3 Hot Valentines Gift Ideas For A Man With A Social Conscience

Unique chocolate gift basket for Valentines day for him
Unique chocolate gift basket for Valentines day for him

Hot Valentines gifts for men who care

I write all about mens gifts on my site, Find That Gift For Him. That includes Valentines Day gifts. And I've found some lovely gift ideas that would make fine Valentines gifts for men with a social conscience who care.

It’s not easy coming up with great Valentines gifts for men. That’s especially hard if he’s a socially conscious male with strong standards and firm ideas on what is a good socially conscious Valentines gift and what isn’t.

So here’s 3 suggestions for hot Valentines Day gifts for men who are socially conscious, and that he’ll love.

They come from Fair Trade, an international human rights organization dedicated to social justice, for everybody. And they have a store with all sorts of wonderful ideas for the socially conscious gifts buyer, and that includes wonderful and hot Valentines Day gifts.

You can read more about how Fair Trade works here.

Here’s 3 great ideas from Fair Trade for lovely Valentines day gifts for a man. (And they have some top Valentines gifts for women too.)

Stunning mans necklace for him on Valentines day
Stunning mans necklace for him on Valentines day

You'll find some stunning and quite unique Valentines gifts there

1. The Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket.

A wonderful collection of very unusual chocolate gifts for the chocolate and Valentines Day loving man. Includes milk and dark chocolates, chocolate lava drops, organic hot cocoa and other organic chocolates.

It’s different, it’s very unusual and it’s a hot Valentines gift for a man who would appreciate the source of the products that make up the gift basket. Why not both of you polish it off together?

2. A Unique Mans Necklace.

Jewelry is a fine Valentines gift, for women, and for men who like jewelry. And although not all men wear jewelry those who do will love this unique and distinctive Kenyan necklace carved out of bone.

Bone carving is a craft that is traditional in Kenya, and some families have engaged in bone carving for many generations.

It’s a lovely way for you to give him a romantic gift to wear that’s totally unique to him. There won’t be many men wearing Kenyan bone necklaces this year.

Hand crafted dominoes, a unique Valentines gift idea
Hand crafted dominoes, a unique Valentines gift idea

3. Hand Carved Dominoe Set.

Beautifully produced in Thailand, from Chang Mai market, for the stunningly cheap price of just $18, this is a bargain gift. Imagine the work that went into this dominoe set, for $18.

For the man who loves his games it’s a great Valentine, and if you love dominoes too it’s a great way for the both of you to spend some quality time together.

So if he’s the sort of man who is choosy about where products came from, and who made them and how well they were paid, and who cares, then there’s 3 hot Valentines gifts for him that should be a hit.

And that’s just 3, Fair Trade has lots more there, many of them would make hot Valentines gifts, check them out when you have some time to spend.

And why not check out some more of my Valentines gifts suggestions.

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sisterkate profile image

sisterkate 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

Manky, I love it that you are writing about fair trade, which is one of my passions. My favorite fair trade items are very individual because they express the culture where they were made and, in my opinion, that makes them great gifts. Fair trade gifts are unique, just like the person you are giving a gift to.

I will look for more of your hubs.

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