Be A Peacemaker This Christmas

Be A Peacemaker This Christmas

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God. “

Matthew 5 :9

In pursuing to be a person whose beauty and glory does not fade away with the passing of time, seek to be a peacemaker. Peacemakers are special people who are God’s agents in the world in promoting peace and reconciliation.

People who are considered as peacemakers are special people who are willing to mediate for the settlement of disputes. First of all, these people must also be willing to settle their own disputes with their enemies. This kind of people are willing to humble themselves so that they will have reconciliation with their enemies. They are willing to ask forgiveness from the people they have offended. They will not let the sun go down without reconciling with their enemies.

This kind of person had at first made peace with God through faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross and through repentance. Then he/she is also willing to do the work of an evangelist so that sinners will be reconciled back to God. According to John MacArthur in his book, ‘The Beatitudes, The Only Way To Happiness’: “Evangelism is peacemaking . The best way to be a peacemaker is to preach the Gospel of peace so that a man’s alienation from God and from the body of CHRIST can be ended , and he can be at peace.”

As it is written in James 3:17b: “‘Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.”

During the times of Jesus public ministry, when He came to town named Sychar, He met a Samaritan woman. This Samaritan woman had lived a life of immorality. She had had five husbands and the one she was living with, was not her husband. When Jesus told her everything she did, and introduced Himself as the MESSIAH, she believed and behaved like a different person. She even forgot her water jar in a hurry to share her Good News with her own people, the Samaritans. She became a changed woman. She had an encounter with the CHRIST, sufficient reason to be a new person.

After reconciling with God, the Samaritan woman became a peacemaker. She heralded the presence of the MESSIAH to her people. Many believed because of her testimony . The whole town had experienced salvation because of one woman testimony. The testimony of the Samaritan woman is a living proof that even the worst of sinners and the most immoral women can be turned into a lovely peacemaker and be a beautiful channel of God’s loving grace.

This particular Christmas , you can be a true child of God,, by being a peacemaker. First, make peace with God, by asking forgiveness for your sins and putting your faith completely on CHRIST finished work on calvary for the forgiveness of your sins and eternal salvation. CHRIST’s sacrifice on the cross is perfect and the only acceptable sacrifice to God. This sacrifice is sufficient and complete. It is the only acceptable sacrifice because only Jesus is holy and pure without any sin. Your sacrifice offerings to gain salvation are not acceptable to God because you are a sinner. As it is written in Isaiah 64:6; “All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags.”

Then make peace with your fellow men. Forgive all those people who caused pain in your heart. Remember that you will not be forgiven by God unless you forgive others also. As it is written in Matthew 6:14 : “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

See that, you have no other alternative but to forgive.

The true message of Christmas is peace, as it is written in Luke 2:14 :

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

On the first Christmas eve, God has declared peace with men through the birth of the CHRIST child, who is the Saviour of the world. This Christmas, accept the peace God is offering to you. Accept His Son Surrender your life to Him, and be at peace with your life. Peace in God is first peace with Him.

M E R R Y C HR IS T MAS !!! May the peace of God be with you.

In Christ,

Maria Cristina Aquino Santander

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cristina327 profile image

cristina327 13 months ago from Manila Author

I acknowledge Free Digital Photos for the photo.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 13 months ago from Manila Author

Photo is courtesy of Idea Go of

listsnthings profile image

listsnthings 13 months ago from London, United Kingdom

Thanks great hub

rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 13 months ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

This hub fits in well this Christmas season. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Alice A. Mercader 13 months ago

Nice Cristy! God bless your dream to be a good writer and publisher as well.

justthemessenger profile image

justthemessenger 13 months ago from The Great Midwest

Inspiring hub! This is an example of a "true meaning of Christmas" message inspired by Luke 2:14, the peace and good will towards men scripture.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 13 months ago from Nashville Tn.

A lovely message for this time of year and all year long.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 13 months ago from Manila Author

Thank you listsnthings for taking time to read this hub. Blessings to you.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 13 months ago from Manila Author

Hi Rebecca Mealey great to hear from you. Thank you for reading. Be blessed always.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 13 months ago from Manila Author

Hi ate Alice, thank you for reading this hub and blessing my dream. Remain blessed always.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 13 months ago from Manila Author

Hi justthemessenger ! Great to hear from you. Thank you for reading and nice comment. Be blessed always. Christmas indeed is God's declaration of peace with men.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 13 months ago from Manila Author

Hi vocalcoach great to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by and nice comment. Blessings to you.

lifegate profile image

lifegate 12 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

Good message and challenge, Cfristina. Thank you for sharing this with us here at HP!

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 11 months ago from Manila Author

Thank you Lifegate for visiting. Remain blessed always. Regards.

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