Avatar Na'vi Costumes For Halloween

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With the popularity of the James Cameron Avatar, its no wonder that Avatar costumes are in such high demand this year. In fact the Avatar costumes are just as popular with adults as they are with kids,

Its really not all that hard to make your own Avatar costume, the main things that you will need for a female Na'Vi costume is a blue leotard and leggings or a blue catsuit. A wig with long black hair and some blue face paint. A few people are forgoing the bodysuit and are instead using the blue paint to cove their whole body. It does make a very realistic look for your Halloween costume. But in my opinion this can be more than a little messy and the blue paint is likely to end up everywhere.

Or if you would rather not mess with trying to design a costume you can always purchase an Avatar costume. I think that you're going to be amazed at just how life like some of the new Avatar Halloween costumes are this year.

Amazon and eBay as we;; as some of the other costume stores still have a nice selection of adult and child size Avatar costumes left, so whether you want to go as Jake Sully or Neytiri I'm sure that you can find something to suit almost anyone.

avatar navi costumes for halloween
avatar navi costumes for halloween

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The blue Avatar Na'Vi costumes are all pretty much alike so there's not a huge selection of styles available. For the guys you can either wear a loincloth type or the Jake Sully costume which is pretty full coverage,

The female Na'Vi costume for women is fairly body revealing, which means that you have to be fairly thin and comfortable showing your body in order to wear it.

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Spider Girl profile image

Spider Girl 5 years ago from the Web

Nice costume for Avatar-lovers, thanks for sharing :)

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