Christmas, Past and Present

Christmas Past?

We all ideally would like to have a christmas like they used to have, Correct? This thought has been the thought of many generations, so how far do we have to go back to experience this? Please read this following excerpt, after which I will explain what I mean.

An ideal Christmas. I would prefer an old-fashioned Christmas as it is pictured on the cards. It should snow a few days before. There is something wonderful and mystic in an earth, clad in white.

Christmas is "the" time for feasting, mirth, and the interchange of gifts. Mine should be plentiful, and a day or two before I should like to go down to town to see the shops. It is great fun buying in and thinking of the decorated dinner table groaning under it's loads of dainties, when you needn't fear to ask for a second helping. The Christmas dinner is "The Thing" - turkey, beef, minced pies, custards, wine, and plum pudding brought in in lordly fashion. Having done justice to so noble a dinner, I would not be inclined to go out that day, but would like to play soldiers. We should have a room to ourselves . So that if dad does not like to hear the beat or the bugle call we would be left undisturbed. No dances, please, or visiting other houses, where you have to be a goody boy and show your manners, and no church parties, where a silly dressed up man acts as Father Christmas, and gives you useless twopenny toys, and you have to say "Thank you" and pretend you are pleased. The grown-ups seem to have all the fun there, it seems stupid to me. On Boxing Day I would like to go to the country, and then go to the pictures, and take some chunks of toffee and chocolates, And so spend a Merry Christmas!-

The above article, was written by a young boy- Walter Clark [Manchester] aged 10. The article was published in 'The Daily News, Friday. December 16, 1921. I have included this for the sole purpose of showing that nearly a century ago , children had their own ideas of Christmas past , and that Christmas, the joy and emotion comes from within.

To create the visual illusion of a 'Christmas Past!' , here are a few ideas that you could implement without spending a lot of money.

How to decorate your home on a shoestring budget

 Many of us wake up sometime in October and wonder how they are going to afford Christmas! Doh, doesn't christmas come every year, it does in my house.

Surprise Surprise I get caught out every year too. Not this year though I have a PLAN. What I have done ,is set up a savings account. Having worked out how much I usually spend at Christmas ,I divided the amount by 30 and will set up a standing order to cover that amount . In theory ,6 weeks before Christmas I can start my shopping.

This plan doesn't however cover the personal touches that make Christmas full of oohs and ahhs and we all enjoy, you know the impulses where you just have to have it.

Remembering what you wish you had the year before is an advantage;

Did you recall that wonderful centre piece that was in that magazine? That swag across the fireplace that twinkled giving such a romantic feel? How on earth did that table look so festive? Why can't I create a Christmas of Christmas past?

All of these questions I will answer and demonstrate that they can all be achieved on a shoestring budget:

Did you recall that wonderful centrepiece in that magazine?

I did £50-£60 it was, not gonna pay that...........rummaged in the cupbourd and found a large plate and some red serviettes. I had to purchase a candle [£5] for the centre, the candle was the biggest one I could find without dominating the display, about 9 inches high should do it and white or maybe ivory. Around the candle I layed sprigs of holly , pine cones and gold/red small tree baubles. The pine cones I sprayed with gold and bronze ,whilst still wet sprinkled on red glitter. To finish I lay ordinary present ribbon to give a little twist. My tabe centre piece cost me £10 which included the candle ,paint and glitter.The rest I already had in house or found.

That swag across the mantle piece that gave such a romantic feel?

I bet somewhere in your house or garden shed you have a piece of wood or curtain pole that will add some rigidity to your swag. When you have found it, dug out some thin tinsel in whatever colour you choose along with tree baubles to match we are almost ready to start. You will need sprigs of holly, offcuts from a trimmed tree and a set of approx 20 tree lights, Oh and I almost forgot you will also need some ties or coloured string .

What you must first do is cover your pole with the tinsel and then tie your holly and tree cuttings to the pole ,trying to keep them symetrical end to end. At the centre of the pole make a circular or oval feature. Thread and wind your tree lights across your swag. Finally hang your baubles and pine cones .Whala you have a swag that will be the envy of all your friends.

Both of these decorations and their greenery will last for at least 3 weeks without water, more than sufficient for the christmas period.

How on earth did that table look so festive?

Having a festive table cannot be achieved without some thought, if I say so myself I think mine is quite acceptable. So now you have your swag for your mantel piece,lets start creating the right ambience. first change your light bulb to a 40 w ,bright enough to see but soft enough to subdue lighting. Over your table and only your table hang balloons,hung with colourful ribbon at varying lengths, the light will bounce from them. Lay a white table cloth ,over the top lay a runner in the festive colours and place your centre piece. Are you getting the idea?

Whatever your choice of food ,make sure that it is well presented and of different colours. Remember to put serviettes on your plates before laying out food. Another useful tip is to vary the height of display, again keep it symmetrical, it is far more pleasing to the eye and will give a great festive appeal.

What everybody wants to know - How can I create a Christmas of Christmas past?

This is a question that has bothered people for so long and I think I have the answer:- wait for it - you can't. Christmas past is in the past, you are able to create the look but the feeling......that's inside of you. Stop trying ,enjoy every moment,don't get stressed ...the christmas past is your childhood , have fun and there it will be in all of its glory.

Create the ambience, Christmas past will follow
Create the ambience, Christmas past will follow

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sophiewf profile image

sophiewf 7 years ago from US

Great job on this hub. I'll be visiting often to view your others.

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

Sorry sophiewf, for taking so long, thanks for your message, look forward to chatting with you.

Haunty profile image

Haunty 7 years ago from Hungary

You gave some thought to Christmas this early. That's clever. I guess it's not too late for me to have a savings account myself :)

I think I'm getting the idea. Christmas is within us and if you have a great family that'll make it perfect.

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

Haunty, you have it exactly, the christmas spirit is within us. People try to create a christmas past but how far back do we go. I found a clipping from the late 1800's which I feel should be included on this hub. Please come back in a few days time, I thought it was strange.

Haunty profile image

Haunty 7 years ago from Hungary

I'll be back.

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

Thank you so much, your comment is much appreciated.

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