Barack Obama Merchandise for the Holidays!

Here are some great gift ideas for that special person who admires President Barack Obama. Most of them are limited edition and can be collector's items commemorating America's first president of color. These irreverent items are sure to make you smile.

Super Obama T Shirt

President Obama as superhero! This colorful specialty t-shirt will make a great collector's item. It's made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. It comes in five sizes: small, medium, large, xtra large, and xxlarge.

SuperObama Doll

If you bought the t-shirt version, then this action fiture of President Obama as superhero can also be added to your collection. This is a hard to find item and a limited edition. It stands 7" tall and is for display only. The arms and legs do not move.

Jedi Obama

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then this action figure is for you. President Obama is dressed as a Jedi knight and wielding a light saber. With one swipe, Obama can smite Republicans! It will be another collector's item. It stands 7" tall and arms and legs do not move. For display only.

Baseball Obama

If you are a baseball fan, you might appreciate Baseball Obama. Although Obama can't actually throw, it makes for a nice memorabilia and a great addition to your Obama or baseball collection. It stands 7 in. tall. Because he made Chicago his home, the Obama dolls is wearing the White Sox baseball uniform.

Barack Obama Action Figure

This action figure stands 6-inches tall and has movable arms and legs with 8 points of articulation. You can position this action figure any way that you can imagine. It's made from phthalate-free PVC and comes in Barack Obama packaging.

Farting Obama Doll

This is a soft doll with the following dimensions, 12 x 10 x 4 inches. Pull his finger and he emits 21 different types of farts and wise cracks. It'll tickle your funny bone. Batteries are included.

Obama Chia Pet

If you love chia pets, then this Obama Chia Pet will make a great addition to your collection. It comes with a pottery planter in the shape of Obama's head, a chia seed packet good for 3 plantings. Place the seeds inside the head, add some water and you'll have full grown "hair" in two weeks.

Life Size Obama

No real admirer would be without this life-size cutout of President Barack Obama. It stands over 6 ft tall, made from cardboard and easy to assemble. It can stand alone with the easel that's included or you can attack it to the wall.

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