Best Friend Necklaces Ideas for Two People

Classic Best Friend Necklaces

Best friend necklaces are special pieces of jewelry shared between best friends. Each friend keeps a half of the necklace and when they are together they can join their halves together to form a full best friend necklace pendant like the one shown here.

Best friend necklaces are popular not only for their fashion and style but also because they are a form of interactive jewelry that signify a deep bond between two people. They make excellent gifts and can either be bought in a store or made by hand, preferably together!

There is no limit to the variety and types of best friend necklaces you can find or make. Some popular ideas for these necklaces are based around identifying an activity that you and your friend both enjoy. It could be the sports team where you met - if you both love soccer, you can make a full soccer ball pendant and then split it in half to form a soccer ball best friend necklace, for example.

Some people like to buy their best friend necklaces at stores or online to ensure the highest possible quality, but some friends insist that the necklaces they actually make together are the most special. If you and your friend are interested in making best friend necklaces, you can find inexpensive sculpey modeling clay at any local arts and crafts store or online.

This colored modeling clay comes pre-colored, so you can pick out the colors you'll need to complete your best friend necklaces project. Keep your eye out for special modeling clay that has additional effects, like glitter or a metallic appearance, since these kinds are especially suited for making best friend jewelry at home.

Once you've chosen your modeling clay, make sure you also pick up a couple of pre-made chains with clasps. You can also find these at any well-stocked arts and crafts store. Alternatively, you can buy a long length of cord or chain. Don't forget some small eye-hooks to embed into your clay pieces before cooking, as these will allow you to string your half of the best friend necklace onto your cord so you can wear it.

There Are All Kinds of Best Friend Necklaces

These best friend necklaces feature two halves of a yin-yang, an ancient symbol for the important unity between two individuals, among other things.
These best friend necklaces feature two halves of a yin-yang, an ancient symbol for the important unity between two individuals, among other things.

Be Creative

The best thing about best friend necklaces is that they make excellent best friend gifts. You can demonstrate to your friend how much you care about them by selecting an icon that will have personal meaning to them.

If you always buy your best friend gifts, consider trying something new this year by making your gift by hand. Best friend necklaces are very easy to make and have few parts, so they are not only simple and inexpensive to craft from home but also easily restarted after you make those inevitable first few errors.

Even if you best friend necklace does not turn out to be store-bought quality, it will nevertheless mean the world to your recipient that you cared enough about them to create something specifically for them. In this way you can give a gift that costs only a few dollars or less to make but nevertheless has a huge impact on your best friend!

Take a Risk - Make Your Best Friend Gifts This Year!


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