Best Gift Ideas For Indians Abroad-Dasara,Durga Puja,Dhanteras,Diwali


October-November 2010 - Time To Celebrate Indian Festivals With Sweets, Pujas, FireCrackers And GIFTS!

Come October and November every year and India gets ready to celebrate prominent festivals. This year, October 7, 2010 is the start of festive holidays. Mahalaya Amavasya falls on Oct 7 and Oct 8 - 17 is Dasara and Durga Puja with special occasions and pujas being performed every day, that includes Navaratri puja and culminates with Vijayadashmi on Oct 17. Oct 26 is Karwa Chawth that celebrates the institution of marriage.

Come November, the Deepavalli or Diwali celebrations complete with fireworks, sweets, new clothes, gifts are a five day affair with the Dhanteras at the start on Nov 3. Diwali falls on Nov 5 and is the festival of lights, with every home and street being decorated with colorful buntings and lights. Oil lamps are used to line rooftops and windows that cast a festive glow.

Indians all over the world love going home to India during this season of festivities. Armed with gifts, of course! But not all can make it and would definitely love to send gifts to their loved ones at home. This October and November, there are plenty of gift ideas for you to choose from. And I recommend you to choose sending your gifts through Amazon, the most trusted source on the internet. Yes, there are several websites online telling you why you should purchase and send your gifts through their portal. Even to India. Unless you have been recommended by friends who have sent their relatives gifts through such websites, please do not try it. The gift receiver is not aware of what and how much went into the gifting and is most often not verified. Except with a thoughtful thanks. Amazon has several gifting options and one can pay securely online and later track orders too, which makes it a convenient choice for gifting purposes. Conversely, you can also send your gifts from India to your relatives anywhere in the world. And you can have your product gift wrapped too!


Decorate your walls with exquisite hand embroidered tapestries and enhance your beds and divans with Indian bedspreads.Traditional and ethnic prints available in vibrant hues add to your home decor. Use in your bedrooms or living rooms to enhance the feel of your living spaces. A true touch of your home in India. 


Sweets are an integral part of all the festivities. Exchanged among family and friends during festival pujas and traditionally served at every meal and popped into one's mouth at the very sight of these delectable sweets, an assortment is always placed in full view at the dining table throughout the season. And there is always a surplus in every Indian home.

There is so much to choose from the colorful assortment. Made from pure ghee, khoya and adorned with dry fruits, chum chum, rasgullas, gulab jamun, badam burfi,etc.



Idols are essential for pujas and rituals in every Hindu's home. A dedicated place called the Puja room is allotted in the home where idols and decorative pieces are kept.

Show pieces such as miniature cars, toys, dolls, figurines, made of different materials such as cane, glass, wood, metal are ideally housed in a showcase in every Indian's living room. Traditional Gift articles occupy pride of place here.


Traditional Indian classical music is at once relaxing and soulful to hear. Audio CD's or mp3's of popular Indian artists such as Akbar Ali Khan, Pandit Ravi Shankar, are a welcome gift in every Indian's home.

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