What do I get her for Christmas this year?

What should I get her for Christmas 2015?

Men are easy to buy for - if it hooks up to the electric grid then they are happy. Women, however, are a different story altogether. A lot of thought has to go into buying gifts for women, and many times the gift has to have some intrinsic value, such as a spirtual meaning.

Hopefully the ideas below will assist you in this difficult process and let you find the perfect Christmas Gift for the lady in your life.

A is for Aromatherapy Candles

If you're the romantic kind of man, then lighting a few aromatic candles can be the perfect way to set an atmosphere. Combine this with a glass of wine and perhaps a bunch of roses and you're bound to please any women.

Why not supplement this with a gift of aromatherapy candles so that the lady can remember the romantic evening even when you're not there.

B is for Bath Salts

 Treat your lady to a luxurious bath; sprinkle some relaxing bath salts into a hot bath, play some gentle music and give her a glass of sparkling wine; let her relax in this setting, soaking away the aches and pains of the day.

Bath Salts are easy to use, but the benefits are incredible.

C is for Charlene Harris

Does your lady like a little adventure, a little romance and perhaps a little danger? What more can she want than a set of Charlen Harris's books about Sookie Stackhouse (the HBO series True Blood is based on these books).

Let her soak in that wonderful bath reading these exicting novels.

D is for Diamonds

 Diamonds really are a girl's best friend. What your ladies eyes open in surprise and joy as you present her with some stunning diamond earrings, or a wonderful diamond ring.

You really can't go wrong with diamonds - as long as they are not too small!

E is for Eddit Izzard

 Perhaps not the most romantic gift, but certainly one that will please. Once your lady begins to watch the eccentric Eddie Izzard in action, she'll be amazed at his quick wit and subtle comedy.

Laughter often makes a lady more beautiful.

F is for Fashion

 Every woman feels good when they look good. Dreams of appearing on the front cover may seem fanciful, but at least you can help her feel beautiful by buying her the latest dress, or designer suit.

Even if you can't afford the clothes, buy her the book where she can at least drool over one!

G is for Ghirardelli Chocolate

Every women I know adores chocolate, especially expensive ones. There's something special about silky chocolate that melts in a ladies mouth; the pleasure is obvious.

While she eats the scrumptious Ghirardelli Chocolate why not treat her to a recipe book to get the best out of those chocolates, or even better buy her some luxurious hot chocolate to sip as she luxuriates in those velvety chocolates.

H is for Hand Held Massager

 After a long busy day at work, there's nothing more enticing that a wonderful massage. However, not all of us can afford to call a professional every time. So what better than to have your own personal hand massage machine, even better if it has deep penetrating heat too.

These simple gadgets provide wonderful relief to those aching muscles.

I is for Incense

 Imagine the scene. Your wife comes home after a hard day at work; the bath is running with the bath salts; the sparkling wine is chilled; the romantic music is playing; the aromatic candles are burning in the living room.

In the bathroom, accompanying the warm water and wine, there's nothing better than the subtle and relaxing smell of burning incense.

J is for Jasmine Tea

 Jasmine Tea is an exceptional Chinese tea that not only provides a healing dose of green tea, but provides a wonderully aromatic smell of Jasmine.

This is a wondefully blended tea that is perfect for a relaxing evening.

K is for Keurig

 If your lady loves coffee then she'll adore the Keurig Single Cup home brewing system. It's ease of use is wonderful, but far better is the wonderful fresh coffee delivered a single cup at a time.

No more wasted coffee; simply perfect coffee every time.

L is for Lacoste Sunglasses

 Not only are these sunglasses a wonderful way to protect the beautiful eyes of your lady, but they are also a great way to enhance her beauty by adding a touch of style.

Great sunglasses give a lady a touch of mystery and often enhance her beauty in subtle ways.

M is for MP3 player

 Sometimes a lady wants to shut out the world and relax without any other influences than their favorite music. There are so many choices out there, from the ubiquitous iPod, to the innovative Zune, but for me any Sansa player is good.

