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Get an Amazon Gift Card for that Last Minute Gift

Do you need a last minute gift? Maybe for a birthday party you forgot about; or you were invited to an anniversary party at the last minute. Not to fear, Amazon gift cards can take care of it for you.

Most people probably know already that you can have Amazon gift certificates emailed to someone, but what you might not realize is that you don't have to email someone their gift. You can print out any of the Amazon gift cards that you buy.Or you can go to your local drugstore or supermarket and pick up an Amazon gift cards.

In this hub I outline your online and offlne options, including a "Where to Buy" list of stores that sell Amazon gift cards.

Buy an Amazon Gift Card Gift Cards Gift Cards

You can select any dollar amount between $5 and $5000.


Print a Personalized Gift Card

Amazon has it set up so you can print out a personalized gift card at home. You just select whatever type of design you want, type in your recipient's name, your name and the message you would like to include and then decide on a dollar amount. You can send an Amazon gift card in any dollar amount between $5 and $5000 dollars.

If you have some time, at least a week, you can also have Amazon send you gift cards via snail mail. So if you are lucky enough not to have a last minute gift you need to buy, that's always an option too, especially if you are sending a gift to someone you won't be able to see on their special day because you live too far away.

Need a Last Minute Birthday Gift?
Need a Last Minute Birthday Gift? Gift Cards Gift Cards

You can order an Amazon gift card online and either email it, print it out or have it mailed with a free gift card to your recipient. Amazon even lets you schedule a send date for emailed cards so if you are forgetful you can just schedule all of this year's gifts now and stop worrying about remembering those dates.


Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards Offline

If you prefer to buy your Amazon gift card at a local store or just want the hard plastic gift cards, several chains do carry Amazon gift cards, in values of $25 and $50.

You can get Amazon gift cards at:

  • Rite-Aid Drug stores
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • HEB Grocery
  • Longs Drugs
  • Raley's
  • Schnuck's
  • Scolari's
  • Sheetz
  • Spartan Stores

Physical gift cards are not available in the following states:Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, or Utah.

And finally, you can also get Amazon gift card codes from Western Union offices and Coinstar Machines. These won't be the plastic gift cards though. I believe the Coinstar machine just gives you a slip of paper with the code on it, and at Western Union you are also just buying the code.

Looking for other types of gift cards? CVS has lots of different ones available. Check out my hub on Gift Cards at CVS for an overview.

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tweety bird 5 years ago

thanks a ton this was really helpful!!!!

gonzalo duarte  5 years ago

I want to know why they don't sell amazon gift cards in Florida

Mike 5 years ago

Ok, I'll try that.

I want to know why they don't sell them in Illinois!! 5 years ago


SRD 5 years ago


Dale Ilene Berman 4 years ago

Does Walmart issue Amazon Gift Cards?

Ricky 4 years ago

does walmart or kmart sell amazon gift cards?

embitca profile image

embitca 4 years ago from Boston Author

Walmart sells much of the same stuff that Amazon sells so I doubt they would promote a direct competitor by selling their giftcards.

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