Thanksgiving Pictures

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Happy Thanksgiving Think BeefHappy Thanksgiving Think VegetarianHappy Thanksgiving Think VegetarianHappy Thanksgiving Think VegetarianThink VegetarianThink VegetarianHappy Thanksgiving Think Pork
Happy Thanksgiving Think Beef
Happy Thanksgiving Think Beef
Happy Thanksgiving Think Vegetarian
Happy Thanksgiving Think Vegetarian
Happy Thanksgiving Think Vegetarian
Happy Thanksgiving Think Vegetarian
Happy Thanksgiving Think Vegetarian
Happy Thanksgiving Think Vegetarian
Think Vegetarian
Think Vegetarian
Think Vegetarian
Think Vegetarian
Happy Thanksgiving Think Pork
Happy Thanksgiving Think Pork

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Bring on the turkey! Here are some printable Thanksgiving pictures for you and your family and friends to enjoy. You can use these for wall paper on your personal computer or even print them out the place on your front door or fridge for your friends, family and guests to enjoy. Have fun & Happy Thanksgiving 2010.

I love the smell of turkey in the air; sorry vegetarian friends but I do love thanksgiving dinner. One of my all time favorite meals ever is the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, ham and all the trimmings can be found on my table on Thanksgiving every year without fail. Though traditions in my family vary from Wiener Schnitzel to turkey feast they are all grand in their own right. My Mother in law comes from Germany so Wiener Schnitzel is found on their table at every holiday. I do love that as well but without a turkey it just would not be Thanksgiving to me. I tried making just ham along with Wiener Schnitzel one year & everyone was very disappointed that I didn't make a big ol' turkey! I will always make a turkey from now on I promised my loved ones.

How to use Pictures to Print

How to print your Thanksgiving Pictures

1. Click on the image you want to save to open it in a new widow at full size.

2. Right click and save the picture you would like to print

3. Using any photo software program open your picture & re-size it to the size you want to print. If you want to print a full page size make sure it is set to the right size. I have kept the pictures large because when you re-size things larger from a small picture it tends to blur.

4. Go ahead and click on your print, decided if you want to print the picture landscape or portrait and then click print. Landscape me long ways and portrait means up right.

How to use Pictures Wall Paper on PC

How to put your picture on your computer for your desk top. Using pictures for Wallpaper is fairly simple once you know how to do it. Below are step by step instructions to help you out.

1. When you have the picture you want to use for your computer desk top or for computer wallpaper. "RIGHT CLICK" anywhere on your desk top.

2. A window will pop up now "CLICK PROPERTIES" it's the bottom one.

3. Now another window will pop up now "CLICK DESKTOP"

4. It opens the desktop tab now you "CLICK BROWSE" to find your picture.

5. Choose what size you want it, "CLICK stretch, center or tile" to place it on your desktop. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

Very explicit and a great help how to do it. Thank you.

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Thanks Have a great day

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