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American Christmas to Christmas Around the World

The American Christmas is built on people with such an intangible spirit that even in the darkest of times it is a beacon to the world. It is not the songs, or the gifts, or the feasts, or even trees but the unity of Americans if at no other time then on Christmas Day. It is a time of joy, a time peace and a time renewal for everyone in the USA. A time for family and friends and to make new friends which eventually become our family. It is a time to reach out to that lonely neighbor and invite them for Christmas dinner even if it is not convenient but because it is kind. To spend the day doing that chore for an elderly person who needs their plants watered.

And in this country which is so diverse we celebrate Christmas as not only the birth of Christ but as Hanukah and as Eid as well. But by no means is this Holiday Season limited to those religions.

The Grinch Whole Stole Christmas Doesn’t Exist in America

By no means are we are able to celebrate the grand Christmas which all of wish we could provide. But it would not be for ourselves but for our loved ones. Americans really only shop for themselves during the Holidays. This is a story rarely told around the world. Our holidays are reserved for clothes, shoes and necessity items. And we celebrate just to have the very basics and essentials in our society.

But we also struggle to provide for our neighbor, friend, elderly and the sick. We try and make certain that those less fortunate are able to receive a gift. This in of itself is a gift in our society to have compassion, humanity and love even if it is one day of the year.

So no one would ever want Christmas to end because it affords Americans a day to obtain the essentials they need in life and to provide good will towards each other in an otherwise demanding society.

There is nothing superfluous about Christmas except that perhaps Americans only have it one day of the year.

A Christmas Miracle

As many of you may know I have recently lost my Mother. This Christmas was going to be particularly hard on my son who misses his Nana terribly. Many people came together to pull a Christmas together for my son. I have also been frank about my son having Autism which means he is more difficult to shop for. And yet some very special people pulled together to make certain my son received his gifts. I have a firm rule of 12 gifts only. I have never wanted my son to lose the meaning of Christmas in greed but this year my community pulled together to make certain he received more than 12 gifts. Of course they would never tell me because they know I have the 12 gift rule limit.

And they did it in this is a dire economy. And yet, all of these wonderful people pulled together to make certain he had his gifts. It is both humbling and astounding. In such dire economic times for my community to pull together to contribute to my son’s Christmas is perhaps the most humbling experience I have ever had.

And while my son most certainly misses his Nana and will continue to for sometime, he is happy that Christmas has still proceeded.

And my faith in my community is renewed on the best Christmas I could have ever imagined. I have lost my Mother but I now realize I was never alone in her Cancer, or in my grief but I had a community of people willing to accept and love us if only I was gracious enough to open myself up to the experience. So Christmas is everyday when we are united. And no matter what our opinions are in this country, and they are just that opinions, we are united if on no other day but on Christmas.

And I consider myself so fortunate to have all my friends around this world to share this with as well. So what is so amazing about our American Christmas is that we can enjoy it with just as wonderful and gracious people around the world who are equally as accepting and loving. So everything that is wonderful about American Christmas is equally wonderful about Christmas around the world.

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Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago

Perfectly said JT,

So happy to hear that your son got some gifts due to the community's heart. Even on dire moments and possible debacle of this economy, we Americans still have what made us unique: The drive to pull things together. We do our little community service here and there... but there so many issues looming ahead, that would mean to invite the Grinch back into a Christmas spirit kind of talk. I know for sure that your mom is watching over you and your son. Because her memory is in you. You know by now, what words would come out of her mouth on this day. Our physical existence is limited and we can make it honorable by helping others. So many greedy people think that they will live forever...but hey! at least we are helthy and willing to continue on this road...paved for us.

Merry Christmas and a better year for us!


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Lord and I am working for a much better 2012.

Same to you and your family.

My Mother would say, "What are you waiting for? You can do anything you set your mind to." Amd my mind is almost made up and I am almost healed.

So Mery Christmas tp you and your family and definetly a better New Year for both of us. We maybe the only two people who know this country can unite.

As always,


Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago

You are welcome dear friend!

mandymoreno81 profile image

mandymoreno81 5 years ago

It's good to hear that your neighbors and community pulled together for you and your son. It's always a great time of year to see people with their loved ones and help others who are strangers too.

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 5 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

Merry Christmas.


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi mandymoreno1,

I couldn't agree with you more. It just came together in the last minute when I accepted we might not have anything. But I am going to try and do something to help everyone next year. I spent the better part of today working on a website.

Thanks for commenting and happy holidays.


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Merry Christmas Deborah,

Namaste as well!!


GoodLady profile image

GoodLady 5 years ago from Rome, Italy

Happy Christmas JT. Your Hub moved me, as always.

Your mother seems to have a hand in it all and was with you!

Christmas will always be full of love if we let it, won't it?

My family were elsewhere this year. It could have been hard. I have the flu! But through skype, emails, the internet, the phone, we were connected. Yes, everyone comes together one way or another at Christmas and it is a beautiful time of year.

(Glad too that your lovely son had his gifts, and from such wonderful friends!!!)

