Best Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Save Money This Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time for many families that are not as fortunate as most. Even for people who can afford Christmas, buying everything may not always be the best option. These days families spend hundreds of dollars on Christmas presents for themselves and others.

This spending is seen as unnecessary by many even though everybody does it. This year you can try making all your Christmas presents or maybe just a portion. You may get some strange looks from family members and even accusations of being cheap.

Now personally I am cheap but I do not see why everyone should go through this massive exchange of gifts and waste money during tough economic times. You can just lower your price limit for gifts or decide to make very gift.

I believe making your gifts specifically for the ones you love will be remembered much longer than a sweater, CD or other generic gift that is usually given.

Homemade gifts go much further than your classic macaroni pictures or knitted socks. With technology we can be very creative and build gifts that last a lifetime in the memories of those receiving them.

These precious memories are priceless and can be very enjoyable to make and receive.

List of Homemade Xmas Gifts

These are just a few ideas you can use to make this year a very special Christmas.

1. Gather pictures, video, emails of things you shared with your family this past year or many from several years. Put together a slide show/video using Power Point, Keynote, Camtasia or iMovie. You can add animation, music and graphics to pretty-up your presentation. Burn it on a cd or place it on a usb drive and give it to your significant other or family member. Watch this together during Christmas on your tv.

2. Bake a batch of cookies, cupcakes or muffins before Christmas and give them away wrapped up and placed in Christmas tins or boxes. This personal touch will be cherished by others as they recognize the care and effort that was put into the gift.

3. Make your own Christmas ornaments that represent the person you are giving the gift too. This will stay on the tree for years to come and will always be remembered when the time comes to put out the Christmas decorations.

4. Make your own Christmas stockings and personalize it to the recipient. Fill it full of baking, recipes, pictures and stories.

5. You can build a coupon book that they can redeem anytime. This coupon book will contain things like cooking their favorite meal, a massage, doing one week's worth of household chores, washing the car, etc.

6. Make a homemade batch of wine with a personalized label. You could also make beer or cider as well.

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