2010 Gift Guide - The Top 10 Most Wanted Gifts For Christmas

2010 gift guide the top 10 most wanted gifts for christmas
2010 gift guide the top 10 most wanted gifts for christmas

Top 10 Gifts For Christmas

This years list of the top 10 most wanted gifts for Christmas contains a few new items like the Justin Bieber dolls and the Squinkies.

As well as a few old favorites like the iPod and the Kindle. Both of which tend to shop up every year on the most wanted list for Christmas. Cell phones like the Nokia X6 also tend to show up quite frequently on wish lists.

So if you're looking for a few more ideas for Christmas presents keep reading this guide on the top 10 most wanted gifts for Christmas.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber toys are one of the most wanted toys for young girls this Holiday season.

With three of the most wanted items being the Justin Bieber dolls, Silly Bandz and of course the Justin Bieber Life Size Standup Poster.

Because of Justin Bieber's popularity these items are likely to sell out quickly.

The Kindle

The Kindle from Amazon is the number one most wished for item on the Amazon website this Holiday season. So if you have a reader in your household a Kindle makes a great gift whether its for Christmas, a birthday or just because.  A couple of nice things about the Kindle is the fact that you don't have all the clutter from books lying around, and you get the book instantly and don't have to wait for it to be shipped.

Apple TV

This media streaming device is showing up on a lot of wish lists this year and for under a $100 it's a really good deal. And makes a great gift for the gadget lover who loves electronic gifts and trying new things.  This is one item that I think a lot of Dad would love to get for Christmas or perhaps even father's day.

Top Selling Video Games

The two most wished for games this Holiday season is Call of Duty Black Ops which has been the number one selling game on Amazon for 210 days,

And Halo Reach which has been in the top 100 list for 412 days. Both of these games are extremely popular with males of all ages, and if you can't make up your mind on which one to get him,  Why not try both games!

Buy A Swiss Watch

One of the top selling men's watches this Holiday Season is the Swiss Legend Men's watch and for just under $100 dollars your getting a great deal on a watch that in past sold for several hundred dollars.  This watch is sure to impress any guy and makes a great gift for Christmas, birthday's and father's day.


One of this years surprise hits is Squinkies.

This soft and squishy little toy can be found on the wish lists of little girls everywhere. The affordability of this fun little toy makes gift buying just a little easier this year and who knows that the it's so cheap means that you can afford to buy several instead of just one.  Squinkies make the perfect gift for any young girl who will be delighted to get one.

Unlocked Cell Phones

One of the top selling unlocked cell phones on Amazon this Holiday season is the Nokia X6 cell phone. Of course when it comes to cell phones everyone has their own taste but for a price like this you just might want to check out this top rated cell phone.


Without fail the iPod always makes the most wished for list every Christmas and this year is no exception. The iPod makes a great gift for almost anyone who enjoys listening to music.

Jane Seymour Open Hearts

The Jane Seymour Open Hearts jewelry collection is something new that's showing up on a lot of wish lists this Holiday season.

Not only is this jewelry collection very beautiful and popular it is for the most part pretty affordable.

PlayStation 3 Family Bundle

If you're thinking about purchasing a new game system the PlayStation 3 Family Bundle offers the most bang for your buck.


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Athlyn Green profile image

Athlyn Green 6 years ago from West Kootenays

I can see why little girls would like the Squinkies.

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