The Sansa is a great little gadget, with superb sound but also access to subscriptions services such as Napster or Rhapsody.

N is for Nail Polish

When preparing for a night on the town, one thing a lady is never without is her nail polish. Be it black, orange or a subtle white, she is always willing to change and adapt to her 'look' of the day.

What better than to provide her with an assortment of Salon quality nail polishes.

O is for Opal

So you've already bought the Diamonds - a superb second choice is the Opal. The Opal is a stunning stone that enhances the beauty of most women. It is classy and elegant, and really will make your lady smile for joy.

P is for Pet Clothes

 Does your lady have a small dog? Yes? With winter fast approaching, there's nothing better than buying your lady friend's dog a little jacket or sweater to keep him/her warm during the cold nights.

Not only will the dog look adorable, but your lady friend will be happy at your thoughtfulness.

Q is for Queen Elizabeth

 Most women admire strong people, especially when they are women; and they don't come much tougher than Queen Elizabeth.

This glimpse into the life of the warrior queen is a combination of costume drama, and subtle and thrilling intrigue.

R is for Roses

 Every women loves flowers, and there's nothing more stunning that a bouquet of beautiful roses. The subtle strength and danger of the rose often mirrors the beauty of a women.

Roses are perfect for any occasion, not just Valentine's Day.

S is for Sexy Lingerie

 It's debatable whether this is actual for the women or for the man, but most women like to feel and look sexy at some point in their lives. It's important for a woman to think she is sexy, even if nothing comes of it, so don't feel bad about buying lingerie for the woman in your life.

T is for Twilight

 There's something about romance, vampires and werewolves that seems to appeal to women. Whether it's the appeal of the rebel, or just simply the romance of a forbidden love remains a mystery, but Twilight really seems to appeal to women of all ages.

U is for Ugg

 We all know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach; I'll place a bet that the way to a woman's heart is through her feet. Keep her feet warm and comfortable and her heart is bound to be yours.

Ugg are the ultimate warm boots, suitable for anyone, especially the special lady in your life.

V is for Vera Bradley

 A woman is not complete without her favorite hand-bag or pocket-book. While it remains a mystery to us men, there's nothing more comforting to a woman as having the perfect accessory.

Vera Bradley somehow brings together utility with fashion with her hand-bags.

W is for Wii

 Women generally are not geeks, and stay away from electronic gadgetry if they can. However, the Wii is different; with many games that allow the woman to become fit (such as Wii Active) and other games that allow the woman to practice Yoga (such as Wii fit) then this amazing gadget can become a prized possession.

The Wii is the most innovative games console that allows the user to wave the controller and have it mimicked on the screen.

X is for Xtreme Couture

 I bet you thought I'd fail when it came to X! OK so this is tenuous, but from my experience, many women like to steal the clothes of their man, especially when he's worn it so they can feel closer.

The Xtreme Couture range are amazingly cool t-shirts for men, but are bound to be stolen by women!

Y is for Yoga

Women are, by far, more spiritual than men. One of the most popular ways for women to connect with themselves is by the use of Yoga. Yoga can be extremely difficult, and therefore it is essential to have the right equipment.

Z is for Zen

 Still focusing on the spiritual, then Zen Garden is also very popular with women. Zen combines meditation with mind training techniques to help focus the mind and body. A mini Zen Garden is pefect for your spiritual lady friend.

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Catherine R profile image

Catherine R 7 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

I love that you got Eddie Izzard in there! A fave of mine. And Simey - can't help noticing that you are a 100! Congratulations!!!!

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 7 years ago from NJ, USA Author

Catherine R: Eddie Izzard is soooo good! Thanks for the Congrats!!!

queenbe profile image

queenbe 7 years ago from NY

This was a great idea.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California

This is a fantastic Hub! I think there's a great variety of gifts here, from bath and body to sports and exercise to recreation and games, reading, music and entertainment... Nice!

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 7 years ago from NJ, USA Author

Glassvisage: thank you - hopefully it'll get featured on CNN and I'll make millions LOL!

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