American Made Products, Gasoline And Gifts Save Jobs


American Made Goods

From time to time, American consumers have spent substantial amounts of money on foreign goods and felt they were better made and longer lasting than American products. On the other hand, some Americans have decided at times to protest foreign goods and services they feel weaken the American workforce and economy.

In several decades of the 20th century, American consumers often sported bumper stickers and T-shirts with Buy American emblazoned on them. Some of these folks were extremely upset about Japanese cars sold in this country, including Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, German vehicles, and others. In the 2010s, the nation underwent a new current of Made In America sympathy.

Buy American.
Buy American. | Source

Ohio Is Onshoring

In the State of Ohio, businesses are following the example of the Dresden operation of Longaberger Basket company. Dealing in pottery and other items alongside baskets, the company had outsourced pottery and ceramic gift items to overseas Asian countries like China. However, in 2013, Longaberger brought those jobs back to Ohio and in 2015, all of their gifts are Made in America and Made in Ohio.

Automobile parts are another manufactured item that is bringing jobs back to Ohio. This is resulting in an increase in related jobs that include sales of auto parts. The increase in revenues has been ongoing since 2011 and I have been helping job candidates prepare resumes for these jobs at an increased rate.

Domestic or Imported Goods?

While US consumers purchase a mix of goods produced elsewhere and in America, many prefer domestic goods when considering certain items, and some will purchase only American made products.

American products can be discovered online and this Hub will present an overview with a link to FTC definitions of "Made in America" and a directory of several places in which to find such products.

Many of these items can also be purchased online.

Wine grapes in America.
Wine grapes in America. | Source

The United States produces a large amount of food grapes and wine grapes from cost to coast, including in California and around Lake Erie.

John Ratzenberger's Made In America


Made in America - Official Standards

Complying with the "Made In the USA" Standard - This page is from the Federal Trade Commission and makes an interesting read explaining exactly what the rules are for calling a product "Made in America."

Some American Made products are not 100% produced in America, while other items are simply made elsewhere in pieces and assembled in the USA.

General Resources for "Made in America" Products and Services

  • Buy Made in the USA - This is an interesting short directory of good products, including items for diabetics.
  • Dig US Out
  • Liberty Safes - This company is doing so much business in fireproof safes that they built another manufacturing plant in 2013.

Amish And Agriculture

The Amish make and sell high quality quilts that appreciate in value, baked goods, jams and jellies, furniture, cabinets, wagons, and other products.
The Amish make and sell high quality quilts that appreciate in value, baked goods, jams and jellies, furniture, cabinets, wagons, and other products. | Source

Guaranteed American



OTHER - Foodstuffs, Wool, Leather Goods, and more

540ci Blown Pro Magnum BBC Dyno Pull - American Made

American Maid

American Maid - Beyond the Call of Duty

American Maid Cleaning Service at websites like and rose coast to coast in different versions and different name variations around the USA. The name was catchy and people liked it.Many large cities have their own version of American Maid or Maid In America.

Today, the company is still a respected cleaning service that also sells gift certificates and runs monthly special deals in cleaning services. Their cleaners offer extra services with their usual room-by-room cleaning and these include doing laundry, washing rugs, doing the dishes, and a few other requests. Other cleaning services in my large city won't do those things. However, some of the larger American Maid branches even offer handyman services.

The American Maid in Olympia Washington also handles cleaning for motor homes. The one in Moncks Corner, South Carolina also gladly washes windows. Check your own city for additional services like these.

This has all happened after the cartoon character AMERICAN MAID appeared in 1994 on the Disney cartoon show The Tick.

Bladwin Pianos - American Made

Don't Forget Native American Goods

(From personal photo collection)
(From personal photo collection)

Native American Products

Thousands of Native American Nations, bands, pueblos, communities, and other indigenous groupings have produced American Made goods from all natural products found in North America for millennia.

These goods have long been available at roadside stands near reservations, in museum gift shops, in resort hotels, and in local tourist shops. However, the Internet has produced a new avenue of commerce and many items are sold online.

