A Ghoul's Night Out in New York City during Halloween

Halloween in New York City

Spending Halloween in New York City is one of the greatest things on earth to do. Dressing up in costumes is no longer just for kids, adults really get into it. The best place to see some great costumes is not in a private party but out in the streets, especially around Battery Place Park which is 14th Street and the congruence of Broadway and 5th Avenue. One of the reasons that the place is costume central is because of the annual Halloween Parade that runs down 6th Avenue from 23rd to 8th Streets.

A newer tradition has evolved during Halloween; no not mugging people in a crazy outfit -- that happens all the time. Some have made a point of visiting the haunted houses - in fact did you know that there are seven haunted houses in New York City?

Attribution:  piercemattie.com/blogs/2006/11/
Attribution: piercemattie.com/blogs/2006/11/

The Haunted Houses of New York City

Nightmare: Superstitions is one of the best haunted houses ever! The setting is an insane asylum and as you and your friends walk through the different rooms of the house, you are forced to break a superstition then suffer the terrifying consequence. But before you prepare to go insane, experience the Fun House where the inmates truly run the show.

Location: NOHO Event Center, 623 Broadway at Mercer Street. Web: hauntedhousenyc.com

Haunted House is where you have to be brave enough to walk through the house alone...yes ALONE! All by yourself, no loved one to hang onto. No one under 18 is allowed!!! You have to read the rules and sign a waiver!!! As you walk through, you will personally experience all sorts of things. Be brave it's only 20 minutes -- it'll just seem like it's never going to end.

Location: 115 W27th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. Web: nychalloweenhauntedhouse.com

Blood Manor is where deranged occupants impress you with their bloody projects. As you walk through the dark halls you'll encounter werewolves, zombies, and vampires -- oh my! Or rather Aaaaaaaaaaah! Only brave souls 14 and older are allowed! Located in the industrial meatpacking district, it occupies one gruesome floor of a big warehouse.

Location: 542 W27th St between 10th and 11th Avenues. Web: bloodmanornyc.com

Steampunk Haunted House offers you a neo-Victorian and chilling experience as you and your friends go through a labrynth of rooms and halls that occupy three floors, experience terrifying but elegant mechanical apparitions, beasties and sleepwalkers that splits up friends and forces you to navigate the rooms all by your lonesome. Creepy and no blood in sight! Children under 8 not admitted.

Location: Abrons Art Center, 466 Grand Street (cross street is Pitt Street) Web: steampunkhauntedhouse.com

Madame Tussaud's After Dark is open for the week of Halloween only and you get a chance to lurk among the dark secrets of its wax figures only to find them come to life and freak you out...and they get special help from some creepy friends as well! Web: madametussauds.com/newyork

Location: 234 W42nd St between 7th and 8th Avenues

Outbreak Haunted House is what happens when a laboratory in Staten Island experiences a toxic chemical spill that has caused mutations to develop in the unfortunate employees. The government has put the place and occupants in quarantine but for a limited time, they'll let people in to find out what happened. They also have a haunted corn maze if you like to be scared in a more country setting. Web: trappedinpurgatorynyc.com

Location: 5050 Hyland Blvd, Staten Island

The Gravesend Inn is a high-tech haunted hotel full of animatronic figures that are run by sensors and computers that are activated by movement. So you may look inside a room and see nothing is happening but as soon as you walk in, the experience starts. It's fun for the entire family. Open only for one week. Web: gravesendinn.com

Location: Vorhees Theater, 186 Jay Street, Brooklyn

Enjoy the chills, thrill, and screams then relax at any of the great bars and clubs afterwards -- and don't forget your costume!

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ralwus 5 years ago

Every year I tell self that I am not going to participate in this old money pit of Halloween, but I fall for it every year and enjoy it. This year, I shall defeat it, I know I can. ;)

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast Author

I'm sure you will Ralwus, LOL!

ralwus 5 years ago

haha I'm not. But I am fighting the urge. I have a trebuchet ready for punkin chunkin trick-or-treaters. LOL

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast Author

OK I had to look up trebuchet! RW, I know those moppets will overcome you and you'll be ready with the sugar treats. Just make sure they don't steal your big bottle!

ralwus 5 years ago

LOL no way! The bottle is in a safe place.

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