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The Power of the Dress

Shopping for dresses, is a big part of any holiday attire for a little girl. With three girls growing up in my house, dressing up was a big deal. Finding the right Easter dresses for each of us, was not always easy. We each got the same dress in our favorite colors. There were no arguments over who had the best dress!

In the 60's would be complete without white or black patent leather shoes a hat and gloves. It was the 50’s and no proper lady would be seen dressed up without white gloves!

Of course, we all went to church and were so proud of our little outfits. When we went to church, everyone was dressed up, and the ladies wore the biggest hats. You may remember the Judy Garland movie, “Easter Parade,” well it was kind of like that, all be-decked and be-dazzled, were we!

Little girls have not changed too much, throughout the years, and they still love to dress up for parties and special occasions, so any time is the right time to find that special party dress.

Girl's Dressses
Girl's Dressses

Girls Dresses

If you want to go sleeveless, you little girls will love these dresses. You can easily add a complimentary sweater or jacket, if weather weather is cool. Choose the colors that bring out your little girl's eyes or hair color.

  • Blue

  • Pastel

  • Pink

  • Floral

  • White

Purchase the same dress for your twins, or let them express their individual personalities with different dresses.

Pastel colors are customary for Easter, but don't be afraid to break tradition and go bold and beautiful, to stand out from the bunch!

Buying the Dress

Do be afraid to allow your little girl to pick her own dress. You may have to steer her away from those dresses, you really don't like or are too expensive for your budget. You will be surprised to find, your children have pretty good taste.

When considering an dress, make use that it is something that can be used for more than one occasion. Is there a special birthday coming up or a wedding in the near future. When you pick a beautiful dress, you want to get the most wear out of it before the child out grows it.

My mother used to buy our dress just a little larger so we could wear them longer. The accessories that will compliment any outfit, are black or white leather or patent leather shoes, a cute purse to complete the outfit.

Shopping Online

Today, shopping online has never been easier or more affordable. When buying your special dress, make sure that you know your child's exact size. Also find out what the return policy is and whether or not the return policy includes free shipping to return an item.

When shopping online for a special occasion, shop well before the event, so that if you don't like how the dress looks or it doesn't fit well, you can be exchange it in plenty of time for the event.

Another reason to shop well before for a special event like, is to make sure the dress you want to buy is not sold out.  Many people are shopping online and you don't want to find a dress you love only to be disappointed.

Looking for a Bargin

Everyone always loves a bargain. Some of my greatest dream or not of be being filthy rich, bu of being in a store and finding tons of bargains.

When considering a bargain, you also want to consider quality. You can buy a cheap dress that has been poorly manufactured, only to find that after a few washings, the dress is falling apart.

Don't be afraid to spend a little more on a quality item. This is especially true, if you have girls. Quality last for years and you can pass the dress on to someone else when it no longer fits your child.

The saying, you get what you pay for is a true saying. You can also find beautiful quality dresses at a bargain at thrift and consignment stores.

Remember, classic styles are timeless and are always fashionable. Keep thing in mind when choosing an dress for your little princess.

Girl's Dresses
Girl's Dresses

Wash and Wear

When I was growing up, they had many fabrics that spotted when they got wet or shrunk, if you tried to wash it.

Today we have many fabrics that are easy to wear and to clean. You may still find the occasional fabric that requires professional only cleaning.

When choosing a dress for Easter, stick with the wash and wear fabrics. They can be hand washed an you don't have to worry about spending extra money to take it to the cleaner.

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2besure profile image

2besure 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

Make her look beautiful and don't forget to take pictures! She will look back at them with delight!

Tinsky profile image

Tinsky 5 years ago from Brisbane, Australia

You've reminded me of my daughter's easter bonnet parade at daycare. Now I can put some thought into it and her dress instead of throwing something together the night before - Thanks!

2besure profile image

2besure 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina Author

Thanks for taking time to visit. I appreciate you as always!

djbraman profile image

djbraman 5 years ago

Good advice and great tips!

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