Too old for Tinkerbell? Enchanting fairy party ideas for girls of all ages

Get creative with a Fairy Spa, Irish Step Dance Party or other options for older girls!

If your little girl still loves fairies, dress-up and make-believe, but her friends seem to have moved beyond this stage to the diva world of rock stars and pop culture, planning a birthday party can present a bit of a challenge.

Moms sometimes ask The Party Fairy when we think girls age beyond fairy parties. The truth is, there's no magic age at which a girl suddenly becomes "too old" for the magic of a fairy party. It's definitely possible to stage exciting fairy-themed parties that will delight girls of all ages, even teens! Success is all a matter of presentation -- how the theme is presented to the girls and whether age-appropriate activities are provided.

A 10-year-old doesn't want to play preschool games such as "Pin the Flower on the Fairy" or "Pass the Pixie Parcel," but she'll be enchanted at a fairy party where she learns how to mix up secret fairy spa products that she can use to cleanse, soften and refresh her skin.

The d├ęcor is every bit as important as the activities when trying to create a Fairy Party for older girls. Decorate with plenty of white Christmas lights under inexpensive tulle fabric (sold by the bolt at fabric stores and some Walmart stores) to create a magical ambiance. Bridal shower decorations are perfect for creating the right ambiance at a Fairy Party for older girls. Avoid Tinkerbell or Disney fairies, using floral-patterened or solid-colored tableware instead. Scatter rose petals on the table, create a centerpiece featuring soft, ethereal tulle and use colors such as pink and lavendar.

Here are some of The Party Fairy's favorite fairy party ideas for girls on the far side of make-believe:

A Fairy Spa

One of the most popular parties for pre-teen and young teen-age girls is a Spa theme. Since fairies know a thing or two about beauty, and rely on natural products for their beauty secrets, a Fairy Spa is a great choice for a party theme, and appropriate for girls ages 8 and up. Older girls and teens will be able to mix up more complicated spa products; keep potions simple for younger girls.

Scratch those commercial, chemical-based products from your shopping list for this party and focus instead on what's in your pantry. Part of the fun of this theme is mixing up fairy spa potions from ingredients that sound yummy enough to eat!

Buttermilk and crushed almonds, coarse salt, honey, lemon juice and limes can be turned into fun eye masks, astringents, facial masks and facial washes. Mix up bath salts from food coloring and Epsom Salt, teach girl to buff their nails and push back cuticles, and make soap bars using easy-to-use kits purchased from craft stores. Be sure to have containers on hand so that girls can take home the leftover spa mixtures as party favors -- and provide recipes so they will be able to recreate the fun at home.

The Party Fairy is collecting spa recipes now and will soon make them available on our party-planning advice and tips web site at (A link will be added to this article at that time, too, so check back!)

Other activities for a Fairy Spa Party include:

FAIRY MANICURES and PEDICURES: Girls of all ages appreciate the chance to have their nails done. Provide each girl with her own bottle of nail polish and allow her to take home the remainder of the bottle as a party favor. You may also want to purchase flower or star nail decals to tie into the Fairy theme.

Fairy Crafts Party

Here's another idea for a fun Fairy-themed party that won't seem too juvenile for older girls: a Fairy Crafts Party.

Girls 10 and up still love crafts parties, and assigning a theme to a crafts party simply offers a chance to create a cohesive and structured program. While a 10-year-old won't want to wear fairy wings at a party, she'll really enjoy the process of making them by stretching stockings over wire, painting and embellishing them with glitter, and adding silk flowers and ribbon as a finishing touch. She'll proudly hang them in her room.

Oriental Trading Co. sells reaonably priced wing-making kits that can serve as the starting point for this project, but you'll need to add items for embellishment to make it fun for older girls. Pick up a few clusters of silk flowers, ribbons and netting at your local dollar store and you'll contain costs.

Wing-making can be the major activity at a Fairy Crafts Party, but you'll need a few other simple projects to entertain the girls while waiting for paint and glue to dry. Other projects can be as simple as painting suncatchers or beading a necklace.

Here are some other ideas for a Fairy Crafts Party:

JEWELRY-MAKING: This is always a great choice for older girls. Miracle wire chokers made from sparkly beads are fun and easy -- and a charm can be added for extra flair. Or, have girls bead their own charm bracelets using themed charms such as fairies, butterflies, dragonflies or flowers.

Fairy Dance or Fairy Yoga Party

Here's another fun option for a Fairy-Themed Party for older girls. Hire a yoga instructor to provide 45-minutes of stretches and mediation techniques using some great fairy music, such as a Gary Stadler CD. Girls 12 and under will not enjoy a yoga party as much as teens.

Or, for a more upbeat party, contact a dance studio and hire a dance instructor to provide a rousing 60-minute training session in Irish Step Dance. Girls of all ages love dance parties, and this one will work beautifully with your Fairy Theme.

This hub was contributed by The Party Fairy, a children's birthday party and special events service based in Richmond VA.

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Anonomys (i no i spelled that wrong! 6 years ago

you obiously don't know about pre-teen girls!!! they are not going to hang some gooped up tights on wire on their wall!!!!!!!! and plus pre-teen girls are not going to want to do some irish step dance with an instuctor!!!!!! That is boring!!!!!!!!

I am a pre-teen my selfand a girl I am a 12 year old and don't find any of this info helpful!!!!!!!!!!

lizzie 6 years ago

um, i'm 11 and would luv to learn that. don't be such a crab.just becuse you are boreing doesn't mean the ideas are bad. I liked it. Thank you whoever wrote this page.

Sandi Posey 6 years ago

Saying that girls 12 & under would not enjoy a yoga party as much as teens is RIDICULOUS!!! Yoga parties are more fun the younger the birthday girl is!!!! The games & yoga adventure stories, animal poses with sounds, fun music... yoga parties are geared more for the under 12 age range than the over 12! Girls older than 12 would likely just be doing yoga & meditating during their "birthday bash", not something I would imagine would excite them. Yoga over 12 is pretty much adult yoga, not intended to be fun & exciting but more grounding & inspiring.

Emily 4 years ago

I absolutly LOVE your ideas and I am going 2 b 17. I think they r wonderful. :)

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