4th of July Fireworks In Marana, Arizona

My family and I went to Marana on the 4th of July to watch the fireworks display after I got out of work. We got there an hour before the fireworks were supposed to start, but due to the pending storm looming over the horizon, the park officials decided to start the fireworks as soon as we got there. My father and I were able to get a few good pictures from the parking lot, and a couple of videos as well.Luckily, it didn't start raining, so we were able to partake in the festivities after the fireworks were over. We even got a few free watermelons while we were there.

The video below is what I was able to catch from the parking lot as we headed to he park. I was lucky enough to get a shot of the lighning in the background while filming it. You might have to tilt your head to the left to watch it.

Arriving at the Park
Arriving at the Park


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