Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men - Coffee Lovers Cool Gifts

- 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for men - Gifts for Coffee Lovers, clipart By: Iyo -
- 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for men - Gifts for Coffee Lovers, clipart By: Iyo -

Turning 40 is very traumatic for both men and woman, but more so for men. For men, their 40th birthday is the threshold of becoming an old man. The thinning hair, beer belly and love handles, sure don't make it any easier for men. Their well-meaning friends will start calling them "old dude." Their parents will finally accept them as equals. Younger guys will start calling 40+ men "Sir" and they are not in military. Young women looking for sugar daddies start honing in on 40+ men, and those who are not, will not give them the time of day. Kids look at 40+ men as father figure, or worst grandpa figure. And teens, oh well teens ignore everyone.

Gifts for men's 40th birthday should be something that will make them forget the old-man feeling. 40th birthday gifts should make them smile, or even laugh.. fun stuffs. Or, something cool--cool birthday gift ideas are always great. 40th birthday tells men, that they are now old, even if it's just in their minds. Gone were the cool old days. Men who are turning 40 need to be cool again. So, please don't give them sweaters, save them for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, and any other birthday.. just not on their 40th birthday.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers - Cool gifts for men

Men, who are coffee lovers, will appreciate birthday gifts that will enhance their coffee savoring experience. Cool 40th birthday gifts for coffee lovers should give them that "first morning coffee" heavenly feeling.

Here are the best 40th birthday gift ideas for coffee lovers.

For Friends, Brothers, Boss - 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

  1. Coffee Gift Basket - If you already know his favourite coffee house, then a gift basket from that coffee house is a great 40th birthday gift. As a coffee lover, he will appreciate the effort in getting him his favourite coffee. A coffee gift basket is a cool 40th birthday gift for men who love their coffee.
  2. Coffee Mug - A 40th birthday gift doesn't have to be expensive. It's the thought that counts. A coffee mug saying "How da heck did I get to be 40!" would make him laugh. Get him a coffee mug warmer #3 as well. These are super cool 40th birthday gift ideas for men who love coffee.
  3. Coffee Mug Warmer - Get a coffee mug warmer to go with #2. He'll think you're the greatest to think of this. A must-have gift for coffee lovers.

Kids gift ideas for their Dad's 40th Birthday - $2, $5, $10

Hey kids, your Dad is turning 40. This is a very important birthday for Dad. The best gift you can give to Dad is giving him a fun day. Your Dad loves his coffee. Bring him his first cup of coffee in bed. Ask Mom how Dad want his coffee. Give him a handmade birthday card or gift. Dad loves his coffee and your handmade birthday cards and gifts. If you had saved some money (if not, maybe Mom could help), and you want to give Dad a birthday gift, here are some cool 40th birthday gift ideas for Dads who love coffee.

  1. Coffee gift basket from his favorite coffee shop - A coffee gift basket is usually a coffee mug with a can or bag of his favorite coffee. If you already know Dad's favorite coffee shop, then you can ask Mom to drive you there. If you don't know, ask Mom. Mom knows everything. This cost around $10.
  2. Coffee gift card - A coffee gift card from Dad's favorite coffee shop is a cool gift. You can get a $5 gift card. Some coffee shops even have $2 gift cards. If you can get this, tape it in your birthday card saying "Dad, your next cup of coffee is on me!"
  3. Big Coffee Travel Mugs - If Dad loves lots of coffee, you can get him a big coffee travel mug. A big coffee travel mug costs around $10.

For Husband's 40th Birthday - 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Your husband is turning 40. Major birthday. Huge trauma. You need to get him out of that "I'm an old man" mood. You gotta show him some love.. lots and lots of love. Coffee lovers always love a perfect cup of coffee. Here are some 40th birthday gift ideas for your husband who loves his coffee perfect... just the way you are.

  1. Get him the Best Coffee Maker - As a coffee lover, your husband deserves the best coffee maker in the market. The Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 is the best standard coffee maker, according to reviews. Gift wrap it with a big red bow. While your husband is opening his gift, you can tell him sweetly, "Only the best for you, Darling." or something to that effect. He'll forget it's his 40th birthday. This is a cool birthday gift idea for coffee lovers.
  2. Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker - If you want something different, go for a thermal carafe coffee maker, which is great in keeping coffee hot and fresh. Again, get your husband the best one in the market. According to consumer reviews, the best thermal carafe coffee maker is the Zojirushi Fresh Brew. Again, have it gift wrapped with a big red bow. This time whisper in your husband's ear, "Would you like to try something different, Honey Bunny?" This will definitely distract his mind from the gloom and doom of his 40th birthday. What a wonderful birthday gift for coffee lovers.
  3. Luxury Coffee Maker - Coffee lovers around the world would agree that a great tasting coffee depends on the brewing time and temperature of the coffee maker. According to coffee connoisseurs, the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT741 is one of the few auto-drip coffee makers certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America as brewing at the optimal temperature (200 degrees Fahrenheit) and brews really fast. Your husband will flip to get this coffee maker for his 40th birthday. This time, get his 40th birthday gift wrapped, without a big red bow. Present your husband his 40th birthday gift wearing the big red bow and nothing else... no words necessary. Your husband will surely forget his 40th birthday, and will be walking around all day with a silly smile on his face.

These are really cool 40th birthday gift ideas for husbands, friends, dads, brothers, boss. Best 40th birthday gifts for coffee lovers.

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