7 Places to Buy Funny Valentines Day Cards

Photo taken by: Cali4beach
Photo taken by: Cali4beach | Source

Some couples express their attachment through heartfelt poetry, roses, and chocolates on Valentine's day. Other couples know that to stay together, you need to laugh together. Instead of going to the supermarket for cheesy joke cards, why not look over some that are little more risky (and funny)?

Here are seven different locations to buy funny valentine day cards. Below these links is a section full of funny valentines cards!


This site offers quite a few valentines day cards to pick from. All cards on this site are nicely arranged and easy to choose from. Simple layout is great for finding every card for every occasion and guarantees fast and easy managing. Another great feature is how simple is to share cards to social media with inbuilt share button under every card. There is also "Store" button if you wish to purchase cards from this site, located at top right corner.


Some wouldn't agree but actually tumblr.com offer great deal of funny Valentines day cards. Although prime use of tumblr isn't for valentines cards, using #valentines day cards will provide a massive amount of cards to choose from.


For people that like to create their own cards Zazzle website could be prime choice for funny valentines day cards. Here users can create cards for someone or even sell cards they have created. For any creative person that would like to earn while making cards Zazzle.com is prime choice.


Another great site for funny valentines cards. Also as most card sites etsy.com offers cheap cards for purchase. Great feature of this card offering site is ability to choose from either handmade cards or vintage cards. This feature could possibly give any card quality and uniqueness which some shoppers prefer.


Not top choice when it comes to valentines day cards but they do offer some funny valentines cards at expense of hard navigation through site. Most of the cards displayed are worth looking at but navigating this site might be a problem for people first using it, as it has some distracting features and not very clear instructions.


Simple looking site with average funny valentines day cards selection. But offers unique feature of easy writing inside cards. Just one click and selected card is ready for any massage. Simple and fast process of creating personalized card for anyone looking to quickly create quality valentines card.


American greetings offers great, personal cards for everybody's taste. Nice and easy to navigate features for card creation offer E-cards or print-at-home versions of valentines day funny cards. Pop-out window for every card gives quick access and high possibilities for every E-card. Ease of use this site provides when it comes to sending funny valentine day cards is so far unmatched by other sites in same field.


Care2 website offers wide field of specilized, humorous E-cards. Simple and elegant designed cards are available for quick send through social media.


When it comes to customized and unique presents we all probably heard of jibjab.com. Their unique take on valentine E-cards will make any funny valentine day card even more funnier with option to place photos inside. Easy creation and funny cards are ensured with their service. Definitely worth a look.


Cardstore offers simple design cards with short description by their side. Easy to pick funny valentines day cards with sleek yet functional look. Purchase of E-cards on this site is only option, as they don't currently don't offer any free samples.


Funny Valentine Day Cards

As promised, here are several funny Valentines Day Cards!

Photo taken by: Cali4beach
Photo taken by: Cali4beach | Source
Photo taken by: Cali4beach
Photo taken by: Cali4beach | Source

Romance novel covers are known for being extremely cheesy. So what happens when you remove the text from one of these covers and replace it with your own? Hilarity happens.

Photo taken by: Mat_the_W
Photo taken by: Mat_the_W | Source
Photo taken by: Mat_the_W
Photo taken by: Mat_the_W | Source

Homemade is sometimes the only way to get a heart felt message across...

Photo taken by: Cali4beach
Photo taken by: Cali4beach | Source
Photo taken by: Cali4beach
Photo taken by: Cali4beach | Source

Superheros not acting in a super hero fashion is a sure fire way to spark some Valentines Day comedy.

Which above Valentine did you think was the funniest?

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