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Having a Ben10 themed party would be in most boys’ dreams. The key to a successful kid’s party is organisation. It’s not just themed décor to purchase but the games, food and cake but how in theme you get with these.


The first thing to organise is the invitations. There are a variety of ways to obtain ‘in theme’ invitations. You can purchase a Ben10 tear off invitation pad, the easiest method. These are found at some newsagencies or department stores wherever they sell theme kids party packs or of course party shops. There are also online invitations and card creators that can customise a design for the type of invitation you’d like. If you like to be creative, you could make your own invitations using the computer and downloading pictures to place on the invitation or use Ben10 stickers instead.


Add extra fun by making it a dress up party in Ben10 characters, although you may double up on few its still great fun.


Once you’ve decided how many friends will be invited and you’ve received most of the RSVP’s you can then purchase your Ben10 themed décor like cups, plates, napkins and party favours (also known as loot bags or lolly bags). Decorate using Green, Black and White coloured balloons and streamers.


Next is organising the food and beverages. Change the name of these things as it increases the imagination of the kids pretending to do, say and eat as Ben10 would. Green cordial could be changed to Goop. Use character names, appearances, or characteristics to name food items. Add food colouring to change the look and create some interest.


The cake is the most important item at a party. You can do a few things to keep this in theme. Mot cake shops would have a design of a basic cake with an icing imprint of Ben10. For something special you could design your own cake. There are many colouring pictures online to download and trace to use as a base to start with. You could design a character shaped cake or the omnitrix watch.


Organising games that keep the kids enthusiasm can be tricky, but if you keep it in theme they are more likely to participate.


Change the game of Celebrity Heads to Ben10 Character Crunch. Where the child has to guess what character they are that is placed above their head.


Pass the Bomb, much like pass the parcel. On each layer write a message instructing the participant to do something related to the Ben10 cartoon series. This could be like describing a character and the child has to guess which character before they pass it on. Instead of music use a recorded or animated ticking bomb sound with a blast at the end. When the bomb goes off a layer is removed from the parcel and continues till the last layer is removed and prize is revealed. Prize ideas could be a Ben10 toy.


Another game idea is making a large container of goo or slime and has a small item within the goo somewhere. Blindfold the participant and see if they can find the item within a set time. This could be called the Race Against Time Challenge.


Lastly before everyone goes home, give out the party favours as a thankyou to the guests. Most are normally filled with chocolates or lollies. This is fine in most cases but perhaps add something Ben10 related like a little toy as this would probably be more acceptable to parents, rather that a bag full of sweets.

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