A Parent's Christmas Wish

Hands of time...

How I miss the sound of their little feet hitting the floor and scampering down the hall. How I miss the sound of them ‘whispering’ at 3:00 a.m. discussing if it was too early to wake mom and dad up as they rummaged through their stockings. How I miss the sound of their laughter and the exclamations of excitement and sheer delight. How I miss driving them around to go see Christmas lights. How I miss their little faces as they lit up when they opened up their gifts. Where does all the time go? There’s so much more I miss. I knew this day was coming, every parent knows it must. Our children are not children anymore; they’re younger versions of us. They remind us of just how old we are and how old we are getting. Am I the only one that thinks this is upsetting? All I want for Christmas, is to go see father time and give him a piece of my mind: It’s bad enough I’m getting old, but my kids are growing up too fast. I may be old and out of shape but I can still kick your old a$$. Slow your roll, pump your breaks, ease up you selfish bastard. Let them have their childhood-I’m the one that you are after. Let them enjoy being children, and the freedoms that exist. Don’t let them grow so fast that they look back and regret what they have missed. If only for a time, just let our kids be kids.

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Dee42 profile image

Dee42 5 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

Beautiful hub! Loved it. I have 3 sons, all grown, I miss all that too!

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