Avatar Costumes for Halloween

The Avatar will be one of the hottest costumes for the Halloween season. And no I am not talking about the Airbender version either. Going blue will be the way to go. Check out here for the latest in Avatar costumes.  Also included are some fantastic instructional videos on how to apply Avatar make up. Get all of your Navi Accessories here on one site!

Avatar Masks

The Avatar masks are very realistic looking.  You can turn yourself into a Navi almost instantly with one of the these blue masks. The amazing thing is these masks are relatively cheap.  Check out this Jake Sully Avatar mask. It is made of vinyl and fits over your face. It shows face, hair and ears. the mask is very detailed and includes the sparkles on his face. This officially licensed mask is recommended for children up to twelve years old.

Rubie's Costume Co Avatar Child's 3/4 Vinyl Mask, Jake Sully

Avatar Deluxe Foam Mask, Jake Sully

The Rubie's Jake Sully Foam mask definitely shows off his mean side.  this grimacing avatar mask depicts when the Navi went to war.  Complete with war make up and realistic black hair.  This mask is recommended for teens and up.  This mask would look great with the bow and arrow accessory.

Avatar Costumes for Adults

If you are looking for a full costume there are ones available for men women and kids. The woman's Avatar costume is a polyester jacket and pants. It has an attached black shirt and blue forearms. Also attached is a tail. This Avatar costume can be washed in cold water and line dried. This outfit would go perfectly with NaVi wig or Avatar make up. Hmm I wonder if the stripes are slimming?

The Avatar costume for men is the Jake Sully Costume and mask. The mask is 100% Latex and is one size fits all. The costume, complete with arms and tail, comes in standard and extra large sizes. This costume looks like it would be light and airy with room to move.

Avatar Costumes for Kids

The Avatar costumes for kids comes in boys and girls styles. For the boy the costume is Jake Sully. Included is a half mask with elastic around the back. it also comes with a polyester top that has blue covering the arms. Pants come with an attached blue tail! This Avatar costumes comes in small, medium and large!

The next costume is for girls.  Be be aware at the time I am writing this hub that this item is out of stock.  Please check the site for availability!    It is a full polyester bodysuit with the blue stripes.  Included is an apron with a tail attached.  You can wear this with ears and makeup for the full effect.  If it is out of stock there is still option to  order.  It is still early!  This Avatar costume is available in small, medium and large.

Rubie's Costume Co Avatar Deluxe Na' Vi Makeup Kit

Avatar Make up

Maybe you are not interested in a mask? then try your hand at Na Vi make up. This kit contains ears paint, sequins and paint. Also included is an applicator. If your are not comfortable with full Na Vi make up then just apply the make up to different sections. You can have he ears and Avatar eyes! Maybe just give your self blue lips and glitter. The options are endless. be as creative as you want.

Now if you are very talented then see if you can mimic the make up tips form the video below. The man looks amazing in his Avatar make up. Check out his tutorial below.

 And now for the ladies.. This Navi woman below doesn't give a tutorial, but she sure does look great in her costume.  She gives some great tips on how she achieved her look.  Play-doh.. who'd a thought?

Get Original!

Get Original with adding your own flair to your costume. Add some lighting to make you seem like the real thing. Whether you want to wear the glow stick on you or fashion a glowing flower, a glow stick would put your costume over the top!

 Also available is Glow in the dark Body paint.  Although the product description has something else in mind, this body paint applied the right way would set off your Halloween Costume.


The eyes have it? No in this case it is the ears! You can purchase your NaVi ears. Blue latex ears are easy to put on. The Jake Sully ears are the most popular.  If you are looking to complete your look with a wig, then try the Avatar deluxe wig and ears.  The wig is washable and you can style it to you liking.  Add a head dress to authenticate your look.  This set also comes with blue latex ears.

Rubie's Costume Co Avatar Costume Accessory, Jake Sully Ears

Rubie's Costume Co Avatar Deluxe Wig And Ears, Neytiri


There are no official Avatar fangs, but I am sure Dracula wouldn't mind if you borrowed his. Set off your blue face with striking white fangs. Or better yet surprise your friends with glow in the dark fangs!


Show the tribe you mean business by having your own NaVi style weapon. The Bow comes in black and has arrows with suction cups.  Look tough with this realistic NaVi knife with sheath.  Although it is very realistic looking it is made of plastic!

Rubie?s Costume Co Avatar Navi Bow And Arrow Set

Rubie's Costume Co Avatar Costume Accessory, Na' Vi Knife With Sheath

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