Alice In Wonderland Birthday Cakes And Party Supplies

Everyone loves a theme party and one of the most fun themes would have to be the Alice in Wonderland theme. Suitable for anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland this fun theme is perfect for birthday parties as well as for tea parties and even costume parties.

After the release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonder in 2010 this fun theme has enjoyed a surge in popularity making it one of the most wished for birthday themes with tweens as well as teens.

When planning an Alice in Wonderland themed party one of the first places that you will want to start is with the cake. You can make a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland birthday cake using one of the edible cake toppers that you will find for sale on eBay. These cake toppers which are extremely easy to apply will make a beautiful bakery quality all for a fraction of the price.

You can find a nice selection of cake toppers available online many of these in the old style as well as the newer style from the Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, so whether you prefer a cake with Alice, the Mad Hatter or even the Cheshire Cat you should be able to find something that suits you.

alice in wonderland birthday cakes and party supplies
alice in wonderland birthday cakes and party supplies

Alice in Wonderland Decorations

Something that I really loved about the latest Alice in Wonderland movie was all of bright colors and fantastic scenery that was woven through out the film.

This is something that you might want to incorporate into your Alice in Wonderland themed party with the addition as some movie posters and props from the movie like a replica of the Mad Hatters hat and the Cheshire Cat.

The Mad Hatter as played by Johnny Depp life size standup poster also adds a nice touch to your Alice in Wonderland themed party and you will find that all of the party goers will want to get their pictures taken with the colorful Johnny Depp.

Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Actual Alice in Wonderland party supplies are a little harder to come by, which is a little surprising considering the extreme popularity of this birthday theme.

But I found this set of card night party supplies that works really well with the Alice in Wonderland theme. In fact if you didn't say anything nobody would even know that they are not an actual Alice in Wonderland design.


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