A Man's Guide To Wrapping Presents


I have learned that wrapping Christmas presents for the holidays is not my for-tee. Unfortunately it is just my wife and I and I have to wrap her presents without her knowledge. I could spend the little extra and have them professionally done, but it has come to my attention that my wife likes the ripped edges and wrinkled paper that accompanies my gifts. So I have have decided to write a man's guide to wrapping presents in the hopes that it saves someone time and trouble and their marriage. I am not an expert, but this is what I have learned.

  1. Know where the scissors are before you start to wrap. I made the mistake of calling my wife at work and asking her where the scissors where. Big mistake! First off I got, “What do you need the scissors for? You are not going to use my good scissors!!! Then after I made an excuse she told me where the old rusted scissors were and told me I better not mess them up.

  2. Make sure you have wrapping paper. Nothing says that you are unprepared when your wife's presents are wrapped in a brown paper bag. Even when I used crayon to make Christmas pictures on them. She was not impressed that year. Make sure you go to the dollar store and get real wrapping paper. It will make a difference in the end, I promise

  3. Tape is essential and not duct tape. That again was a bad year. I had everything I thought I would need, but tape had eluded me. I followed the age old rule that if you can't fix it ,duct it. Now in retrospective, I think I should have used the duct tape on the brown paper bags and take the heat all on one Christmas morning instead of two.

I hope this helps the husband or boyfriend this year. I know that I wish I had pre-planned or at least had a plan on many attempts on wrapping gift. Remember it is not always what is in the box, but the care and love you spend wrapping it. Who are we kidding, it is all about what is in the box.


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