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Thank you GoodLady,

So glad we have an international community as well now. Christmas was a bit hard as I have had a really bad kidney infection and have been exhausted through it but it did come together and my son seemed satisified.

The first Christmas after a death of a close relative is perhaps the most difficult and I have promised myself a better year.

I am so glad you and your family were able to connect at least electronically.

I hope you feel better and I found myself saying and doing many of the things my Mom would have. We couldn't afford the Tannenbaum so we had a majic menorah (sp?) which meant it was invisible. Only stockings but still Christmas.

Happy Holidays.


mary615 profile image

mary615 5 years ago from Florida

I am so sorry you have lost your Mother, I lost mine 20 years ago, and I still miss her. Hope your 2012 will be a better year for you and your son.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Mary615,

I am sorry you lost your Mom as well. It is like they cut a whole out of your heart and take it with them. I don't know if I will ever heal from the loss of my Mom but we made it through.

Thanks for your kind words. I am hoping 2012 is great for all of us.

Happy New Year,


cherylone profile image

cherylone 5 years ago from Connecticut

I know how you feel as I lost my mother to cancer in June and this holiday (her favorite time of the year) was extremely difficult for me. I am so glad to hear how your community came together for you and your son. I am proud to be Human and part of the spirit of giving that all Human's seem to feel at this wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone in your community. :)

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

I am most forutnate that my mom is still with us and this article reminded how fortunate I am that I can continue to dote over her for a while. Thanks Cred2 Happy New Year

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Helo Cred2,

We only have them for a while and then we have to give them back. I doted until the last minutes of her life. Love her as long as you can and Happy New Year to you as well my Friend.


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hello Cherlyone,

I think all Mom's love Christmas as it is in the nature of Mom's to be generous to their children. I am sorry for your lose. I understand it well. If it were not for my son I would have skipped Christmas altogether this year.

YEs, it is wonderfult here are people who are giving and loving during the Holidays. It was down to the last few minutes before we receiived anything as we struggled to obtain charitable gifts as my son has medical complexities and Autism. Charities are set up for healthy typical children and not for special needs children for the Holidays. We were lucky and fortunate this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


ChaplinSpeaks profile image

ChaplinSpeaks 5 years ago from Charleston, South Carolina

Hi, JT

I think your 12 gift rule makes a lot of sense. Growing up, I had a friend whose parents imposed a 3 gift rule and I thought it was just terrible. Now, as a parent, I see that limiting gifts to 3 from Santa, or 12 altogether, or whatever works, is the way to go. That way, we don't get caught up in buying and buying, and the kids do not get overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hello Chaplin,

My son maybe gets three or four gifts, depending on price, he desires and then the other nine are necessity items. Christmas is about family and too many gifts detracts from that theme.

I also make him donate 12 gifts before the holidays to charity and sometimes even more. I always remind my son that there are other children who have less and he needs to be generous.

Thanks I think it is a very practical rule and I am glad to know I am not the only parent doing it as my friends buy there children everything and tell me I am socially depriving my son for not buy so much.

Thanks for readiing and commenting and Happy New Year.


homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas

I am so pleased that your son was able to have a Christmas. My heart had gone out to you when I had read in an earlier hub that he might not. It is so good to have people in your life who care enough to share with you. Continued blessings to you and your son.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi Homesteadbound,

It was wonderful of the people in my community. And now it is my turn to figure out how to help others. Thank you so much for following. It isn't always easy to read but it is a reality of the life every parent of a child with special needs is faced with each holiday season. I remember you provided foster care for special needs individuals so you must already understand.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

Hi JT, Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry about your mom, I didn't know. We never stop missing our mom's. It was nice to read how your son had a nice christmas afterall.

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas

You are very creative and I bet you will be able to think of a good way to thank them and let them know that you really appreciate what they did.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Sunshine,

The 7th is the first anniversary of her death. And yes, it is heart warming to know people out there care. I have a lot of work to do to rebuild our lives. Thanks for reading and commenting.

You kind words help heal.


JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks homesteadbound,

I don't know if I will ever be able to thank them enough but I will sure try. Thanks for reading and following up. I have a lot to be grateful for.

Thanks for your support.


MyFavoriteBedding profile image

MyFavoriteBedding 5 years ago from United States

I am sorry about your mom. I like the 12 gift rule, I always had a tendency to go a little crazy with gifts for my kids, but have come to my senses in recent years. My sons hockey team sponsors a family in need every year. Family's are given a list of 1 or 2 gifts to provide for this family. While shopping, purchasing and wrapping the gift for this one family in need, it really makes me think, and it also makes me feel good that I am helping to contribute. We have done this for the last few years, and it is a humbling feeling that I just can't describe. Really nice post~thanks

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi MyFavoriteBedding,

That is awesome!! Do you think you would ever be inclined to buy for children with rare medical disorders or Autism? There is a desperate need there for people who are sensitive. I could write a hub helping people purchase gifts for this population because the special needs crowd has been hit especially hard in the last several years.

12 gift rule but that includes necessity items my son osn only gets one or two really cool gifts. And he has to have the great parting and onate atleast 12 gifts before the hoidays.

You are an awesome person for donating!!

All My Best,


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