide For Babies

Babies really aren't all that picky when it comes to toys and presents. In fact for the most part they are very happy to play with the wrapping paper and box that the present came in.

I remember going to a birthday party for a one year old who happily played with the boxes and wrapping paper the whole time. I'm sure that he enjoyed the toys later but for the time being the boxes and wrapping paper was more stimulating and exciting.

The important thing to remember when buying a gift for a baby is that babies enjoy stimulating age appropriate toys. So if you're a new parent, grandparent or just need some ideas then keep reading for more gift buying ideas for babies.

Top Toys For Babies

Babies absolutely love music,which is why The Fisher Price Kick And Play Piano is at the top of our list.

Once your little one gets to be a few months old you will find them happily kicking away at the kick and play piano. This also works well for babies who don't usually like their cribs.

The fisher Price Rainforest Baby Gym is always a hit with babies, who love the lights and music. One nice thing about this gym is the fact that the music plays for a full 20 minutes so you don't have to keep switching it back on.

The LeapFrogĀ  Learn & Groove Counting Maracas is also very popular with the little ones. Just be sure to turn the sound down as they can get a little loud otherwise.

Activity Tables

Most every baby loves their activity table, and profiled here you will find the two most popular activity tables.

First is the LeapFrog Learn And Groove Activity Table, this table has 15 different activities and over 40 songs and melodies to keep baby busy and engaged. This is the same table that I bought for both of my sons when they were babies and it lasted for many hours of fun play time.

Next is the Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Table which has numerous games, music and activities to keep baby happy.

Fun Baby Toys

The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy plays baby's favorite songs and games making it a delight for you and your baby. And it's very likely that it will turn out to be your baby's favorite out of all of his or her toys.

Next we have the Fisher Price Roll Along Pals- Snail. Babies adore pull toys, and your little on will love pushing and pulling this cute little snail along.

The V-Tech Infant Learning Hammer combines a fun to pull little truck with fun activities to keep baby happy.

2010 christmas gifts for baby
2010 christmas gifts for baby

More Fun Toys For Baby

Babies also love building blocks and will spend many hours stacking and rebuilding their blocks. This also means more quality time for you to play with them as well.

You will find many fun and engaging toys and building blocks featured in the below. Like baby's first blocks, or the set of Lego's and the adorable tiny Love Follow Me Fred electronic puppy.

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katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

Great review of 2010 Christmas Gifts For Babies. Thanks

Santa 5 years ago

Thanks for the info on babies Christmas gifts. This topic is often overlooked on a lot of sites and is valuable for parents and relatives for ideas.

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