5 Great Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Surprise him with a unique gift.
Surprise him with a unique gift.

Sports Memorabilia

Great Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend's Birthday

It's a fact...Men are hard to shop for. So, if you've been searching for unique gift ideas for his birthday than you've made it to the right place. Check out our list of five great birthday gift ideas for him.

Sports Memorabilia

Men are passionate about sports! There's something about competition that makes us fanatical! You can get major points (no pun intended) by choosing the right sports gift for him.

There are a few paths you can take when choosing the best sports gift for him. You can go the jersey route and buy him a jersey of his favorite team or player. He can get some great use out of this for a few years but the jersey will eventually wear down and will need to be replaced.

Another path is the memorabilia route. You'll basically want to choose a gift that he would be proud to display at home or at the office. These gifts can range from photo frames, autographed memorabilia or even framed jerseys.

The autographed memorabilia may be a bit more expensive but keep in mind that these gifts will last a long time! If you aren't sure who his favorite team or player is then just ask him.

  • Sports Memorabilia Key Points: Find out who his favorite team (or player) is and really think about where he will display his gift. Jerseys may be good gift ideas for guys if you're thinking of a shorter term gift (in this case a few years). However, if you're looking for gift ideas that have long-lasting value than you might want to look into a gift that he can display like a framed jersey, autographed ball or photo frame.


If you've ever traveled to an amusement park you've probably seen the guy drawing caricatures. These are fun, unique and are great to display.

This birthday gift for him is easy to do and has lasting appeal.

Basically you upload the picture and allow two weeks for the item to be shipped. You can even request a specific setting or activity for your caricature.

For his next birthday you can order a 2 Person Caricature Print or you could just get the Caricature of him only.

  • Caricature Key Points: The approximate shipping time is two weeks so be sure to plan in advance if you're going to get him a Caricature print. You'll also want to think about his favorite activity or city so you can request it when purchasing your caricature. Also, this should go without saying but I'm going to say it anyway...the artists are designing the print based on the photo that you upload so be sure that it's a good picture! close-up photos work best.

Funny Caricature

Digital Picture Photo Frame

Digital photo frames can be great gift ideas but you can make them even greater with a little effort. Here's what you do...Pick up a new memory card for your digital camera and take pictures of him doing the things he loves.

Or even find other photos of him doing what he loves and take a picture of that picture to capture it on your memory card (you'd be surprised at how good the quality can be). Be sure to include some pictures of you (just be sure that the pictures are appropriate for the place that they'll be displayed).

  • Digital Photo Frame Key Points: The key to this gift is to think about how many pictures you want to include and buy a frame that will fit that capacity. You'll want to capture many pictures that remind him of great memories. Most importantly be sure that you are included in these pictures to remind him how lucky he is to have the BEST girlfriend in the world!

Domain Names

If you're looking for unusual gifts for men than this next one is very unique and can be easy on the bank account. Register his name as a domain name.

This can be a great gift idea because he will be able to create a website about himself. What guy doesn't like to talk about himself? This is similar to myspace or Facebook but the twist here is that the website will be his name.

So instead of going to http://www.myspace.com/david_kotowski you could just go to DavidKotowski.com.

If he's not too technical in web design he can setup a simple blog where he can add updates about his life and give his friends and family a way to keep in touch. A consultant friend of mine uses his personal site to post his resume and expand on his professional accomplishments.

  • Domain Names Key points: This gift could take more work than the others if you/he choose to have the website built. If you're not too tech savvy you can always pay for someone to host the site, and/or create the actual webpages. You can find some resources at rentacoder, Elance or even find a local student to create the site for you. If he has Facebook page you can simply purchase the domain name and redirect everyone that types his domain name directly to his Facebook page.

Personalized Poker Chips

TV can be a great way to determine popular activities for men. For example, you'd have to have been under a rock these past few years to not notice the explosion of the World Series of Poker.

The popularity of poker is at an all time high and you can use this to your advantage for his next great birthday present.

Personalized Poker Chips make a great gift for a few reasons.

