Acer Chromebook c710-2833 Makes a Great Gift for the 2013 Holiday Season

Acer 710-2833 Chromebook

With major differences between the Acer chromebook, and regular laptop computers, there are some advantages for the internet guru in your family.

Designed specifically for the internet user who isn't looking to do much with traditional software such as Adobe Photo Shop or Microsoft Office, these compact and portable computers will make great gifts for just about anything on your shopping list. From your school aged kids to your Grandma, there's not a person you know that couldn't put an Acer C710-2833 to great use.

Acer C710-2833 11.6-Inch Chromebook - Iron Gray (16GB SSD)


Acer's C710 and Google are “Always On”

With the ability to start in seconds, and thousands of apps, including all of Google's specially designed ones, at your disposal; there is nothing that users can't do on an Acer C710. Google has developed every kind of application one can think of to interface with the wi-fi internet access that the Acer C7 series chromebooks are well known for.

Boasting a 2GB DDR3 memory and a minimal 16GB SSD hard drive (solid state), the Acer C710 is built for portability and anywhere, “always on” internet access anywhere you find a wi-fi connection. These fast, virtually indestructible, and highly affordable chromebooks are made to outlast even the most rugged traditional computer, because their updates are automatic, and they never slow down.

With an HDMI port and 3 USB ports, not only will your photos and videos come to life, using the HD webcam will provide both you and your contacts a chance to get into the HD action anytime you'd like. And storing your photo files has never been easier. Using new cloud computing technology-a technology based on the shared communication of a large number of separate computers-Google is able to safely store secured files from thousands, if not millions of users, instead of taking up unneeded and unavailable hard drive space.

Because Google has access to cloud computing servers, Acer didn't want to weigh it's computers down with hefty hard drives. So they put in a minimal solid drive to run the basic functions of the computer and saved themselves a considerable amount of weight. Lightweight and durable these low-powered work horses' are a must have gift for your tech hungry friends and family.

Acer's C710 Offers Simple Setup and Bonus Items

Purchasing an Acer 710-2833 has never been better than now. Acer is all about simplicity. They want you to go from delivery to doing in mere seconds, and they've made it possible with this chromebook. With virtually no set up required, you simply open it up, plug in the charger and get going. No need to wait while programs download, because with Google apps, the internet is the only tool you'll need to push your new Acer 710-2833 to the max, and see exactly what your “little” laptop can do for you. And thanks to some generous planning, the12 free in-air passes you receive with your purchase, getting the internet at 10,000 feet in elevation, has never been easier.

And with up to 4 hours of cord free battery life, there's never been an easier way to get things done during your busy day. Going for coffee? Take your Acer along and work while you wake up. Need to answer some important email while you wait for your flight? Grab your Acer and get typing. Before you know it, you'll be done working, and the playtime can begin. And with the button free touchpad, and finetip keyboard; you won't have an easier time getting down to business on anything but an Acer C710-2833.

Built-in virus protection and always on updates keep your new Acer C710-2833 in peak performance. And with a chromebook that keeps getting better and better, you may never have to replace your device ever again. So the next time someone asks what you want for a special occasion, tell them, “An Acer C710-2833 Chromebook-in Iron Gray of course.”

Key Features

Getting your hand on an Acer 710-2833

With never ending access to the internet, getting your hands on an Acer 710-2833 has never been easier. Websites like Amazon and Ebay may have steep discounts and can sometimes beat out the more popular sites like Best Buy, Vemma and Staples. And when you do some digging, you may be able to score some pretty nice discounts for the bigger box chain stores, on something that is already significantly cheaper than a regular, traditional laptop. And who doesn't like saving money right? So go on and make your day, or that of someone you love by purchasing the ever popular Acer 710-2833, and see if you ever go back to a traditional laptop again.

4 stars for Acer Chromebook c710-2833

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