A Christmas Dream

I turned on my computer, it was Cyber Monday the biggest computer sale day of the year. The deals on electronics to clothing were unbelievable. Merchandise was being sold out in minutes. I sat there in disbelief, for the night before I thought since I missed Black Friday, due to work, I am going to set my alarm early for Cyber Monday. Now I sat staring at the computer thinking, what have I made Christmas into?

I don’t know, maybe the hype of Christmas drawing near and concentrating on Cyber Monday, I found myself drifting to sleep the night before with Christmas on my mind. My dream was quite detailed and amazingly true to fact. A dream that, for me, brought back the spirit of Christmas.

There I was 14 years old all over again. “Hurry grab my boots I’m running late!” I yelled out. Everyone was hustling and bustling around trying to get ready, for every year my brothers, sisters and I would donate our time caroling for the church. The snow that day was thick and heavy, yet the sun was still peaking over the horizon thereby providing a little warmth to the day. “Remember to be back in time for our party.” Mom yelled, as we all rush past her to get out the door. Dad drove us to the church and served as one of the chaperones during this escapade, to tell you the truth he enjoyed listening to us sing.

Door after door we would knock, offering our Christmas carols for only $3 which was a $1 per Christmas carol. Almost every family was willing to pay the price for live acapella Christmas music and often would gather at the door and windows to listen to us harmonize. By the end of our adventure we would have raised over $100 for the church, which wasn’t bad considering it was the 1960’s.

Afterwards we all climbed back into the car for a warm ride home. “Isn’t it good to give a little of your time to help the church?” Dad would always say. Yep, I thought as I picked the left over ice that adhered to my hair, after taking a snowball to the face from my brother between houses.

Upon entering our home the smell of honey baked ham permeated the air with spices of clove and pineapple. “Wash up and get ready to eat,” Mom yelled out. The white flocked Christmas tree that adorned our living room, casting off colors of red, blue, yellow, and green from the color wheel that spun ever so slowly beneath it, brought forth pure Christmas excitment. There were 7 presents under the tree, one for each of my brothers, sisters and me, and one present for mom and dad. Boy I hope my new ice skates are in there, I couldn’t help but think to myself, for my old ice skates sure took a beating the year before. Behind the house was a pond which I spent most of my time during the winter ice skating. I was growing fast and I didn’t think the skates I had would fit properly, as well as hold up to another year of learning new tricks. Gosh I hope mom remembered, was the only thought that came to mind as I shook my head and headed for the bathroom.

Dinner was fantastic and now was the time for opening our presents and low and behold new ice skates were in the box I opened! “Move out of my way!” I screamed, as I started trying on my new blades. “Don’t you dare put those skates on in the house!” Mom yelled, “Besides it’s too late to skate tonight, you’ll have to wait till morning.”

That night I knelt down to say a prayer, “Thank you lord for reminding my parents to get my skates, but most of all Happy Birthday!”

At that moment the alarm clock went off, awakening me from the past. I sat up and shook my head and thought, ya we gave each other presents but we never lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas. I sat at the computer staring at the list in front of me. Let’s see Josh wants a new Ipod, dvd player, some electronic games, Caroline wants…and then I stopped. No, this year they will get one gift each. It didn‘t destroy me as a child and it won‘t destroy them. Then we will go to church and listen to the choir sing, visit my parents and enjoy the family ties that join us together. This year presents will be made as an afterthought of Christmas not the main core.

Well, guess what I bought my daughter last year for Christmas. I had to laugh as I watched her stubble over the ice, on my parents pond for the first time, but what drew dear to my heart was watching her pick ice out her hair after taking a snowball from her brother. I knew it was times like this that they would remember forever. The choir that night was great and as we drove home my husband looked at me and said, “This is the best Christmas I have ever spent.”

So, before you buy that ipod, plan something for the family to do as a unit, incorporating church and family together. Gift giving isn’t a bad idea, but don’t place it on the top of your list. This year, I bought play tickets, next year maybe a quick trip to the slopes, but presents will only be one in number and at the end of the day.

My Christmas card giving to family and friends will carry a religious note, a note that will bring home the meaning of Christmas.



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