Mde In America By Native North Americans


  • Blackfeet Indian Writing Company, Inc. - since 1971
  • P.O. Box 729; Browning, Montana 59417 USA

Other Native American Products:

Popular Novelty Item
Popular Novelty Item | Source

The American Indian Trading Company

This company is owned and operated by Native American Nations in Calistoga, California in its main downtown business district. The address is:

1407 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 94515

The American Indian Trading Company organization uses the talents of artisans and artists locally from around the Greater San Francisco Area and from across the country as well. One of their specialties is the T-shirt pictured below.

Applications for seasonal employment are taken on the site as well.

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Passionatepurpose profile image

Passionatepurpose 8 years ago from T.X.

What an amazing hub! So much research and work involved. Congratulations on directing people to American made products!

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America Author

I found that there is still a lot of stuff made in the USA -- Etch-a-Sketch and Slinky almost became extinct, but the OHIO ART COMPANY continues to do business at in Archbold, Ohio since 1908 near Bowling Green, Defaince, and Toledo.

byee profile image

byee 8 years ago

Thanks for answering my request! I am also currently interested in WHOLESALERS. Any resources that concentrate on listing those?

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America Author

I'll take a look tomorrow and see what I find in wholesalers.

derekcaulfield 8 years ago

very informative hub, Im like "byee" I have been looking for whole salers for tech products actually, If I have to I know a chinese company but , If I can find a resonable wholesale company in america I'll go with them

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 8 years ago from Midwest USA

Thanks for another well-needed resource.

Wbisbill profile image

Wbisbill 8 years ago from Tennessee USA

Another Great hub. Thanks.

Grace and peace!

Constant Walker profile image

Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

Amish furniture; possibly the best products in the world.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America Author

We have a lot of this style furniture in Ohio, where it is fun to drive for less than an hour in about any direction and watch it being made. Kentucky and teh Great Smoky Mountains have great pieces made from local wood as well.

In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California


Being an owner of a small manufacturing business. the foreign labor is killing us! When it is made in America it is just so hard to compete with the cost of the product that is not. Still we press forward. Thanks for this great Hub on how to find American made products and services.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America Author

It is difficult, isn't it?

I stopped buying things like strings of tiny Christlas lights when I found out that slaves in China make them by hand without payment, 12-14 hours a day. If we stopped purchasing things made in violation of basic human rights, that might help. Keep up your manufacturing! I'm pulling for you.


cvaughn570 8 years ago

You really do your research!

A big thumbs up for a much needed resource:-)

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America Author

Probably every state in the union has handcrafted and well made products done completely on site. I will do more hubs on states with which I am familiar.

In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California


Yes it is difficult. It will be harder and harder to find things that are made in the USA if we don't stop and think as a country a little more.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America Author

Thanks for your comments that will make us think about it! Best success to you, In The Doghouse

mrshopper 7 years ago

During these tough times it is more important that ever to buy from companies that produce goods in the USA. American made products keep Americans working, keep them paying their mortgage, and keep the economy from collapsing. The factory I buy from manufactures its bar stools in the USA and I have heard from them it is really hard to compete with the less expensive countries. It is good to know that at least is still making products in the USA even if no one else is.

JennifersJumpers profile image

JennifersJumpers 7 years ago

Hi. I make girls clothing and pillows. For years I couldn't sell anything unless I sold it dirt cheap. It's nice to see the American consumer is finally coming around. I can finally sell my items for what they are worth. I think it is because Americans have finally realized that we don't have a diversifed economy. Think about it, if my business were really booming, I wouldn't have to hire someone else to sew. Maybe I could hire someone to handle other stuff and I could spend ALL of my time sewing. It's a shame we realized too late that we let corporate America hurt us so much.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 7 years ago from North America Author

Thanks for tellking us about your business. If you want to leave a link here in comments, please feel free to do so.

I think you're right about diversifying the economy. The cities that are on the Top 30 List for Jobs in America generally have more than one stream of economy.

JennifersJumpers profile image

JennifersJumpers 7 years ago

The link to my store is Thank you.

americanchairs 7 years ago

Almost all of the furniture items we sell on our website are made in the USA. We prefer to carry American made productes whenever possible. If anyone is loooking for American Made restaurant furniture or kitchen furniture, check us out.


cyrusmoney profile image

cyrusmoney 7 years ago

Amazing article =)

synesis 7 years ago

Another good site is It's a search engine to find American made companies.