1. It gives him a reason to get together with friends and do something he enjoys.

2. Gives him a "one-up" on his buddies (and we all know how competitive guys can be).

3. The personalized chips are sure to stir up a conversation which means that he'll be talking about *YOU* to his friends when they ask where he got the great gift!

  • Personalized Poker Chips Key Points: Take some time to plan how you would like the chips to be personalized. Some manufacturers allow you to upload photos to be placed on either side of the poker chips, so be sure to pick a photo that he likes. Other manufacturers already have a design and just allow you to add text to personalize them. Either route you take this gift has the possibility to be quite expensive so be sure that your design will fit into your budget.

I hope my recommendations have been helpful and get you on your way to finding those unique gifts for men. I look forward to your feedback so please feel free to leave a comment or a criticism at the bottom of this page.

If you feel that I've missed something than please add a comment below as you may persuade me to do another list in the future. And finally if you like what you've read, please click the "Thumbs Up" button, submit me to your favorite social network and tell all your friends to visit.

Make it a great day!

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john 9 years ago

lots of good ideas,some of which I did not even know existed. I'll be sure to leave some hints to this hub for her to see. thanks again

Virginia D. 9 years ago

I love the domain name gift idea! Very clever! Also, the website you have linked to has good ideas as well! Thanks!

djtphn1 profile image

djtphn1 9 years ago from Riverside County, California

Nice hub Vinnie, especially your use of photos, etc, and the capsules for your first time....wow, you are not a hubpages virgin anymore!

Juan 9 years ago

Glad someone is lookin out for us Guys, I think i will accidentaly leave this page open for my Girlfriend to find when she comes home for work.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Thanks for the comments everyone. It certainly doesn't hurt to leave clues. If nothing else at least you hint at some of the gifts you want.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

@Virginia thanks for the comment. I first heard about the domain name gift from a teleseminar for either Matt Bacak or Mike Litman. They basically said that someone did that for them and it was the coolest gift because it was so unique.

I did the same thing for a friend of mine that is in the Marines. He's stationed overseas so he just updates his blog so we can all keep in touch with him.

@djtphn1 - Thanks for the comment. As you put it I'm definitely not a hubpages virgin anymore! I guess now you can call me experienced? :-)

Mike  9 years ago

Sweet ideas, My wife was asking me what types of gifts I would enjoy and you hit them dead on with this. I have emailed this article to her so she knows.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Thanks for the feedback Mike. I hope you enjoy your gift.

Ambrosian profile image

Ambrosian 9 years ago from Tulsa


I love your ideas. I agree the domain name is a really unique gift idea. I am really fascinated with the digital frame. I have also thought that the digital photo frame would be great for the man that works in the office. He will have less clutter on his desk and still be able to enjoy viewing the memories that are special to him during his day. All in all I give you, thumbs up!

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Thanks for the feedback Ambrosian. I completely agree that the office would be the perfect place for your digital photo frame. Thanks for the thumbs up!

Susan 9 years ago


This is very professional and cool looking. The ideas are great & I'm sure you're going to get traffic from this hub page. Congrats on a terrific job!

I'm also curious if you took the photo of the guy and gal at the top or whether you got it as a stock photo... and if it was a stock photo..would you mind telling where you got it. I'd like to find a good source for different photos.


Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Thanks for the compliments Susan. The photo is from BigStockPhoto.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Susan, I found this post, regarding stock photos, in the hubpages forum http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/2701#post16853

AmandaB profile image

AmandaB 9 years ago from Middletown

Hi Vinnie!

Cool page, as a girl who never knows what to buy my boyfriend for Christmas/Birthday/Valentine's Day this helps a lot. I love the caricature idea, so funny!

edmond3 profile image

edmond3 9 years ago from Oklahoma


Thanks so much for the helpful info and links about the stock photos. It was just what I needed.


Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Thanks Amanda. It can definitely be tough finding the right gift for him so I hope these at least inspired your creative mind.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Edmond, glad I could help.

likethisfree profile image

likethisfree 9 years ago from India

nice tips

profile image

Paula Paquette 9 years ago

Fabulous Hub, Love it!

