Ben 10 Birthday Cakes Cupcakes And Party Supplies

If your child is a fan of Ben 10 then you can't find a better birthday theme for their party this year than a Ben 10 theme. And if your child is a fan of Ben 10 you're probably already familiar with the storyline of Ben 10. But if not not I'll give you a quick review.

Ben 10 is the story of an ordinary 10 year old boy named Ben Tennyson who one day finds an object called the Omnitrix, which is a mysterious alien device that gives Ben the ability to turn into 10 different alien life forms. And in the process turns Ben into a super hero who finds himself defending Earth from various different alien life forms. Most kids find Ben 10 to be a fun and exciting show that fuels their sense of imagination. Because of this a Ben 10 birthday party makes the perfect choice for any young fan of the series.

Throwing a Ben 10 birthday party doesn't have to be expensive, in fact it's possible to have a really nice party for a very affordable price. Buying online allows you to get the best prices for the least amount of work, saving you time and money. And that's not even mentioning the gas money that you'll be able to save from not having to drive all over looking for party supplies.

ben 10 birthday cakes cupcakes and party supplies
ben 10 birthday cakes cupcakes and party supplies

Ben 10 Cake Toppers

When planning a Ben 10 party the perfect place to start is of course with the birthday cake. While it is possible that your local bakery may have a Ben 10 cake design available why not instead make it yourself. It's not all that hard to make an awesome looking cake using a ready made cake topper that you will find available online. In fact you don't even have any cake decorating knowledge at all to turn out an awesome looking cake.

You can find a nice supply of Ben 10 cake toppers available online at Amazon and eBay with the largest supply being available from eBay.

When choosing a cake topper you will have your choice of the type that may require some cake decorating from you like for instance the plastic Ben 10 figurines. These cute little figurines which can be used either on a cake or cupcakes will make an awesome keepsake for your child to display in their room or to add to their Ben 10 collection.

Or you can go with one of the edible cake toppers which are very easy to apply and absolutely gorgeous afterwards.

ben 10 party supplies
ben 10 party supplies

Ben 10 Party Supplies

Next you're going to want to check into the Ben 10 party supplies like the invitations, plates , cups, party favors and maybe even a pinata.

Ben 10 party supplies can be a little hard to find in stores which is why you will have the best luck finding these items online.

A lot of these sellers offer expedited shipping which can be great when you're in a pinch, but it's always a good idea to order early in order to avoid any disappointment.

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orangecountyjill profile image

orangecountyjill 5 years ago from Orange County, California

My kids are definitely getting older because I don't even know what Ben 10 is. I'm still back in the Barney era! haha

Very nice article and the decorations are adorable.

Ruth Pieterse 4 years ago

I also don't know what/who Ben 10 is!

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