BestAmericanArts profile image

BestAmericanArts 7 years ago from

Best American Arts is an online gallery of American made artisan gifts. We feature handmade jewelry, handbags, home décor, and may more great gift ideas. View our wonderful selection at

NiyazK profile image

NiyazK 6 years ago

a well written hub. You should better write about Chinese Products :D

RadiantBarrierDal profile image

RadiantBarrierDal 6 years ago from

Great hub! I really enjoyed reading about American products!

Lauren Moore 6 years ago

What a great and helpful hub! I'm all for supporting products made in the USA! for cool gifts for beer lovers - check out Capcatchers at

American_Choices profile image

American_Choices 5 years ago from USA

Patty Inglish, MS,

I am a big fan of yours. Your articles are excellent - the topics, the sources, the links. You are absolutely one of the very best writers on the Internet - HubPages and beyond.

I must disagree with the "made in USA" syndrome. It is no longer just where a product is made, it is also where is the company headquartered and are they using double Irish to avoid paying US taxes. I don't blame the corporations such as Google and Accenture and Microsoft for serving their taxpayers but I am blaming us the American citizen for not understanding the loss of this income to the US government.

Many items are made on US soil but the corporate headquarters where the majority of the jobs are located as now in Europe. The loss of marketing, accounting and administrative jobs is a huge loss to the US.

Celebrate made in US is not about just where a product is made, it is about the support of the US economy - the jobs it provides, the corporate taxes paid.

American citizens need to read this discerning Hub but also consider the other ramifications of the company behind the product they are buying.

A purchase, even the tiny purchase such as bubble gum, chocolate, moisture cream can provide economic benefits to the United States.

Cocoa is not "made" in the USA, but the companies who market, distribute MAY be more American than some candy bars that you and I grew up with. The names in the game have not changed but in many cases, the corporate ownership HAS CHANGED.

Knightheart profile image

Knightheart 5 years ago from MIssouri, USA

Excellent article. I have found it almost impossible to find anything "Made in America" anymore. Almost everything is made in China,Taiwan, Bangledesh and some places I never even heard of! It is terrible that the U.S. has lost much of its World Trade power. A lot of it is our own country's fault. So much is sent overseas: cars assembled in Mexico, businesses sold to overseas buyers etc.

I recall Japan was sort of a joke back in the mid 20th century. The "Made in Japan" label symbolized junky merchandise and inferior goods, but not anymore! In less that 30 years, their goods are top of the line, especially their electronics and automobiles. I fear China may be following Japan's lead and may someday take over their spot for high-quality goods!

American goods are still, for the most part, excellent products, but we need to get our acts together and focus on America!!!

Ron 5 years ago

How do I find stores that sell American made clothing in Seattle?

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 5 years ago from North America Author

@Ron - The Native American shops in Seattle have definitely American Made clothing. Other such stores and online shops in Seattle include American Apparel at 4345 University Way NE.

Jennifer Adams 5 years ago

Kentucky Cutting Boards manufactures beautiful bread, cutting and cheese boards in Louisville, KY. Go to and enter coupon code KCBXMAS to save 15% on every product and get free shipping, too. BUY AMERICAN!

Big Dan's All American Store 5 years ago

We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of our American only store located in beautiful Bristol, NH in January. Only USA made products sold here. Come on by and say "HI"

Mike Batson- North Star Leather 5 years ago

We've been making quality leather goods in this country since 1969- hats, wallets, pouches of all types, ID cases, Checkbooks, Handbags and much more. We've had a great season thanks to all the folks who still value American made Quality. Come check us out at

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 5 years ago from North America Author

Thank you for the American Made link.

US Mart 5 years ago

Thanks for the information! We only sell American-made items too.

Ellen G. 4 years ago

Check out for American made products at affordable prices!

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 4 years ago from North America Author

Thanks for the link!

Gregorious profile image

Gregorious 4 years ago

Thanks for a very informative and well researched hub. Buying domestic goods is a form of patriotism and I wish more people would realize how important it is.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 4 years ago from North America Author

It seems that media advertising often features more foreign-made goods than American made, so one has to look harder for domestic products. I spend more time reading labels to find them these days, anyway.

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