A whole new year

Aladdin and the gang are embracing it - so should we :P
Aladdin and the gang are embracing it - so should we :P

I want to see the world

In all its shimmering splendour

Tell me people, now when did

You last let your heart decide?


I will open my eyes,

Will hope and pray and wonder

Every success and blunder,

On a amazing wild ride


A whole new year

A new fantastic point of view

Don’t let them tell you no or where to go

Or say you’re only dreaming


A whole new year

A new decade I never knew

When I’ve no idea, it’s crystal clear

That I’ll be in a whole new year with you

Now that I’m in a whole new year with you


Unbelievable sights,

Indescribable feeling

Reaching past the ceiling,

Not afraid to reach the sky


A whole new year

(Don’t you dare close your eyes)

A hundred thousand things to see

(hold your breath it gets better)

I’m like a shooting star I’ve come so far

I can’t go back to where I used to be


A whole new year

(Every turn a surprise)

with new horizons to pursue

(Every moment red letter)

I’ll chase them anywhere

There’s time to spare,

Let me share this whole new year with you


A whole new year

That’s where we’ll be

A thrilling chase,

A wondrous place

For you and me.


(A parody of Disney's "A whole new world" from Aladdin. No copyright intended)

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Abbasangel profile image

Abbasangel 6 years ago from Australia - The land down under

I thought I recognised that!! Very cool!! As 2011 just rolled on in but the great thing is every year is a new year!! :)

Davorunner profile image

Davorunner 6 years ago from Australia Author

Yep! it sure is! and this one is also a "new decade" that's what is so good about it. I have a lot of new things happening this year so I felt it more appropriate for me.

Kingdom Hearts is actually what got me thinking about this song in relation to the new year funnily enough.

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