Deer Hill profile image

Deer Hill 9 years ago from Snohomish, Wa.

Great hub, Thanks

lrwhite profile image

lrwhite 9 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I might use one of your gift ideas soon. I've never seen the poker chip idea before-fab!

Ellen is hilarious!

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Thanks Irwhite. I hope the gift idea works out for you.

Stephen Dayton profile image

Stephen Dayton 9 years ago from Washington State

As a guy myself I have always thought it was fairly easy to buy for most men.

Things that end to make men happy:

* Electronics

* Tools, especially those that have destructive power! :-)

* Anything that has a remote control - TV, cars, planes, helicopters, ect...

* Sports stuff

* Most anything with moving parts in it. Chances are at some point that suckers going to be taken apart by us so we can figure out how it works! :-)

* Explosives (it really doesn't matter if you only buy us small fire crackers as a safety precaution because I can tell you right now we're going to cut them open and combine the gun powder to make something illegal and dangerous)! If we had brains, we wouldn't be men now would we! :-)

* Shiny objects (why do you think so many men end up in an emergency room with a fishing hook stuck in them).

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.



stephhicks68 profile image

stephhicks68 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

How about a cow door stop? Kidding. Great list.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 9 years ago Author

Steph, if the list were 6 Great Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend then the cow door stop would have definitely made it, but I had to trim the fat and publish only 5 gift ideas.

lisatener profile image

lisatener 8 years ago from Rhode Island

Great ideas--and not just for boyfriends or husbands--I'm getting ideas for the other men in my life--brother in law, brother...


Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 8 years ago Author

Great point Lisa. This list would definitely apply for most men in general. I'm working on several other hubs along the same line as this but those lists will be a bit more targeted to specific men and their hobbies/interests.

Cindy Lietz profile image

Cindy Lietz 8 years ago from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Ellen video was hilarious! Hopefully the person who gave that cow doorstop ends up trippin' across your hub, and avoids any more gift giving disasters!

Caregiver-007 profile image

Caregiver-007 8 years ago from Florida

Great ideas for the otherwise hard-to-buy-for men in our lives. True, it doesn't matter whether it's your father, brother, brother-in-law, son or your husband or boy friend. Some men are just plain difficult! I love the digital frame idea.

Kourtney 8 years ago

I love the poker chip idea! But where could you get that done?

Gifts for Boyfriend 8 years ago

Very interesting list of gifts ideas for boyfriend. Personally, I'm a big lover of digital photo frame so I will definitely go with the Digital Photo Frame Key Points

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 8 years ago Author

Hey Kourtney, you can google "Personalized Poker Chips" for some companies that will do this for you. 

I added a link in the Poker Chip Section (above) for a company that can customize really nice chips but they're a little more expensive then some of the other options. 

I guess it comes down to the type of customization you're looking for (customized text and/or images) and the quantity needed.  Hope that helps!   


anne-marie 8 years ago

i need ideas for a boyfriend

wildbill 8 years ago

Are you kidding me, who would want that crap. I'm a guys guy and I would not want any of that. Sorry

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 8 years ago Author

Wildbill, thanks for taking the time to post your comment. 

I understand that you wouldn't want any of the recommendations from above, but if you don't believe that sports memorabilia and poker are HUGE than I believe that you're being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative.  

I'm sure you understand that you can't possibly cover every single gift in one article but I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you would consider a great gift. 

I hope you take the time to respond.



viralfaces profile image

viralfaces 7 years ago from Westside


Great hub and love the gift ideas. A great alternate resource for caricatures would be http://www.viralfaces.com. Awesome art, fast turnaroun, and a hubber. Visit and see how you can get your caricature free.

tom 7 years ago

Hey, I liked the domain idea (i should have sent my girl this link before, hehehe). But here is another unique gift I got for my girlfriend these days. At http://space02.com/home1 you can dedicate your favorit spot to your girlfriend (or anybody else of course lol). You buy it virtually and it´s yours forever. With the giftcard you can surprise the birthdaychild and bring a smile on the face in minutes. Check it out.

profile image

charm09 7 years ago


nice tips! ^___^.

ive been thinking of what give gift should i buy for bf for almost a week..

and dis is what i saw!



thanks a lot!

