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Gift Idea - Cash

If you don't have it, don't spend it. Save yourself from Spender's Remorse!
If you don't have it, don't spend it. Save yourself from Spender's Remorse!

Gift Ideas Found Online at Retail Stores

Time for lots of shopping, busy work and parties. I can’t help you with the busy work or the parties, but I can help you out with shopping.

Here’s a list of 56 online retailers to shop. It’s been put on a separate page so that you only have to book-mark this page and not the entire article with the list at the bottom. Keep this list handy by book-marking it so you can always come back to it while shopping.

Open two windows or tabs. Keep this list in one window, and the other window is to shop in. Copy/paste the URLs below into the new window’s navigation bar one at a time and shop till your fingers fall off, keeping the list handy for each retailer.

* Amazon.com
* Anthropologie.com
* Beallsflorida.com - Bealls
* BedBathandBeyond.com
* BestBuy.com
* BJS.com - BJ’s Wholesale
* BlackLion.com
* Bloomingdales.com
* Boscovs.com
* Brookstone.com
* BurlingtonCoatFactory.com
* Costco.com
* CrateandBarrel.com
* Dillards.com
* Store.Discovery.com
* DisneyStore.com
* Fingerhut.com
* Gumps.com
* Hallmark.com
* HarietCarter.com
* Harods.com HSN.com -
* Home Shopping Network
* HBC.com - Hudson’s Bay Co.
* IKEA.com
* JCPenney.com
* Kmart.com
* Kohls.com
* LLBean.com
* Macys.com
* MarksandSpencer.com
* MilesKimball.com
* Wards.com
* NeimanMarcus.com
* Nordstrom.com
* OverStock.com
* Pier1.com
* QVC.com
* RalphMarlin.com
* Ross-Simons.com
* SaxFifthAvenue.com
* SamsClub.com
* Sears.com
* ServiceMerchandise.com
* SharperImage.com
* ShopatHomeTV.com
* ShopNBC.com
* Spiegel.com
* SportsAuthority.com
* SundanceCatalog.com
* Target.com
* TenThousandVillages.com
* TJMax.com
* ToysRUs.com
* Urban Outfitters.com
* Walmart.com
* Williams-Sonoma.com

Don’t forget to look for shipping deals at the stores’ sites. Many of them are giving it away for orders of $50 or more. Some are giving no interest on credit card buys for up to a year, too. Check out all the deals, not just the gifts you’re looking for.

Using a company like BizRate.com can make your shopping experience easier. At BizRate.com you can shop from a ton of stores and it all stays in one place. A one-stop-shopping experience.

Remember, plan your shopping attack, take breaks for meals and drinks, and make sure you get up and stretch a few times. Look away from the computer monitor from time to time to let your eyes focus on something further away from you. It helps, a lot.

And, don’t stress yourself out - if you can’t afford it, don’t get it. The last thing anyone needs is to get ‘spender’s remorse’, so only spend what you can.

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Workoutwarehouse.com 6 years ago

That a great list, thanks.

Proform 6 years ago

Haha! I don't think I will shop till my fingers fall off, but I will definitely sho a lot. Thanks for the sites list!

Garfield 5 years ago

I am waiting for this year cyber monday deals to find yellow gold cubic zirconia rings for my wife. It's a good way to get her something nice without the large ticket price.

Terry 4 years ago

Thanks for this list, it's a good start and list some of the biggest stores. Checkout retailwith.com for more sites.

Vikram Sinha 4 years ago

Thank u for this list....and I Have also one of the leading online retail shopping website- http://www.apna-retail.com/ ...... You can add in your list..

kim 4 years ago

thanks for the list! here is another site with some of the best online stores fortune 500 companies and other national retailers online-shopping-stores.com

kim 4 years ago

thanks for the information! here is a site with 150 national retail stores and fortune 500 companies to buy from all on one site. best online shopping stores. www.online-shopping-stores.com

pk 3 years ago

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John Miller 3 years ago

Check out http://www.certaintystores.com they are a growing small business with an outstanding online shopping experience with staff that actually answers the phone and are willing to help.

michael hussey 3 years ago

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michael hussey 3 years ago

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Jennifer 3 years ago

Thanks for the list!! NaturallyModest.com is another one of my favs you guys forgot to add to the list.

Shawanda B. 2 years ago

Another great retail shopping site for price comparisons is http://www.retailstoresrus.com. I found some great prices on retail stores on here.

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