Alice in Wonderland Party

Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Decorations

The best decoration at your Alice in Wonderland tea party is the tea table. The ideal place to set up your tea table is outdoors, preferably under a large, shady tree. Try to make the table as fancy and elegant as possible, keeping in mind the age of your guests. For very young children, use non-breakable plates and cups. But for an older age group, use real china tea cups, plates, and serving dishes.

The best design on the market today for Alice in Wonderland party supplies is called Queen of Hearts. All the plates, centerpieces and coordinating supplies feature playing card designs. Since the evil Queen of Hearts played a big role in Alice's story, this design makes a great choice for your Wonderland party. Shop here for Queen of Hearts party decorations.

Alice in Wonderland Party Games

Start the party by serving tea and lots of dainty foods, but you'll find that young kids will eat quickly and soon be ready for activities.

Plan for this by setting up a croquet game in the yard. Purchase pink flamingo decorations to stick in the yard as the border for the croquet area. You may remember that flamingos were used as the croquet mallets in the original story!

After the croquet game, bring all the kids together to stage White Rabbit Races. Before the party, mark a starting point and a finish line in the yard. Make the race long enough to be a challenge for the age of your party guests. At least 25 feet for very young children, and 50 feet for ages 6 and up. There's a catch to this race, though! Instead of running, the contestants must hop to the finish line while saying "I'm Late!"

Alice in Wonderland Party Food

The food at your Alice in Wonderland party should be something the children will like, but served in pretty shapes and dainty portions. Use dressy platters and tiered serving stands for the party food. All kids enjoy jam sandwiches with the crusts cut off, or any other sandwich filling your group will eat. Just be sure to cut them with flower cookie cutters, or into little triangle shapes.

Other small food items to choose could be grapes, mini-muffins and tiny pretzel twists. Serve the children from real teapots, but offer apple juice in one teapot and sweet tea in another. All the guests will enjoy drinking from real tea cups.

Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

Alice in Wonderland party favors could be a child's size tea set and a large sugar cookie in the shape of a flower or heart. Make the cookies ahead of time and wrap them individually in clear plastic wrap. The kids will like it if you pipe the words "Eat Me" onto the cookie in frosting.

A hand held mirror or a pair of white gloves would also make good favors for this party.

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