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 7 years ago Author

@viralfaces - Great alternate resource! I checked out the site and I may be ordering one for myself!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 7 years ago Author

@Tom - I like that idea. Very Unique!

Thanks bud!


Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 7 years ago Author

@charm09 - Thank you! Glad you found it helpful.


ZhannaAr 7 years ago

you forgot personalised pc game Solitaire with your favourite photos and warm greeting text. upload photo on www.giftplayingcards.com place them on cards and make order. you will get file next day.

Nobody can beat such gift, its really personal

ougirl115 7 years ago

That didn't help me as much we have been together for 1 week and are in like 7th grade. I need a great present for him still

Glenn Kipps 6 years ago

Vinnie, There are some excellent suggestions in this hub for any kind of present for men whether it be birthday, Christmas, etc. I especially like the sports memorabilia suggestion. Every guy likes some kind of sport. Great hub. Thank you for making it.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 6 years ago Author

@Glenn, thanks for the kind words. Cheers.

CarolMerc profile image

CarolMerc 6 years ago from LA

The caricature is a great idea! Good inspiration for the next time. Thanks.

Bree 6 years ago

Very good site, with great gift options for every typical man but my mans a freak. He doesn't like most things a normal man would like. So this didn't help much.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 6 years ago Author

@CarolMerc - Thank you.

Vinnie V profile image

Vinnie V 6 years ago Author

@Bree, thanks for the comment. Freaks need presents too. So what kind of things does your man like?

gifts 6 years ago

I am really fascinated with the digital frame. I have also thought that the digital photo frame would be great for the man that works in the office

Abie 6 years ago

Hey really great ideas!

I loved the customized poker chips idea.

The site you have mentioned for customized chips is good. But actually i am not looking to buy a complete set. Any idea if i can get just a few chips customized anywhere??(JUST 1 actually!)

Klena profile image

Klena 6 years ago from England

The customisable poker chips are an awesome idea, thank you so much!

Abhishek Jain 6 years ago

Its a nice post on New Year & Christmas days gifts ideas !

as its give a feel of personalized & unique gifts ideas.I liked all ways to surprised New Year & Christmas days gifts ideas with a unique feel of emotions.Very useful tips it contain for New Year & Christmas days spacial.

Car Shelf 6 years ago

I gifted an apple ipad to my boy friend this Christmas because men love everything that has buttons and can do some sort of a trick.

ramya 6 years ago

hey. my guy is kinda phillosophical and sophisticated can u suggest sme creative ideas pls pls pls... :)

hawiejohn 5 years ago

The process of gift-giving is one way that maintains the engine of a relationship. It does not matter if the couple exchange gifts on special occasions or just on a regular day, whether a material thing or not, it is one great part that delights a partner.

jeremytorres profile image

jeremytorres 5 years ago

Great hub and interesting.

jing 5 years ago

i need ideas for my boyfriend gift

Sarah 5 years ago

Love this blog post! Really good suggestions, especially Sports memorabilia! We'll have to update our own pages to take this into account. I helped make a website addressing these issues :) www.ohmywhatshouldibuy.com - check it out :)

Lauren 5 years ago

The poker chips are an awesome idea! Poker night with the guys will never be the same :)

vaishu 4 years ago

thanks for ur grt ideas... love this site... helps me to gift my partner a valuable one...!

VARUA 4 years ago

NICE ideas :D

Georgina Luvuno 3 years ago

oh gosh i really dont know what to buy for my boyyfriend,its coming soon on the 2 july 2013.PLEASE HELP,PLEASE.....

Georgina Luvuno 3 years ago

oh gosh i really dont know what to buy for my boyyfriend,its coming soon on the 2 july 2013.PLEASE HELP,PLEASE.....

NellySheina profile image

NellySheina 3 years ago from United Kingdom

i am really not gonna buy anything cz that'll my hubby do =P but i read and learn some useful points as well so thanks :)

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