Best Christmas Gifts For Your Wife or Girlfriend

This is obviously a broad question. Only you know this answer and you should know, but like many of us males, we often don’t pay attention to details until its way too late. To help answer this puzzling dilemma, you must dig deep within yourself to figure out the answer.

The worse thing to do is go to your neighboring shopping center to scan for items and hope to find what you are looking for. It will only lead to confusion and frustration. At the end of the day, you would have purchased a lousy pair of gloves or household appliance that she never even considered purchasing as a gift for herself.

Do yourself a favor and set aside a few minutes and think about what she enjoys, not on what she needs. Many women are unselfish and won’t give you any hints at all, because she is happy with just having you in her life. Others will spit out so many clues that when you in the position you are currently in, you can’t remember a single item. So, to help you figure out what she told you, just think about what she likes and enjoys the most. Throughout the year, you had wished you had done this and done that in year past, but over time you had forgotten what those ideas were.

I suggest writing down each idea that comes to your mind onto your phone note pad, so you don’t lose it. Mentally go all the way back to the beginning of the year and trace your thoughts and think of those moments when you thought to yourself, “oh, she would love this…” It could have been a spa treatment gift certificate or it could have been a digital photo album to place all of your favorite memories together. I gift like this take additional time to locate photos to download onto the picture frame memory, but a gift like this that is done right will be a memorable idea. Of course, this may not be a gift that will satisfy everyone the same. She may want a piece of jewelry. Stay away from the heart shaped necklaces, unless she had pointed one out to you. If you were present during a shopping day and she pointed out a specific item in a jeweler, then hurry and go get it before it’s gone.


The way to your girl’s heart is especially important to write something that is heart felt in a card. If you pick a pre-printed card, make sure it has everything you feel about her in the card. The card of choice that I recommend is by Hallmark written by “Between You and Me”. The authors are extremely talented and do a great job of capturing exactly how you feel about your loved one. If you aren’t the romantic type, make this one day an exception. A card that says “it all” will off-set an unplanned disappointing gift.

If you are considering buying clothes or lingerie, don’t forget a gift receipt. If you have no idea, have someone that knows her well to help you but, stay away from gift cards, even if she prefers to shop for herself. Keep in mind, gift cards are impersonal and really reserved for family members you don’t see that often. It’s never a good idea to give gift cards to your spouse or girlfriend.

Perfumes are good choice, but try to stay away from perfumes she isn’t accustomed to wearing. Remember, she wears it, not you. Of course your taste will be a considering factor, but it isn’t something you should try. If you want to get her perfume, test it out at a department store. Those stores will have samples for you to try. When you spray onto a perfume card, wave it in the air for a few seconds to let it breathe and then smell it. If it makes your feel euphoric (a sense of feeling “high”) then it’s a good perfume. Stay away from smells that are too flowery or alcoholic. It can be uncomfortable to her to wear all day long. Go for a subtle and soft scent that isn’t overpowering, like some of the traditional upscale perfumes.

If your girlfriend or spouse is an electronic gadget lover, then a newer generation music player might be exactly what you are looking for. Many of today’s music players come in a variety of colors. Find her favorite color and you are pretty much done. You may want to add a gift card to iTunes or Rhapsody to complete the gift (this the only time you should buy a gift card for your spouse or girlfriend). If you are on a tight budget, get her a DVD of a romantic movie, preferably a movie that you already took her to go see on a date that you and she loved.

Most women wear cosmetics, but don’t attempt to buy her makeup. It can and will be confusing, unless you have a chance to itemize her entire makeup collection. Chances are, her makeup is with her and she will be on to you if she catches you peaking in there. Many women have different shades of makeup for each season, so this could be an impossible task. I would recommend purchasing a gift basket with facial moisturizers and body lotions. For example, facial masks, eye cream, hand and foot creams, and bath beads & bath salt.


A romantic getaway is a sure way to your girlfriend or spouses heart. When making plans, make sure it is someplace she wants to go. A great idea is planning a ski trip or a trip into wine country in NapaValley, SonomaCounty, or Paso Robles in California. There you can plan on a spa retreat together and stay at a bed-in-breakfast.

There is a countless number of things to get your loved one, but don’t make the mistake of under thinking your choices. Take a few minutes and relax to think of what she might like or what she deserves. A gift that is truly from your heart is always the best route. Some of us just need a push in the right direction on where to start.

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Princessa 7 years ago from France

Very good suggestions, my favourite one is the romantic getaway.

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lisadpreston 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

very thoughtful gift ideas.

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